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3.1415926, so seven after the decimal point. It was good enough for Ellie Arroway's safe combination.

I should get to a dozen, like Neil deGrasse Tyson: 3.141592653589. *happy sigh* That's better.
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My LJ's title is "Hale Pupule," which is Hawaiian for Crazy House. It's as good a way to describe my blog as any.
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Desk Set. It's not really a Christmas movie, but a good chunk of it -- including Mike flying off to Chicago (when he was supposed to spend the weekend with Bunny) and Richard making his intentions toward Bunny clear -- takes place during December and the office Christmas party. I'll put this DVD on when I'm alone and wrapping presents.

Other favorites include Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.
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Realistic stuff includes a new skirt, a pair of boots, a few rings and pairs of earrings, some more film scores to build my music library, and the Granada and Russian series of Sherlock Holmes on DVD.

Unrealistic stuff includes the next series of Sherlock NOW, DAMN IT. Also, a dog, a repaired laptop with all the data intact, a high metabolism, for my dad to have the winning Mega Millions lottery numbers some time in the next two weeks, and health insurance for my parents.
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Funny this one should come up when I just set the bread dough out to defrost while I'm at work. I'm having my favorite tonight, which is thick crust with tomato sauce and too much mozzarella cheese (and a little Parmesan) over sweet Italian sausage, mushrooms, and lots of olives.
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I'm assuming this is a big jackpot, obviously:

Clothes and shoes, eyeglasses (and damn the cost), car repairs, pay off debts, and a really good camera. Quick trip to London to see Benedict in Frankenstein. I'd let the financial dust settle while finishing off the fiscal year at work and training my replacement. Then I'd go to the British Isles, France, and Italy for a few months (attend a QI taping and see David and Catherine in Much Ado to start) before going to college full time for the next several years. Either culinary school or veterinary medicine. Maybe both. Or a triple major (if there is such a thing) with something else that's fun, like physics. And then library school, so I can become a librarian at a zoo.

And while I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony.
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I'd make personal financial management a required course. And you have to pass it to graduate.
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I went through a lot of the more likely candidates, like Sam Beckett and the Doctor (Nine or Ten) and Gregory House, but really, I'd just rather take Stephen Fry to lunch for about three hours. I'd rather have a casual lunch with someone who exists than a snog with someone who doesn't. (Even if it's Spock. Or Snape.)
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My short answer is yes.

My long answer is that, since I'm a science geek (though an uneducated amateur), and I do believe in God and the Bible and the Book of Mormon and all that, science and God are in harmony with each other. We see evidence of this and that here and there, and the little bits we see and believe in seem to contradict each other, but it's like a jigsaw -- we can't see how every piece is a bit of the whole until we can see the whole picture. That's my theory, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

I took the word "everything" in the question to mean every thing. What we can observe with telescopes, thermometers, microscopes, that sort of stuff. Does human behavior fall into that category?

(I like what Tim Robbins says about science in Catholic schools. The curriculum goes something like this: "God made everything; shut up.")
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Prisoner of Azkaban! I'm listening to it right now, as a matter of fact.
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Kangaroos don't fart, either.

"We've been here for two hundred years and not . . . not one of those damn kangaroos has farted! I can't believe it!" -- Clive Anderson, QI Series 4 Episode 2


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