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Watched the pilot and second episodes of Firefly last night. Everyone who's seen it has said I would like it, and they were right! I'd normally blaze a trail through it, but with only fourteen-ish episodes and a movie, I'll draw it out a bit.

Spent a few hours in the garden today. Pulled weeds, fertilized the three front-porch plants, transplanted and pruned Mom's gardenia and orchid into bigger containers, started some spinach seeds, turned over the compost in the bin, and took some stuff to the dumpster. I'm now grotty, slightly sunburnt, and quite content, though the garden still looks a bit of a mess.

Basil is wilting despite my efforts to keep it alive, so I pinched most of the big leaves off and made bruschetta topping. Will nom it with garlic bread later.

Nice afternoon with Dad yesterday. Lunch out with each of us getting a dish to go as well as something to eat there, and then we went to the supermarket for enough stuff to get us through the week.

Fighter jets and stealth bombers flying overhead and three days of persistent, far-off engine noise means it's Grand Prix weekend! I missed seeing the planes this year, because they're overhead by the time you hear them and already gone before you run outside.

BBC Sherlock and John fanart is framed and hanging on my kitchen wall with my French art posters. The last Severus and Hermione Exchange piece will go under it as soon as the 6x8 frame arrives.

Made French toast with French bread today -- I normally just use sandwich bread. I always put so much cinnamon on it that I didn't think the kind of bread would make a difference, but it was a bit tastier than usual.

For once, the prevailing neighbor music is not the same Andrea Bocelli CDs over and over again. I'd thought to put an Eagles DVD on to shake mah bootay while I cleaned, but I'll just go with the neighbor's jazz instead of fighting it. (Right now it's Hugh Masekela's "Grazing in the Grass.")

Finally got around to watching episode one of Alec Guinness's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Friday night. I really liked it and will get through more this week.

Waiting for two fest assignments. I should be getting the craft one today or tomorrow, which is why I'm trying to get as much RL stuff done as I can now.

Back and knee aches are starting to manifest after the weed pulling and lugging of heavy pots. Brownies, Martinelli's, a Baker Street Babes podcast, and a bubble bath shall be my reward for a good day's work. *toddles off to beat the cat hair out of the rugs and REALLY earn some aches and pains*

So there's a weekend in a blog post from the most boring person on the planet. (That isn't self-pity; I like my little life.) I hope your weekends were even more enjoyable than mine has been. *blows kisses*
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How I did it the first time:

15 oz low fat ricotta cheese
20 jumbo pasta shells
1 cup shredded parmesan cheese, divided
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 lb frozen spinach, defrosted and rinsed and squeezed dry-ish
15 medium basil leaves
1 jar plain spaghetti sauce
20 white button mushrooms, sauteed ... or just a large-ish can if you want to cheat save time
5 sprigs fresh parsley (1 sprig = what you get on your plate in a restaurant)
1 clove garlic, minced or pressed *pets garlic press*
1/2 - 2/3 lb mozzarella cheese, shredded

Notes to self for next time: add the meat from one Italian sausage or a cooked veggie burger patty. Double the mushrooms, garlic, and basil.

Boil, drain, and cool the pasta shells. Throw everything except the mozzarella, spaghetti sauce, and half the parmesan together in a big bowl and mix. Spread a little spaghetti sauce on the bottom of a 9x13 dish. Scoop the ricotta-egg-spinach mixture into the shells and set them face down in the dish. Spoon the rest of the sauce over the shells. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes covered, then top with the remainder of the parmesan and the mozzarella and bake an additional 10-15 minutes uncovered. Let stand out of the oven for a few minutes before serving.

Serve with garlic bread and salad.

Edit: I found this and am grafting it in for future reference:
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I've been more depressed than usual lately, so it's time for a Good Things list.

1. More of the world's first consulting detective. I watched Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes last night with great pleasure. A few vague spoilers this way. )

Now that I've seen this adaptation, I shall go back and look at [ profile] sadynax's Sherlock comics again. (Any excuse.)

2. Lunch with friends today!

3. Alice in Wonderland at the Mysterium again tonight, and then Shannon's birthday party after. (Shannon was one of my daughters in Scrooge and Marley, and she's in tonight's play, too.) Snagged the last discount ticket from Goldstar, too.

4. Girl Scout shortbread cookies. They're excellent straight, but they're even yummier when I pile a few milk chocolate chips on top and then munch them one by one.

5. Silly physical comedy. This is a clip from the fourth series of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. They brought out Clive Mantle, who's just as tall as Stephen and Hugh, and then the next guest bounces out and thoughtfully makes it much easier for each of these men to kiss her hello (starting at 4:10 in this clip):

6. Happy, warm, purring cats, more episodes of Black Books, and avoiding dishwashing duties on a lazy Saturday morning.

7. Cheese popcorn! I bought three bags for me and Dad from my cousin's son for a Boy Scout fundraiser, and they arrived a couple days ago. It's not the best cheese popcorn I've ever had, but it's pretty good.

8. Blue toenail polish.
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I was going to go to Chipotle for dinner, but the gas station was right next to In-and-Out, so I just brought that back instead. Dayum, that onion is potent, even an hour later. Burger out of this world, fries not so much, which has always been my In-and-Out experience.

Red flats a smashing success. Red scarf, not so much. I tied it in a half Windsor, but the V on the sweater vest is so high that you couldn't really see the red, and more than one person said I looked like a flight attendant. Bye, scarf. I still have red rose earrings, though, so it's not a total loss.

Interviewed a student library worker for the newsletter, and I ended up talking as much as she did. And we chatted so much that what normally takes fifteen minutes ended up being more like 45. I told newsletter editor and boss-man JT that I'd have the article to him tonight, but I've been staring at the empty word processor document ever since I got back from lunch. I suppose I can copy and paste the intro I did for another student there -- I wrote the thing, it was two years ago that I last wrote something for someone who works in the serials department. I don't think anyone will remember it, do you?

Not much sleep last night, so I'm a bit of a zombie today.

It's not every day you receive a box from the mailman that has LIVE WORMS written on it, but that's what was waiting for me when I got home last night! [ profile] bonsaibetz very kindly offered to share some red wiggler worms to add to my compost bin. I shook them out of their bag this morning and covered them with more cardboard bedding, and I'll add some more food for them to munch once I rip more cardboard into shreds. Thank you, Betz!

o hai ...

Jan. 31st, 2011 10:04 am
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Weekend Stuff. )
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I really ought to be doing something on this beautiful Saturday when it's partly cloudy and 73 Fahrenheit out there, but I'm still sniffly and coughing, and I can't be arsed to get out of my pajamas. Hell, I can't even be bothered to wash the dishes.

In spite of all the delicious food in the hobbit hole, I got Chinese delivered last night. Fried rice, one entree, and two half orders of appetizers. Dinner was a feast, and breakfast consisted of leftover entree. I still have most of the fried rice left, so I will probably have it for dinner tonight. Yum yum yum yum yum. Other than that, though, I'm eating like I should. Hot soups, water, and juices rule the kitchen, and I'm getting really sick of it.

The Disney resort in Anaheim is doing a promotion for SoCA residents. Two days admission for $99. Since an adult's one-day admission is $76 or $78, $99 for two days is less offensive. Still pretty expensive, but Mom hasn't been to California Adventure, so we'll go this spring. How I'm going to keep from giggling (and therefore having to explain why it's funny) in front of Mom when we pass this poster is beyond me.

In the interests of thorough research, I've started to watch more Sherlocks than this young whippersnapper Cumberbatch. I rented Basil Rathbone's first adventure, The Hound of the Baskervilles and watched it last night. A little slow a times, but appropriately eerie and tense. I shall return it for more of Basil Rathbone, and then I'll move on to Peter Cushing. While the DVDs are in transit, I placate myself with the gorgeous Jeremy Brett on Netflix.

I've finally started reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I have a hard time with abstract art, whether it's visual, written, or musical, and I wasn't sure if I could get through Alice, but I'm eating it up.

Now I have to take back the can't-be-bothered stuff. Dad just called and wants me to drive with him to the car repair shop, so I have to shower and get dressed in jeans -- I could go all grungy, but my hair is a weird and wild mess every time I get out of bed. I shall extract a fee from Dad when I'm driving him home: he must go into the sweet shop on Second Street before I drop him off.

Edit: the sweet shop has Curly Wurlies! I've heard about them on QI, so I bought one, even though I'm not a huge fan of caramel. It's pretty good.

Hooray for holiday weekends! With Monday off, I will have a second chance to go out and do stuff before I go back to work.
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Sweet Mom brought a cold with her when she visited over the weekend. She usually stays away when she's sick, but since there's a three month old baby at the Jimbos', she kept the cold away from the Wee Beastie. And then stayed an extra day because she was afraid of infecting the rest of them. Fine for them, but it hit me like a freight train at 4 a.m. I understand, of course, but I'm still grumpy.

Could be worse. OTC meds are handling the worst of the symptoms. Sweet Dad went to the supermarket and got a few supplies for me, bless his sweet heart. (He even got organic celery instead of regular celery!) I've had juice, breakfast, and a quart of water since I got up again two hours ago. Now I'm improvising a chicken soup recipe from half a dozen recipes I've seen online and will set it on to stew (cooking the carrots and celery) for a few hours while I nap.

Edit: I promised earlier that I'd post the chicken soup slow cooker recipe under a cut if it turned out well. Read more... )
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In the first ten seconds Boo-Cat was on the kitchen table, he knocked over a box of Band-Aids, scattered a dozen supermarket coupons and thirty-odd peanut M&Ms onto the floor, upset a cup of water all over my lap, and scooped a skein of embroidery floss onto his back using his tail. He would have knocked the lamp over if he'd had his way, the utter brat.

Split pea soup is cooking slowly in the slow cooker. That onion did not go down without a fight; it's been two hours, and my eyes still hurt. Bubba came into the kitchen to investigate what I was chopping (I'd just opened the sausage) and left with watery eyes and an offended expression a minute later. Turkey and dressing (more onions!) for lunch.

I never much liked New Year's Day when I was a kid; all the shops are closed, and there's nothing on TV but football. But I've been reading Sherlock fanfic for the last hour and enjoying it immensely. I shall embroider for at least an hour while there's still sunlight to help my eyes.

I'm thinking about seeing The King's Speech or Burlesque tonight. If I go, I shall be very rude and wink suggestively at Phil when he takes my ticket. He blushes so sweetly.

Boo has just knocked the Band-Aids off the table again on his way to the floor so he can hurk up some grass he nibbled outside. At least he stayed on the tile instead of running to the carpet.

Time for a nap.
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After four days of doing very little, Mom decided around six this evening that we've been sitting around too much. I didn't argue; all I've done since Boxing Day is embroider, read, cook, watch movies, and sleep. Spent all day Tuesday in pajamas. Read more... )
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I love it when Boo-Cat arches his back and stretches, straining his face so his whiskers pouf forward and the tip of his tongue sticks out. But this is the first time I heard him grunt. Just a little, tiny Nnghh before he released the stretch. It was adorable.

Also, I've found a Sherlock crossover fic where Gregory House is Sherlock's biological father. This is my new canon. (I'll rec the fic when it's complete; it's up to three chapters out of a predicted five so far.) The scene where Wilson and Watson hide from House and Holmes -- *busts out laughing* -- is hilarious and made me squee with delight. And the author uses some really nice icons, too.

Bought some chocolates from a niece's fundraiser, and they weren't what I thought they'd be. So I'm experimenting with them in a chocolate chip cookie recipe; hiding them inside the dough, squashing them on top, chopping them into bits and mixing them in. They don't have as much flavor as semisweet chips do, but it's still pretty good.

Good night, all.

Edit: I shouldn't have talked about a fic without providing a link, so here it is:

Title: In The Genes
Summary: A diagnostician and a detective must join forces to solve a mystery that threatens both their lives.
Crossover: Sherlock and House M.D.
Rating: PG (for swearing)
Genre: drama and a bit of angst

Again, it is a WIP with at least two chapters to go, and the author's updates are slow, so don't say I didn't warn you.
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I made a chocolate cream pie this morning, and I just ate some of the leftover chocolate custard. This might be my best pie yet; the custard was really smooth. I've bought heavy whipping cream and will go at it a few minutes before noon to top the pie and then take it to the potluck at work.

I should make another pie and just go at it with a spoon. Maybe invite Phil over to celebrate his new job. He likes my cheesecake better, though, so maybe I'll try out the cheesecake recipe in cupcake proportions instead and use him as a guinea pig. I know for a fact he won't mind.

I'm not cooking for Thanksgiving, though. Mom wants to do something other than having us slave over a hot stove for two days, and though I'm going to miss the turkey and stuffing and all that, I see her point. Not sure what we'll do instead, but I'll make sure I get pie in there somewhere.

Past time to get my butt in gear. The potluck is in two hours, and I haven't even showered yet. PHPHPHPHBBBBBPPPPTTTT.


Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:07 am
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It's the Monday List of Happiness with a fic rec tagged on for good measure!

1. I'm working the election on April 13 with Phil. It's going to be a very long day, but I believe him when he says they have a good time, and extra money is always a good thing!

2. I keep trying variations on a recipe I first made a month or two ago, and they always turn out delicious. Nom nom nom.

3. LOL at Dara O'Briain's drinking game on the stand-up DVD I bought a few weeks ago. He and a buddy watched the show, and every time Dara said a key phrase, they had to have a beer or a shot, and they were completely pissed by the end of it.

4. Singing, singing, singing: the choir in our congregation is really good, as is a combined choir I'm participating in. The music is gorgeous. We're all revved up for Easter!

5. Leap of Faith, a Doctor Who fic rec: )
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*points to icon* This is my mother. Lucky woman can sleep for ages.

Me, I get between six and eight hours of sleep, and then I wake up. O_O That's it. I've been out of bed for almost three hours, and now that I have stuff to do -- I'm baking cookies for some friends who are going out of town this morning -- I want to go back to bed. Oh, well.

I was very sad yesterday, and though I thought about Annie's Friday meme, I didn't do it. But I'm in the mood to do it now, so ... *shrug* So my five good things for this week are:

[ profile] millennia2's chocolate chip cookie recipe

Stephen Fry sneezing like a duck (QI s1 e7)

Red Lobster's clam chowder -- yummy!

Mom's home for the weekend!

It's Saturday!
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Nom nom nom ... holy cow.

I stopped at Costco on the way home and bought some provisions (I can afford them now) along with a rotisserie chicken for dinner. I called Mom as soon as I got out of there so she could start the rice and veg, and we just finished eating.

I'm gonna go lay out on the living room floor for a bit like some lazy, over-fed cat.

Mom has been on the phone with our cousin Andy for the last twenty minutes. All Mom has said is "Right. Right. Uh-huh. Right." Andy is very sweet, but she rarely lets anyone get a word in edgewise.

And Annie! I am utterly flabbergasted! Thank you so much for your support! I have a donation for the breast cancer walk now! SQUEE!!!


Dec. 30th, 2008 09:57 pm
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One of the Christmas/birthday presents I asked for was a waffle iron. I got it, and I finally pulled it out of the box and made the batter tonight. Once that waffle came out and I put the butter and syrup on it ... man! I scarfed that waffle down so fast, it was almost embarrassing; it was like ambrosia.

Nom nom nom.

mmmmm ...

Nov. 9th, 2008 10:05 am
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Life is good. Cooked a chicken overnight per [ profile] quietsilkie's instructions. I've shredded the chicken, made a yummy chicken quesadilla, given the Beastie Boys some meat, put the rest in the fridge, and the leftover junk is back in the crock pot with a bay leaf and onion, simmering gently.

Problem is, I'm going crazy with food lust. To tide me over, I will share my friend's chicken and dumplings recipe with you all: First Jill's recipe, then my variations )
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In my travels today, I found the best thing in the world: Martinelli's sparkling apple cider in little individual bottles. It costs a bit more than the equivalent amount in the larger bottles, but it's perfect! A little six-pack of green bottles with sparkling cider in it. I discovered a month ago that Martinelli's is somehow the perfect thing to drink with chocolate. I like it even better than milk if I have a brownie, so I'm snacking on a bit of lovely dark brownie and a little bottle of apple cider as I transcribe more of QI.

I just set a chicken in the crock pot to cook overnight (thanks for the instructions, [ profile] quietselkie), which wasn't an easy task with two felines twining themselves around my ankles. The Beastie Boys are looking up at me with puppy dog eyes and saying, "We smell the chicken. Why are you torturing us with the chicken? We know it's here somewhere; we can smell it, and we wants the chicken, Precious." (Yes, cats can make puppy-dog eyes. If you doubt it, come over to my flat when I open a can of tuna.)

Little fandom rant: )

She's talking about her flat again! Run! )

I like to post my to-do lists after I've actually done some of the items on them: If you click this, you must really be bored. )

The computers are in the kitchen, and the cats aren't allowed on the kitchen table or counters, so I've had to set up chairs on either side of me so the Beastie Boys can be close to me without sitting on the table itself. Boo-Boo is on the chair to my left, mostly curled up, but one of his front paws is stretched out and resting on my knee. The gesture makes me grin like the sentimental idiot that I am.

*iz happy*

Sep. 28th, 2008 10:04 pm
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The usual rl rubbish: )


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