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May. 8th, 2012 09:30 am
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Bought a camera yesterday during lunch. I've been meaning to buy one for a few years and occasionally did research, but I didn't wake up Monday morning and think, Okay, today's the day, so you could consider this to be one hell of an impulse purchase. A local camera shop was having a Mother's Day sale, so I looked at what was in my price range, looked at user reviews for the same model at Amazon, and went with the best-reviewed one I could afford.

It's very cute. Minuscule, though! It's smaller than a deck of cards, and the memory card has more space on it than my antiquated computer at home. It's bright red -- they were out of black and silver, so it was down to red or blue -- and the instruction manual is huge. I'll take some time before the weekend to read through everything and figure out how it works so I can take a few photos of the family during our Mother's Day/Jimbo's birthday party.

Jimbo turned 42 yesterday. I didn't get to talk to him, but I wished him a happy day on a voicemail. He didn't get the reference, of course (he's appallingly normal), but I said I wished he gets all the answers -- and all the questions -- he wants this year.

Actually, I'm not sure if he's appallingly normal, or if I'm pathetically geeky.

I shall take two days off work in the next week to embroider my craft swap present until my fingers are sore. I have eight days until I have to send it, and I am not even halfway done. I plan to see The Avengers, do some laundry, and clean the hobbit hole as well -- I can't sit on my butt and stitch the whole time!

The powers that be held a graduation meeting this morning: I'm an usher and row monitor. We don't have to handle the hairy situations, because we hire security guards for the worst of it, but my happy customer service face will be firmly in place the whole time. And I will have loads of sunblock covering it, since we'll be out in the sun and humidity for four hours.

The person conducting the meeting said, "You ushers are the faces we present to the public during the ceremony." My first thought was, "Why the hell did you want THIS face, then?"


Mar. 16th, 2012 01:31 pm
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The law school computer network has been down since Computer Guru R came in at five in the morning to update the servers. The Internet's up (obviously), but the internal network is still out, which means I can't get to my e-mail or spreadsheets. 80% of my job is on the server, so I am SOL until it's updated. I thought yesterday about taking today off, but I used up almost half of the vacation time I had banked last week with my super-busy (but mostly fun) week. And I was coming out to Orange County anyway to have lunch with Mom, so I was gonna use the petrol anyway.

Could be worse. I could have absolutely nothing at all to do. I'm off to get some looseleaf books to update, and I have two hours of Cabin Pressure that I haven't heard yet to help me through the mindless tedium of filing.
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The roof of the library building is being replaced. Work started this morning. I've been listening to slightly-muted creaks, bangs, crashes, and footsteps for hours, and it's really freaking me out. Especially when the roofers run; it makes the metal in the air ducts clank. Sounds like an earthquake coming from above rather than below.

A coworker asked if I'd noticed all the noise. Seriously, they sound like the aliens in the air vents during the abduction scene of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Creepy.

Four weeks of this.
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Today, I am grateful for flexible hours at work. Boss M has given permission for me to work four hours a day all this week so I can get sleep while the last ItW rehearsals and first few performances stretch into the wee small hours of the morning. (This is why I've tried to save vacation time for the last few months.)

I could have taken all five days completely off, but that would be foolish for a number of reasons: I don't want anyone else trying to do my job, the theater is close enough to work that the daily home-work-theater-home commute is only a few miles more than the home-work-home or home-theater-home round trip, I'd get freaked out if I stayed at home with nothing to do during the day, and I want to save vacation hours so I can take a week off in November for Thanksgiving/Christmas prep and hobbit hole cleaning.

So yeah. Big time gratitude for this one.

BTW, want to take down a plagiarist? Someone has taken a published novel and changed the characters' names to make it into Twilight fic. (I couldn't care less about the Twilight fandom, but I'm rather passionate about intellectual property ethics.) Details are here:

Let's go get 'em.
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This is a first. In my mail with the invoices and catalogs was a plain envelope. It was addressed to the library, not anyone in particular, which is why I got it. I opened it and found a two-page advertisement for a masseuse in Newport Beach. She described herself in great detail and gave her rates, plus how much extra a hand job is.

*blink, blink*

Wait ... what?

*reads again*


envelope --> shred bin

*washes hands quickly*


May. 6th, 2011 09:33 am
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Lots of real life stuff; cut to spare the flist. )

today's LOL

Mar. 1st, 2011 12:31 pm
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Making up for the last post, because no Tuesday is ever a total loss.

I went into the break room and saw CJ and JT sitting at the table. CJ said, "We didn't see you at the Academy Awards."

Me: [after a moment of WTF] I haven't made a movie in fifteen years.

CJ: [startled] Seriously?

Me: Well, I was an extra, and it was just a few gigs during one summer break, but there are two things where you can see my face.

CJ: Cool. Are you acting now at your theater?

Me: The Mysterium? No, but I'm stage crew for The Crucible.

CJ: [brightly] Oh, you've been promoted!
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I am grateful for Mondays, because if I have a reason to gripe about Mondays, it means I'm employed.

I have decided that Monday will be Red Shoe Day, at least for the foreseeable future. Read more... )

Another fantastic lunch with local flist friends. Read more... )

Saturday night was pretty cool, too. Read more... )

Mom called as she was leaving Aunt Millie's yesterday to see how I was. Read more... )

Six years ago today, I stumbled into the law library, blitzed from a cold I'd caught the day before and two different kinds of cold medicine. Read more... )

There's still shopping to be done! Read more... )

Right. Time for a cuppa while I type up an interview for the library's newsletter. Late lunch from Chipotle and button shopping in another hour. Happy Monday!
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I was going to go to Chipotle for dinner, but the gas station was right next to In-and-Out, so I just brought that back instead. Dayum, that onion is potent, even an hour later. Burger out of this world, fries not so much, which has always been my In-and-Out experience.

Red flats a smashing success. Red scarf, not so much. I tied it in a half Windsor, but the V on the sweater vest is so high that you couldn't really see the red, and more than one person said I looked like a flight attendant. Bye, scarf. I still have red rose earrings, though, so it's not a total loss.

Interviewed a student library worker for the newsletter, and I ended up talking as much as she did. And we chatted so much that what normally takes fifteen minutes ended up being more like 45. I told newsletter editor and boss-man JT that I'd have the article to him tonight, but I've been staring at the empty word processor document ever since I got back from lunch. I suppose I can copy and paste the intro I did for another student there -- I wrote the thing, it was two years ago that I last wrote something for someone who works in the serials department. I don't think anyone will remember it, do you?

Not much sleep last night, so I'm a bit of a zombie today.

It's not every day you receive a box from the mailman that has LIVE WORMS written on it, but that's what was waiting for me when I got home last night! [ profile] bonsaibetz very kindly offered to share some red wiggler worms to add to my compost bin. I shook them out of their bag this morning and covered them with more cardboard bedding, and I'll add some more food for them to munch once I rip more cardboard into shreds. Thank you, Betz!


Dec. 14th, 2010 04:15 pm
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My boss answered his cell phone by saying, "I didn't do it."


Dec. 9th, 2010 04:11 pm
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I love my boss's acidic sense of humor. A student e-mailed a rant about one of the library's rules, and JD's politely-worded reply ended with thanking him for adhering to the rules, "few as they are."

Also, we got our Christmas present today. It's always something useful, and this year it's a messenger bag. Large enough to bung a laptop into, with lots of pockets for spare change, water bottles, and my walking pharmacy. Yay, JD!

Someone sent my supervisor a pound of See's chocolates, so she shared them with us. This reminds me; it's time to go to Staples and buy my annual five-gallon tin of popcorn. I dump the caramel -- Mom's is much better -- and slowly make my way through the cheese and butter.

Performance tonight! My back is hurting lots today, but the show must go on and all that. I'll be extra careful during the dances and while I'm negotiating the steps to and from the stage.

Weird dream last night made me sit up in terror much too early this morning. I only remember it involved a VIP elevator and a building 100 storeys high, and I had to sneak on and bluff my way up so I could do something really important at the top. (Dismantling or sabotaging something, near as I can recall.) I ended up balanced precariously to the top of the building, clutching to the spire for dear life. And the ride was terrifying; of course the elevator was glass, so I could see what was happening, and it didn't stay inside the building ... we were flying all around the city like the worm on the end of a fishing line when the holder of the rod has Tourette's.

And I was Colin Firth half the time. (Told you it was a weird dream.)

Stopping for fabric and fast food on the way to the theater. Munching on potassium-rich stuff to keep my muscles loose and the electrolytes up in the mean time.

Be happy, for it is almost Friday! (For me, anyway; for half of my flist, it is Friday.)
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It's a fundraiser to help special needs children in Haiti, and over a hundred celebrities are participating, including the lovely Stephen Fry. Bidding for Stephen is at $610.00, which is way out of my price range, but it'd be worth it if I could afford it to have Stephen follow me for three months! (Then I could buy one of those "Stephen Fry follows me on Twitter" t-shirts.)

All the celebrities participating are listed along the left side of this page. Take a look!

In other news, the library's newsletter meeting starts in five minutes, and JD (who keeps extra chatter to a minimum) won't be there. If I never get out of there, remember me fondly.
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Phil is exasperating and adorable all at once. (I can just see you all nodding your heads sagely right now.) And the L-word has been used once or twice.

Glee tonight! Terri's history, Jesse's a mystery, and I would give one of my ovaries to have Mercedes use and dump Puck.

Seen this? I can't wait for Toy Story 3! I've heard that the dance and the Gipsy Kings will be on DWTS tonight.

Fantastic Jimbo birthday/Mother's Day party over Da Weekend. Phil survived his first all-day family party, had a good time, and even helped with the dishes.

I can't wait for work to be over so I can go to Dad's for dinner and Glee.

I've been listening to the Gipsy Kings all weekend. They're coming to L.A. in July; I might splurge on a ticket.

I'm on fandom hiatus until further notice. I'll check in occasionally with the friends list and Ashwinder, but I'm not following any WIPs, and I have zero enthusiasm for writing or communities.

Three months after I said I would someday find the courage, I told Phil that he has a nice arse. Then I watched him walk to his car.

Been off the nutrition and fitness wagon for two weeks, and I've set myself back a pound or two. Spinach salad for lunch today and Curves in the morning should jump-start me back into submission.

What I said about communities doesn't apply to the Exchange, obviously. I am so ready for it to start. And I'll get the rest of Wolfsbane 2.0 posted soon, too.

Staff meetings won't kill you, but they sure can make you wish you were dead.
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I love that our student workers have a sense of humor, but how the hell am I going to work into a newsletter article the joke that our resident Irish boy wants to pass the Bar exam, go home to Las Vegas, and moonlight as a rodeo clown?!

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I need to bring the laptop to work more often. A lunch hour of sixty-eight minutes yielded an additional 700-ish words for Da Was Gonna Be Da Exchange Fic. One of the students wanted to watch the news, so I just plugged in the headphones and turned the volume up REALLY LOUD to drown out the Irish Ambassador (even though he had a lovely accent). I'd had the scene outlined for some time, but I hadn't any ideas about specifics until this evening. I really like the way it turned out. It'll need more detail, of course, and that can happen during the editing. Right now I'm just trying to get a first draft of everything and trying to avoid doing any revising.

I gave Severus a girlfriend. Not a rival, though. She's a blatant Mary Sue (an idealized me, of course), but she's only around to provide some illustration of Severus' character, and she won't be seen after chapter one or mentioned after chapter three. (Is that okay or still nauseating? She is shagging Severus, after all.) Found some road maps in the break room --

(my library has a library!) -- and was able to see how far one could travel (not talking about Apparating) in one day.

Back to work now, though. Even if I was inclined to cheat and write on the laptop on company time, I couldn't since I didn't bring the power cord. Take that, Naughty Voice in My Head! (What's hideous is that I probably would keep writing if I did have a power cord or a battery that lasted longer. What kind of Hufflepuff am I?! Shame on me.)

After work: Da Digest. And foodshopping, since I have no milk, cat food, or toilet paper at home.
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Freezing at work today. Pulled out a space heater I haven't used in months and turned it on. Lovely smell of burning dust, but I kept the thermostat turned down at first.

Then I nudged it up. No more burning dust smell, and it works very well.

Up again.

Yet again.

Four hours after I plugged the heater in and started it, the fire alarm went off. Migraine-inducing strobe lights and a piercing, high-pitched noise. The entire law school is now on alert; final exams are were going on all over campus. I nudged the thermostat down and emerged from my cubicle. Figured it'd be best to be up front and asked JD (head boss) if my space heater could have caused it. My heart nearly stopped when he said it might.

Ten minutes later, he came back from the facilities department and told us it was a proctor who nudged one of the alarm triggers.

That was fun.
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It's hot and very windy, there's a light dusting of ash on my car, and the sky is dark grey. This means it's November in Southern California! It's not as big as the fires last year (as far as I know) and there aren't any in Orange County (yet), but a hideous cloud of smoke is covering most of the sky overhead and to the north. Both my work and my home are insulated from the usual fire areas by many miles of urban/suburban sprawl, but I'll still have trouble breathing for the next few days.

Well, I've put in six hours, so I'm going home. I think I shall avoid the freeway, since the wind is strong enough to make all but the most streamlined cars weave on the road like drunkards. I'm taking a bit of work home with me -- there is one aspect of the book-ordering process I can do remotely -- so my work day is not exactly over.
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If my supervisor says good night/tells me to have a good weekend a fourth time this evening, my head will explode.


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