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Just got back from the History and Future of Film Composing broadcast. I had a good time, and I'm glad I went. Read more... )

And because I've been threatening to do it, here's a close-up of my kitchen wall. Read more... )
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Watched the pilot and second episodes of Firefly last night. Everyone who's seen it has said I would like it, and they were right! I'd normally blaze a trail through it, but with only fourteen-ish episodes and a movie, I'll draw it out a bit.

Spent a few hours in the garden today. Pulled weeds, fertilized the three front-porch plants, transplanted and pruned Mom's gardenia and orchid into bigger containers, started some spinach seeds, turned over the compost in the bin, and took some stuff to the dumpster. I'm now grotty, slightly sunburnt, and quite content, though the garden still looks a bit of a mess.

Basil is wilting despite my efforts to keep it alive, so I pinched most of the big leaves off and made bruschetta topping. Will nom it with garlic bread later.

Nice afternoon with Dad yesterday. Lunch out with each of us getting a dish to go as well as something to eat there, and then we went to the supermarket for enough stuff to get us through the week.

Fighter jets and stealth bombers flying overhead and three days of persistent, far-off engine noise means it's Grand Prix weekend! I missed seeing the planes this year, because they're overhead by the time you hear them and already gone before you run outside.

BBC Sherlock and John fanart is framed and hanging on my kitchen wall with my French art posters. The last Severus and Hermione Exchange piece will go under it as soon as the 6x8 frame arrives.

Made French toast with French bread today -- I normally just use sandwich bread. I always put so much cinnamon on it that I didn't think the kind of bread would make a difference, but it was a bit tastier than usual.

For once, the prevailing neighbor music is not the same Andrea Bocelli CDs over and over again. I'd thought to put an Eagles DVD on to shake mah bootay while I cleaned, but I'll just go with the neighbor's jazz instead of fighting it. (Right now it's Hugh Masekela's "Grazing in the Grass.")

Finally got around to watching episode one of Alec Guinness's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Friday night. I really liked it and will get through more this week.

Waiting for two fest assignments. I should be getting the craft one today or tomorrow, which is why I'm trying to get as much RL stuff done as I can now.

Back and knee aches are starting to manifest after the weed pulling and lugging of heavy pots. Brownies, Martinelli's, a Baker Street Babes podcast, and a bubble bath shall be my reward for a good day's work. *toddles off to beat the cat hair out of the rugs and REALLY earn some aches and pains*

So there's a weekend in a blog post from the most boring person on the planet. (That isn't self-pity; I like my little life.) I hope your weekends were even more enjoyable than mine has been. *blows kisses*


Mar. 21st, 2012 05:51 pm
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Does anyone do Chore Wars? I've never played any kind of RP or D&D type game, so I don't know how it works, though the website's FAQ is helping. I'm trying to decide if it'd be more of a help or a hindrance (it could be a hindrance if I spend cleaning time online instead of cleaning). I need something to get me through spring cleaning this yea; I only did about 2/3 of the tasks I'd set for myself last year. (I do have to admit that 2/3 is more than I'd ever done before, because spring cleaning was never something we did when I was growing up.)

cool stuff

Apr. 28th, 2011 11:02 pm
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It's been a while since I've made a list of happiness. Read more... )

Deep joy, for it is Friday. (Not quite yet for me, but it is for most of the rest of you.) Those of you at Aeternitas, have a wonderful time and take lots of photos, for I am jealous and must live vicariously!
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After four days of doing very little, Mom decided around six this evening that we've been sitting around too much. I didn't argue; all I've done since Boxing Day is embroider, read, cook, watch movies, and sleep. Spent all day Tuesday in pajamas. Read more... )
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When I first read the words "House Meme," I thought it had something to do with House MD. Silly me. Read more... )
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Since [ profile] averygoodun asked for a picture of "Audrey": Read more... )
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As I get older, I become more reconciled to the spring and summer here in SoCA. I used to loathe both -- summer because of the heat and spring because it meant summer was coming -- but I've been enjoying the day today. Since R.G. isn't coming tomorrow evening, I've taken the day slower than I had originally planned.

Mom slept in yet again, so she was here when I woke at 8. I went to the car dealership to get some maintenance done, and Dad was kind enough to bring me home. (But boy, did I pay for it; he was such a grump!) Had breakfast, worked on the apartment, worked on some beta reading, and went back to bed for a bit. Then Dad picked me up on his way to a client's place and took me to pick my car up. Went to KMart and spent way too much money, came home, did more beta work, and went out to the garden for a bit.

It's breezy, upper 60s(F), and not a cloud in the sky. The cats are loving the sun and the breeze, and as I rinse off and place Grandma Pearl's rocks in around the pots in my dirt patch, I know that there's nowhere I'd rather be.

Just had to share that with you all. I hope you're having as good a day as I am.
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During the next seven weeks, I will list seven things that I'm grateful/glad/fangirly about, each time I'm annoyed/disappointed/discouraged. Or just if I feel like it. (And I will do my best to not repeat anything I was grateful for the first time I did this; that's what makes it tougher, this time around.)

1. Forgiveness. And you know who you are.

2. Ruffles cheddar and sour cream crisps. (Yum.)

3. My experience working at that horrid bank -- it's made me a better customer, even when I am stupid enough to go to Home Depot on a Saturday afternoon and then wait for half an hour in the cashier's line.

4. The Oz books, which were the first fantasy books I read, and pretty much determined my taste in books from there on.

5. Stephen Fry. And it's all [ profile] lettybird's fault, bless her sweet heart.

6. Benni, who taught me how to dress.

7. George Lucas, for making up Star Wars.

Though for the record, I'm not depressed or down today; I just felt like doing this meme again.

Saturday comings and goings ... not that there were that many: )

My eyes are refusing to focus, so I think that means it's time for bed. Good night, all.
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I should read Imhilien's A Choice of Roads more often. Around chapter fifteen, I realized that it's a beautiful day outside, and I'd hardly left the kichen for the last four hours (the comptuer's in the kitchen, and I was cooking, too). So I slapped some sunblock on and went outside to weed and work on the patio a little -- I have not forgotten Mom's birthday gift, you see.

(I need some good lookin', muscular Quidditch player to come over and help me haul all the junk from the patio out to the dumpster.)

I had thought to just put sand from the beach in our garden plot, so that no more weeds would grow there. I'm glad I thought better of it before I actually did it ... there are more than a few cats that reside in our building. I still don't know what I'm going to do with it -- I hate gardening, I really do. So I want something low-maintenance. Maybe just plant cat grass in the entire plot, and let the cats happily munch away when I let them out onto the patio. That would take maintenance, but not much -- ten minutes every few weeks with a pair of shears. I dunno.

Anyhoo, I'm off to the local garden center. Might as well strike while the iron is hot!

And I went looking, this morning ... I can get a strong hammock and stand for $350, shipping included. That's quite a bit, but I have a huge tax refund coming. I'm seriously considering it.

Edit: I don't think the Beastie Boys are going to forgive me. Whenever I let them into the patio before, they'd go munch on the weeds. But now that I've weeded the plot and all that's left is a bunch of dirt and rocks, they're looking at me like they hate my guts. No more green stuff to nibble on!

Of course, I did plant catnip, but it'll take weeks to show itself.
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I can't remember the last time I made a post that wasn't memes, the bookcase project, or fanfiction. When I just made a post to say hi, or something like that.

*goofy smile ... waving to flist*

Hi! )

I'm not looking forward to work, but oh, well. It's been a good weekend. Gettin' sleepy, so I bid you all a good Monday.

*ducking flying vegetables*

Hey, I'll try if you will!
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Spiders: 2 spider bites
Keladry: 8 spiders squashed (including the two I found in my hair)

Other bugs: 6 found crawling on hands, arms, and feet
Keladry: 13 bugs squashed, and 5 snails sent flying back over the fence (can't squash 'em; the sound is too gross)

Rosebush: 18 thorns successfully stuck (OW!)
Keladry: 5 branches successfully pruned

Audrey II (creeping plant): nearly succeeded in eating me alive
Keladry: fought back with shears, gardening gloves, and a really ticked-off attitude

Other potted plants: dead (just to annoy me, no doubt)
Keladry: binned the lot; will get more come spring

I'm half-done with the garden. More to do next Saturday. *faints*

I've decided that this will be a birthday gift for the mother. She's always loved plants and having a garden, but she has a brown thumb. I inherited the brown thumb, but she's sixty and doesn't bend well. (At least I can yank weeds -- or things that look like weeds -- as well as the next person.) Ergo, if Audrey II gets tamed by anyone at all, it's either me or I hire someone to do it for me. (I can barely afford Christmas and birthday presents as it is!) And she'll be thrilled that she has someplace to sit in the fresh air and sunshine.

Really, I meant it in my last post: if anyone has a HazMat suit lying around, I could use it.
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I hate gardening.

I hate the bugs, the dirt, the trash, the bugs, the backaches, the bugs, the headaches, and the dirt. And those blasted bugs. If I had my way, my patio would be completely paved -- I have a dinky 3' by 6' plot of dirt in an otherwise paved patio, and the weeds grow to waist-high overnight. My landlords, for reasons unknown, have decided that having a creeping plant outside the fence is a good idea. The creeping plant slinks in under my fence and is currently trying to grow into my flat. I'm going out now to trim it all back, before Audrey II shows his ugly face.

I just need to haul some sand from the beach and spread it over the dirt. The sea salt in the sand would keep anything from growing in there, and a few well-placed stones could turn it into a sort of Zen garden. (But I couldn't let my cats wander unattended out in it. Ew.)

*donning the gardening gloves* Well, I'm off to do battle now. Wish me luck, and if I never post again, remember me fondly!

Edit, half an hour later: Forget the gardening gloves. Does anyone have a HazMat suit I could borrow?


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