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Jan. 10th, 2012 04:56 pm
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Jun. 9th, 2011 04:56 pm
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Okay, so outwardly, I'm cool. Inwardly, I can't think about anything else:


The path of totality will go from the Pacific Ocean off northern Oregon and travel east from Portland through southern Idaho, central Wyoming, southern Illinois, Nashville (Tennessee), and North Carolina before heading into the Atlantic Ocean.

When is it, you ask? 21 August 2017. And I'm already making plans. I've told my parents, Jimbo, and Chris that they're welcome to come with me and any niece beasts who want to come with me. It'll probably be just Squirt, who will be 13 that summer. The Wee Beastie, who shall hereafter be known as Mimi, will only be six and probably too young to spend so much time away from her parents. Boo-Girl will be twenty, and as the eclipse is on a Monday, it's likely she'll be a week or two into the fall term at college or university and unable to come.

The path of totality will run very close to Mount Rushmore, so I'm figuring I could take anyone who comes with me to Denver to visit friends the week before, see monuments and state/national parks and stuff over the weekend, view the eclipse Monday, and then head home in time to be back at work Wednesday. Unless I drive, in which case it'll take at least two days to get home.

*headdesk* It's six years away, and I'm already making plans. At least I have loads of time to save money.
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So I temporarily abandoned three previous commitments because, in my brain where common sense does not always take precedence, they're already well past their deadlines, and I had a deadline that I could still make. (But I made progress on two of the three late projects over the weekend.)

I have no delusions of grandeur -- I'm not hoopy, and I'm certainly not a frood -- but I do know where my towel is.

I bought a Charles Craft huck towel at the craft shop, used Google Images with the phrase "don't panic," and uploaded my favorite to a cross-stitch program I found last year. (I posted details and links here at [ profile] geekcrafts.) I already keep a regular bath towel at my desk at work and a beach towel in my car, so anything I could do would be largely symbolic, and I wanted something more interesting than just tucking a regular towel into my purse or pocket. It's what I've done for the last three Towel Days, and I was a little bored with it.


Apr. 22nd, 2011 10:23 pm
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Phil and I went to a play tonight. It was a silly melodrama in Shoreline Village, and we walked around the shops and marina after it was over. I went into the hat shop and tried on a few goofy hats to make Phil laugh, and then I saw the most beautiful black fedora. Angels sang when I put that hat on, and but the choir trailed off into a sad silence when I saw the price tag ... $90. It's a good thing I took my debit card out of my wallet before Phil picked me up, or I'd be skipping the supermarket tomorrow. (I'm trying to spend wisely, save money, and get out of debt, not get further into it!) But oh! I've never worn a hat that looked as good on me as that one. It would be the weirdest Easter bonnet anyone's ever seen, though! (I've worn black on Easter Sunday before, so it's not like this would be without precedent.)

I'll get over it. It's just a hat. It's just a hat. It's a freaking gorgeous fedora. It's just a hat.
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I have a question for those of you who have iPods or mp3 players or other tiny, portable music players. I'm considering getting one soon, but I'm not sure how picky they are. The kinds of files I want to put on mine are mp3, rar, mpeg-4 (is this a video or audio format?), and wma. Audio only -- no games or videos. Just audio books and music; I've acquired some via legitimate sources (original CDs and Amazon), but others via file sharing. I have a few hundred hours of audio I want to put on it (the seven Potter books alone are 124 hours).

What do you recommend? Is an iPod going to be picky about playing any stuff I have on my laptop? What storage capacity (in GB) would be sufficient for a few dozen of my favorite books? (Some of which I haven't acquired yet ....)

For example, I was looking at this iPod Classic 160 GB, and judging by how many songs it says it can play, if you think the average song is three minutes, it's got a couple thousand hours of audio capacity. It says it plays three of the four file formats I have stored on the computer, so that's something to consider.
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I'm a total dweeb. I can't get over this: Bad astronomy in fanfiction --> me hitting the back button.

It could be an incorrect term or impossible geometry or illogical timing. Stuff that Professor Cutie-Pie drilled into our heads a hundred times over the year I spent in his classroom.

I have no doubt that people have hit the back button on my fics for bad English or bad magic or bad instrument playing because I didn't realize that I should have done research. I know people have caught my bad writing because they've sent concrit, and I'm grateful for it (though I don't always go back and change what's wrong). It's those readers' specialties -- what they're passionate about -- just like astronomy is one of mine.
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I was a bit frazzled last night because I wasn't accomplishing everything I'd set out to do. I'd set myself so many tasks that I decided were mandatory that I was freaking out because I didn't get them all done. I went to one supermarket, then another, I fixed a real dinner, and I wrote a little bit of Shug's fic. But I didn't walk, I didn't do yoga, and I didn't wash the dishes (though I organized them into piles so they'll be easier to get at tonight). I finally fell asleep around eleven, still fretting, but I think I've figured out at least one part of this mess: lunches will be my writing time. I may still participate in the writing buddy thing that Shug's setting up at [ profile] 5_for_five (gratitude to Mia and [ profile] softobsidian74), but my evenings are already full of other things. (Walking, cleaning the flat, cooking, washing up, belly dancing, choir practice, and errands, for example.) And all weekends are set aside for organizing the flat until we get every single thing of Mom's unpacked or stored in the garage or thrown out. I'll eat my lunch during an off hour -- most of my coworkers are in the break room from one to two -- hide the TV remote, and just write.

I really hope this works. I'm tired of not writing; I feel dull and depressed when I've gone too long without coming up with anything new.

Edit: Well, it worked today at least. Net increase of 507 words (some of it was transcription of written notes, but there was quite a bit of original stuff, too).


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:36 pm
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I keep thinking I should give Phil his own tag in my LJ, since I'm so obviously smitten with him, but smitten has happened before, so I'm waiting to see if we hang out after the last performance of the play he's directing and I'm acting in. I'm hoping we get the chance tomorrow evening -- twice a year, the stake (like a diocese) has a conference that has three sessions of two-hour meetings. I'll be there for the second of the two Saturday sessions, and he'll be there for both, so maybe afterwards we can hit Denny's or something. Maybe a bunch of us could; that'd be fun!

I find this man so easy to talk to. When we first met, I was fifteen and he was twenty-five, though he seemed so much older to me. I thought he was cute -- even fancied him a little -- but he was grown up, and I was a kid. Now, however, ten years isn't such a big gap, at least not when I'm looking at this cute forty-four-year-old dude. I don't think it's a big gap for him, either, since we end up talking in the parking lot AFTER EVERY SINGLE PRACTICE. Practice ended at 9:30 tonight; Mike and Phil and I got out of the building by 9:45, the three of us chatted until 10:15, and then Phil and I chatted for fifty minutes after Mike drove away. I got home two hours after practice ended! So we like to talk, and while a lot of it has been about our various fandoms, there's other stuff, too, like church and Facebook (he's as much of a n00b as I am).

So he likes me. That's fabulous. Being me, I over-think things, and there's a difference in my mind between a casual friend (a buddy you hang out with when there's stuff that brings you together, like a play or church or baseball game) and a good friend (a buddy you seek out even when there's nothing to do). I'm just not sure if I'm a casual friend or a good friend yet; if we're still hanging out after the play is over, I'll be squeeing like mad, even if he never fancies me the way I fancy him.

So now I'm on a kind of high of happiness, and I have yet to come down from it.


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