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I gave myself a scare tonight. Jeff is our Wolf and Cinderella's Prince, and as Granny, I crawl out of his belly (from behind the bed) and pretend to beat the living shit out of him in revenge for him eating me and Red. Tonight, I grabbed his shirt front and pulled, so his shoulders hovered about five inches off the bed, and then I pushed a little too enthusiastically, and I heard his head go THUNK on the bench. I nearly lost my train of thought and tried not to laugh or freak out. Then I looked into Red's big, blue eyes, and she was on the verge of laughing, too, which made my own gigglish tendencies worse. I somehow finished my scene and apologized profusely to Jeff after, who said he was in complete control the whole time, but that THUNK sounded awfully real to me.

I was really on as Mother, though. I was a tiny bit flat on a note that is right where my voice transitions from chest to head, but other than that, I had volume and pitch just right. And I remembered all the words!

Twenty-three down, one to go. Sundays are matinees, so we'll sort through costumes and props after the show, have our cast party, and then come back to strike the set in the evening. And then I shall come home and wibble for a bit.
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Closing weekend for ItW began last night. Why couldn't everyone at the office have started spreading their colds around NEXT WEEK?! I don't have anything yet -- *knocks furiously on all the wood in sight* -- but it's only a matter of time. I blame JT, DW, MT, and CJ, all of whom have come to work sick in the last several days. Doesn't help that half the cast were sick when I got there.

I did wake up with a hell of a headache this morning, though.

There was a spider inside my tree when I got there for my first appearance, and I couldn't clear it away because the audience would have seen my hand frantically waving around. I pulled my wig off as soon as I was outside, and the spider was getting close to the edge where my face would have started. It wasn't a big spider, but I want a commendation for bravery for still getting in that damn tree when it was there.
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Lots of stuff. )
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No joke; the rain just started outside. I'm still not sure if it's autumn yet ... I must see what it's like outside in the early afternoon. It's promising, though.

Mom was coming home for the weekend, and then she wasn't because her car needed fixing, and then she got it fixed and came home because she pissed Jimbo off. But she came with a new mobile phone in hand for me, so I have arranged a bank transfer to pay for the phone via online banking and shall spend some time tomorrow figuring out how to make that mp3 of Stephen Fry saying "Speak to me now, speak to me now, speak to me now!" my ring tone again. (It's at 3:33 in this clip.)

This means I have a camera again, too!

Twelve performances down, twelve to go. I baked some sweets for my fellow actors and crew members; we have a family cheesecake recipe and a spice and apple cake recipe, both of which can be adapted to cupcakes very easily. I spent all day yesterday in the kitchen, but it was worth it to share the fruits of my labors with my colleagues. The whole thing came out of a desire to use my new Pampered Chef cake nine-inch round cake pans. I shall inaugurate the cake pans some other time, like when I'm trying Bakerella's peanut butter and chocolate cake. I want to remember to include something Kosher if I bake for these colleagues again, since our Jack is Jewish and didn't eat anything. Oops.

I found a lizard in my shoe during intermission! The Merry Wives of Windsor is playing on the lawn at the same time Into the Woods is inside, so some forty-odd actors are sharing two dressing rooms. The TMWoW usurp our larger dressing room every Sunday because they use that room's door to go outside, so I cleared my stuff out during intermission. I picked up my loafers, and a tiny, four-inch lizard scarpered out and under a cupboard door. It was a bit of a surprise, but a cute one!

Dad took me out to breakfast this morning. There's a little cafe about halfway between his flat and mine that's a little too foo-foo for our tastes -- the food is delicious, but a mite overpriced. We both had the cheeseburger scramble: two or three eggs with ground beef, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese all slopped together, with potatoes and a bit of baguette on the side. Yum. He had a gift card, which is why we went out in the first place. It was nice to see him.

I have tomorrow off work, so we're going to nap and watch Burlesque and order in Chinese and figure our new phones out tomorrow. Both Mom and I need to relax. I have scads of research for the fic I'm working on (I always do things backwards), so I'll also read some ACD Sherlock Holmes stuff and finish reading my overdue library book so I can return it.

The folks at the Mysterium have made a montage of our production of Into the Woods and set it to a cast recording of the finale from one of our performances. If you'd like to see it, go here:

The video will start to play automatically. I'm visible a few times; Cinderella's Mother is inside the tree at the left of the screen, and any time you see a fat broad in a white nightgown, mob cap, and shawl shuffling about, that's Granny (also me).

I came home tonight absolutely fried. Hungry, too. My post-wig hair was too bizarre even for a drive-through stop at a fast food joint, I had no cash to have anything delivered, and I was too tired to fix anything for dinner, so I laid around for an hour after I got home and whined to myself about how hungry I was. Then I showered, and just when I was giving up on fighting against going to bed (it was about 7 pm), Mom called to let me know she'd come into town after all. Now it's 11:30, and I'm not a bit tired. I don't get it!
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Because even though it's Thursday and not Friday (or Monday or Tuesday), I need a bit of a pick-me-up. (This is what I get for staying up too late.) So here's a list of happiness for ya.

♥♥♥ 16,200-ish words on the fic is compensation for the staying up too late I mentioned. Read more... )

♥ Phil's coming back again to see ItW tonight. Read more... )

♥ I washed dishes this week! (It's pretty scary when this is a major accomplishment.)

♥♥ I'm going to bake Saturday morning! Read more... )

♥♥♥ Though he's very poorly, affectionate Boo-Cat is affectionate as ever, even when he's outraged by me bathing him every week. (Those baths are very funny.)

♥♥♥♥♥ I keep finding new and gorgeous music in the oddest places. A Sherlock fanfic introduced me to the King's Singers, whose version of Loch Lomond I have become seriously addicted to. And don't get me started on the Eagles, Anúna, and Chanticleer.

♥♥ I got a lovely compliment last weekend. Read more... )

♥ New bunny slippers! Read more... ) I also ordered Mimi's birthday present (she'll be one in five weeks) at the same time, and it's freaking adorable.

♥♥♥ Jennifer, our Stepmother, helps me change costumes quickly in exchange for me lacing her into her corset every performance. Read more... )

♥♥ Taking tomorrow off work, because I am bushed. Four-day weekend!

♥♥♥♥ Autumn should arrive within the next few weeks. The last several summers have been quite mild in comparison to the ferocious heat I remember from my childhood, but they're still summers. The crisp coolth of the first true autumn breeze is something I anticipate with great enthusiasm every September.

I've realized that my lists are rather repetitive, but that's because they're good things in my life over and over. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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A bunch of us were outside the Mysterium when we heard the Princes' fanfare through one of the side doors. With no explanation, Lee, aka Rapunzel's Prince, and went from zero to sixty in half a second to get to the stage door. We laughed, but we were impressed; he's fast! He returned a moment later, looking disgruntled, and said, "Every time I hear that music, I think I'm late for an entrance. It's automatic, even though I know I don't go on for another five minutes."

I said, "Pavlov's Prince!"
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Today, I'm grateful for another night at home. All I'm going to do is get Chinese takeout and wash clothes and dishes. I might even clean the living room a little or spend some time sorting mail and pampering the Beastie Boys. Or (this is an embarrassing one) unpacking the shopping bags from a week ago Friday.

Whatever the heck I do, the point is that I don't know exactly what I'll be doing after work, and boy, am I glad of it.

Turns out there is life after opening weekend. Sort of. )
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Today, I am grateful for a good, solid opening night performance from everyone. There were a few missed lines and one early entrance, but he kept it in character. We all felt great afterward, and almost everyone had friends and/or family to greet them after. Tonight, we're all going out for drinks after to celebrate opening night.

Here are five happy things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the play (even though I've mentioned one of them earlier this week).

1. instead of Where's Waldo or Where's Wally, it's Where's WALL-E:

2. I wrote 3,000-ish words this week on a fic that fills two BBC Sherlock prompts

3. LOL:

4. cuddles from sweet Boo-Cat (he's very poorly but fighting it)

5. I was afraid I'd caught my coworker's cold earlier this week, but I was just dehydrated

Opening night timeline. )

Other stuff. )
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Director Marla asked Baker!Brock why the heck he constantly carries a towel (not a full-size one; just a little dish towel) when he's in costume. It was past midnight, and we were all a bit loopy and groggy, so he didn't answer at first, and I said, "A towel is the most massively useful thing a person can have!"

Everyone within earshot burst out laughing, the joke spread, and we called Brock "Arthur Dent" for the rest of the night.
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Today, I am grateful for flexible hours at work. Boss M has given permission for me to work four hours a day all this week so I can get sleep while the last ItW rehearsals and first few performances stretch into the wee small hours of the morning. (This is why I've tried to save vacation time for the last few months.)

I could have taken all five days completely off, but that would be foolish for a number of reasons: I don't want anyone else trying to do my job, the theater is close enough to work that the daily home-work-theater-home commute is only a few miles more than the home-work-home or home-theater-home round trip, I'd get freaked out if I stayed at home with nothing to do during the day, and I want to save vacation hours so I can take a week off in November for Thanksgiving/Christmas prep and hobbit hole cleaning.

So yeah. Big time gratitude for this one.

BTW, want to take down a plagiarist? Someone has taken a published novel and changed the characters' names to make it into Twilight fic. (I couldn't care less about the Twilight fandom, but I'm rather passionate about intellectual property ethics.) Details are here:

Let's go get 'em.
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Having a hard time bring gratitudinal at the moment. Perhaps I'll come up with something later.

Play stuff, mostly complaining, but I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic. )

Ooo, I did think of something to be gratitudinal about!

Today, I am grateful for Marla, Chelsea, and Daina. (Chelsea and Daina share the role of the Witch.) More play talk, but at least I'm happy about this stuff. )
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golly, what a day! )
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Holy cow! LJ seems to be working!

In which I talk mostly about play stuff, including the vagina wall (if that doesn't get you to click on the cut, I don't know what will). )

*waves to the flist* I missed you guys!
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It's not been the best week, so there is no Friday list of happiness today ... just a Friday list of looking for stuff that gets me out from under a cloud: Read more... )

Seems too easy, but it worked. I feel better. I shall try to keep the weekend stress to a minimum.
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1. Boo-Cat is in the vet's office for surgery and a dental cleaning, and then he'll come home this afternoon. This is the best weekend for it, since Mom will be here tomorrow and Sunday to look after him while I'm at rehearsals.

2. Got the best compliment ever when our Lucinda came up to me during rehearsal Wednesday and said she loves to hear me sing.

3. I get to use my Sinistra cosplay dress for Into the Woods! I thought Marla just wanted to see it, but she said she wants me to wear it as Cinderella's Mother. (Or Cindy's Mom, as she calls me.) Here's a photo from Portus three years ago. I need to touch up the glittery parts (the Milky Way and nebulae) that came off in the wash, and I may add some sparklies at the cuffs, but other than that, it's ready to go. Hooray for having a costume in my closet already!

4. Watching a shuttle launch or landing via the Internet makes me happy.

5. Thanks go [ profile] subvers for the link to this article: Dan says Alan deserves an Oscar nomination for Snape. I agree.

6. Officially, the reason I'm taking the day off work is so I can be home when Boo gets out of surgery. The whole truth is that I knew I'd be too anxious about the surgery to sleep well last night, so I'll probably have a nap later. And I can get my weekend shopping and cleaning done today instead of trying to fit it in between rehearsals tomorrow and Sunday.

7. Boo-Girl will be in Utah with her father, but the rest of the Jimbos are coming to lunch with me, Mom, and Dad tomorrow to finally celebrate Father's Day. Dad's favorite restaurant is in Tustin, which is about halfway between us and the Jimbos' house, and it also happens to be about two miles from the Mysterium, so I get to see family before tomorrow's rehearsal.

8. Don't shoot me for this one, but I will probably see Winnie the Pooh before I see Deathly Hallows. I've been looking forward to it ever since I heard Bud Luckey's voice coming out of Eeyore in the trailer five months ago. (I fangirl Bud Luckey more than just about anyone else. He taught me how to count.)

9. Chiropractor just called; he had a cancellation this morning, so he's going to give me a damned good thrashing today.


Jul. 6th, 2011 10:10 am
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Boo-Cat will have surgery Friday. He's losing weight at an alarming rate and has even gone off the canned food now, but I still put it out every morning so it's there if he wants it. He ate some chicken last night, so I know it isn't hopeless. Poor kid, he's so uncomfortable, but they'll soon set him to rights. I'll take a few hours off work Friday so I can stay home after I pick him up, and then Mom will be home to watch over him while I'm at rehearsal Saturday and Sunday.

Anxiety turns me into an insomniac. Last night is the first night in several days that I've slept more than five hours, and that's because an Advil PM was involved.

Dance rehearsal tonight. I'm taking my Sinistra cosplay dress to show the Cinderellas how I did it; they were brainstorming about "Bedazzle-ing" their shoes Saturday. I'm also taking my bunny slippers, because Marla wants me to wear them as Granny. This musical is turning into a burlesque with a side dish of crack, I kid you not. It's going to be hilarious. I made significant headway in memorizing my lines yesterday, and another couple sessions like that will set everything in stone.

Poor Phil is really wistful about this play. He wanted in so bad, but he has to work, so he listens intently to every little thing I tell him about rehearsals and gossip and all that. I'm sure we'll see him at least three times during the run.

Transformers 3 is about what you'd expect. You go for the explosions and action, not the plot. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can't act her way out of a paper bag, but you don't get to see the likes of Judi Dench in an action movie. Not for more than a hilarious cameo in Pirates 4, anyway. The Spock line made me groan, though; you'd think they'd be more subtle. (What am I saying?! This is Michael Bay we're talking about.) I got a kick out of the NASA stuff at the beginning (yay Buzz Aldrin cameo), but they had some pretty bad astronomy in the movie, too.

Time for work. Past time for work, actually, by the time I get dressed and walk out the door. Have a good day, y'all.
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So there's some good stuff and some bad stuff. Good stuff first. Here's a baker's dozen for the Friday List of Happiness: Read more... )

Boo-Cat news is not so good. Read more... )


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