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Signal boost: [ profile] droxy picked up a greedy, aggressive virus that not only got through her McAfee antivirus software, but it came to her via DeviantArt, so it got through their firewalls, too:

I got nailed with an AV virus while cleaning up posts on Deviant Art--- that means there is a very aggressive virus. It got through McAffees, it got through my router, and it got through firewall, and it got trhough Deviant Art. I know Kaspersky was better. This virus has been around for awhile, so McAffeys should have caught it.

What I got was called "XP Antivirus 2012" program that looks like microsoft but it is not. My Dell seems susceptable to these type of virus (the AV type). Last one I got was the same type (an AV) but picked up on a different web site.

These virus are nasty as they try to scare you into parting with your money.

One I realized what happened I pulled my lan cable. The viral scum had the program trying to run ping, and I shut down alot of processes on my dell. I have to do a lot of clean up on my dell.

No point in you commenting to this, just be warned and keep off Deviant Art for awhile.

WARNING: I am updating this post to warn you this virus is one nasty MoFo. The fixes on the net do not work. Those are old. This virus has been updated and it overrides windows safe mode (the fix offered on the net). This virus disabled my McAffees, System Mechanic, System restore (the other big fix when nothing else works), and the ability to run regedit (registry edit). In other words, it doesn't allow you to manually remove it. I have a back up hard drive. Yes, a hard drive. We are in the process of wiping my other drive. This is a long fix and a PITA. My advice at this point to all of you is ensure you clean your systems and make a back up to a spearate hard drive if you have one and make a system restore point anyway. If these assholes nailed the DeviantArt server, they are probably on other servers. Last time we got a virus was from a lawn care site and a sewing machine site. Do not think your apple is safe either. What makes these nasty is they come into your system trough your session versus a drirect attack on your computer.


May. 6th, 2011 09:33 am
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This could be considered a Good Things Friday list, but it's not numbered or anything.

Adventures in stage-handing, cosplaying for a kid's birthday party, and mundane weekend stuff. )
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My flat looks awful and smells worse. The poor cats have been doing their business in a box that hasn't been scooped since Friday morning, I don't have a single clean cereal bowl or drinking glass, and the recycle bin is overflowing. It won't keep me from doing another play eventually, but I will plan better next time. I'll have enough vacation time to take Hell Week off, and I'll hire a cleaning service to dust and mop my floors when everything gets intense.

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Today, my SED meme is what I've already hinted at: I'm gonna start cleaning so I have a nice, clean flat for Mom and me for the holidays. This morning I'll wash at least half the dirty dishes, scoop the Beastie Boys' box, organize the shopping (I only put the refrigerated stuff away Saturday), and take out all the trash and recycling. Also, I'll put a pound of frozen bread dough in the fridge so I can make myself a pizza for tonight's dinner (and a couple more meals). Then I'm off to work, where I will torture my coworkers with chocolate; I bought a big bag of Ghirardelli squares to share with everyone.


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