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Telemarketer: Hi, let me speak to {Mom}.

Me: *annoyed at the way Telemarketer phrased it* May I suggest you ask if you can talk to her instead of telling me what to do?

Telemarketer: Can I speak to {Mom}, please?

Me: [chirpily] She isn't here. May I take a message?

Telemarketer: No ... er, this is the Republican Party --

Me: [grumbling] Shit.

Telemarketer: *hangs up*

I am equal opportunity; if the Democrats had any reason to call, I'd be just as rude. I know it isn't Telemarketer's fault, and I'm a little sorry I took my mood out on her, but I do hope she'll take my advice on how to address people from now on.

I need an icon of Shirley Bennett saying, "The Lord is testing me."
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I was okay with all this fandom wank, because it didn't affect me until now:

LiveJournal Employee Publicly Mocks Fandom.

Nice. LJ employees' checks are paid by advertising and their clients, many of whom are fandom people. I pay money for extra features and icon space ... money that could be taken elsewhere.

Spread the word!


May. 30th, 2007 05:51 pm
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As far as I know, I don't have anything to worry about in my own LJ, but as a library employee and just as a person, the deletion of journals and communities has me seeing red. I'm trying to follow the action, but it's all rather confusing. One thing I did like (though I cheated and posted them elsewhere) and have done is deleted my list of interests on my profile page and replaced them with one interest: "freedom of speech." It's a lovely ideal, but doesn't always translate well into practice. (And every country's laws are different; it's a First Amendment right only here in the States.)

One thing I did read: if you do go to the Warriors for Innocence website, run your antivirus and spyware detection programs after you leave. Some folks who have gone started experiencing problems afterward.

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