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This isn't comprehensive on its own, but between my friends list and [ profile] harmony_bites's posts, it should be cover quite a few of the bases for who and what is eligible in this round of the [ profile] sshg_awards. I'm lazy, so I won't be sorting out which authors and fics are eligible for what categories; if the authors haven't done so themselves, then you need to do it.

If I'm missing someone's list of their eligible fics, please comment with a URL so I can include them. Also, I'll be out of town from 2-4 October, but I'll update Monday night. I will keep this updated as more eligible authors pimp their stuff, so keep watching!

[ profile] dreamy_dragon73 reminded me that every fic in the Winter 2008 round of the [ profile] sshg_exchange is eligible for this round of the Awards. The master/reveal list is here, and most of the authors have uploaded their fics to other archives, so keep an eye out for the stories you loved in the Exchange!

Harmony gets to be first because she's advertising not only her stuff but others' as well:

Everyone else, including me, is in alphabetical order: and


mw48 and

Nomination post, with links to the rules and categories for this round:

[ profile] lovedraughts has a list or three like this going too, and theirs is/are probably more complete since my laptop died. Their master list is here.

* This entry is friends locked, but I'm putting it here anyway so you know this author wrote something eligible for this round of the awards.
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The [ profile] sshg_awards have begun again! I have two short fics eligible for this round:

Meeting Frederick
Summary: Leslie Wilkins and Frederick Smith are set up on a blind date.
Rated PG, complete in one shot. This fic has 5,085 words, so it's eligible in the Invigoration Draught length category and whatever genre category you think is appropriate. This fic is also at Ashwinder here.

Summary: Snapshots of Severus and his daughter.
Rated G, character death warning, complete in two 100-word drabbles. This miniscule drabble series is eligible in the Hiccupping Solution length category and whatever genre category you think is appropriate.
The original posting date for this series is months before this round started, so it was eligible last year, not this year. (Shame on me for not double-checking; I was going by the dates at OWL, not my journal, which is where I put the Daisies series first.)

Make your nominations for this round of the awards here. There's a link to the rules there, so be sure to read them first.
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Slim pickings for me this time around. Lots of titles, but little substance: a meme response, an Exchange piece, and a bunch of drabble serials. Here are the fics that I have that are eligible for this round of the [ profile] sshg_awards:

A Good Morning. One shot, rated Conservative.
Summary: A cup of coffee, a deserted library, and Hermione.

Dancing. One shot, rated Suggestive.
Summary: Severus and Hermione's anniversary doesn't proceed exactly as he'd planned.

Just Another Detention. Complete in six drabbles, rated Conservative.
Summary: A response to the Senses challenge at GS100: Severus finds himself dishing out equal measures of snark and compassion to his student.

I participated in a round robin at [ profile] grangersnape100 last December. [ profile] sshg316, [ profile] ginny_weasley31, [ profile] kribu, [ profile] a_bees_buzz, [ profile] misstee123, and I all collaborated to bring you Yuletide Potions. Complete, and most of it is work-safe.

I have other drabble serials that can be found if you're really desperate, but they haven't been archived: Regency Fluff, Happy Birthday, Severus, and Aperture.

The Drabble Trilogy:

Professor Longbottom. Complete in four chapters (thirty-odd drabbles), rated Conservative.
Summary: Hogwarts Headmaster Severus Snape and his Deputy Headmistress, Hermione Granger, find themselves short a Herbology teacher.

Pneumonia. Complete in five chapters (thirty-five-odd drabbles), rated Conservative.
Summary: Professor Granger neglects her health.

Hogwarts, a History. Complete in ten chapters (sixty-eight drabbles), rated Suggestive.
Summary: Professor Snape offers the irresistible to Professor Granger.
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As is my usual practice, I reserve the right to be as fair or as prejudiced as I want when it comes to pimping fics. I try to find fics I like whose authors don't have LJs or don't seem to be widely known (not a lot of reviews, for example).

I don't know how shuldham stayed under my radar for so long, but her fics are quietly beautiful. Here's a list of the ones that are eligible for this round of the SSHG Awards:

The Sum of All Our Scars. Complete in one shot, rated Brazen. Summary: Late at night Snape is haunted by his past. Will the ghosts of his memories overwhelm him? Who will help?

Tylwyth Teg. Complete in one shot, rated Conservative. Summary: Snape and his daughter in a battle of wills. Just who will win.

The World All Out of Joint. Complete in four chapters, rated Brazen. Summary: Voldemort is long dead. Hermione has everything she could want, until a brutal incident rips her life apart. How will she cope and live on? Will Snape help?

I love me some good fluff, I love me some good angst. Shuldham is good at both. Read, review, and nominate (after you've read the rules) at [ profile] sshg_awards!
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amr is an amazing writer. Her fics are beautifully detailed from start to finish, and her plots yank you in and don't let you go. I highly recommend anything she's written, but these three fics are the ones that are eligible for this round of the [ profile] sshg_awards:

The Lioness Prophecies
Not work-safe. Summary: On Valentine's Day of Harry Potter's sixth year, a new prophecy is heard which suggests that Severus Snape's marriage may offer great help in the war against Voldemort. Albus Dumbledore decides to take action to ensure that the prophecy comes about.

Snape's Boon
Also not work-safe. Summary: Hermione wakes up tired, sore, and injured, and tries to work out what’s happened to her.

Mists of Time
Summary: Severus Snape knew that things would go wrong the minute the headmaster's worried face appeared in his fireplace. And he was right.

Go read, if you haven't already. Her fics are beautiful works of art. And when you're through reading, be sure to nominate!
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[ profile] wartcap. Wartily-Warty Wartcap. How I love thee. Without you, I never would have thought that Dementors had personalities, and of course they do!

I'm not going to list all of her stories, so be sure to check out her author pages at Ashwinder and The Petulant Poetess.

Breakfast at Zonko's
Summary: It's the night of the Yule Ball, Severus is blasting rose bushes apart. He never expected to find her doing that with him. Abandoned at three chapters.

I adore this fic. Hermione is underage -- the fic takes place during her fourth year, so she's fifteen -- but they don't even snog. As with all of Warty's fics, the idea is so original and hilarious that I'm lauging and gaping at the same time.

Filch's Firepower
Summary: A story of kidnap, trust, love and loyalty. A cautionary tale for anyone with a pussy cat.

I love how this fic turns the prophecy on its ear, and how someone who is under-valued can end up being at the center of everything.

Summary: 'Expecto Patronum!' Professor Lupin cast at the Dementor on the Hogwarts Express - and so begins the tale of Pumblechook.
Left powerless and alone, his Dementor powers gone, he can only rely on the good will of others. Professor Snape and Hermione Granger must work together, for the good of the Order, to get the last loyal Dementor back to full strength in their battle against Lord Voldemort. A comedy set during HBP.

I can't say enough about this fic. It's the most original fic I've ever read, and one of the funniest. Warty's humor is spot-on, and just when you think it can't get more absurd, it does ... and you buy every word of it.

Go read, enjoy, make sure that the fics are eligible (started during the reign of the Half-Blood Prince), and nominate!
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[ profile] madamsnape78 has an active LJ, but I'm pimping her fics anyway, because I like them! (I told you all I'm prejudiced.) She has written five fics that are eligible for this round of the [ profile] sshg_awards:

What Would They Think
Summary: Hermione and Snape have an unusual relationship. They find themselves reflecting on it on the night before the Final Battle. Complete in one shot.

What I like about this is the structure. Hermione's and Severus' thoughts are paralleled in this lovely, introspective vignette.

A Year in the Life of a Charms Professor
Summary: Ten years after the defeat of Voldemort, Hermione Granger is a Charms Professor at Hogwarts. As the anniversary of the Final Battle approaches, she finds herself dealing with unresolved grief and the return of Severus Snape. Complete in nineteen chapters.

My gosh, I love this fic. (You know me, I'm Mama Angst.) Hermione's trying to reach out to Severus and trying not to think about all the things that are wrong with her own life, and everything is falling apart around her. *shivers* It's bloody gorgeous!

Putting the Magic Back into Magic
Summary: Hermione is about to turn thirty and realizes that life isn't as exciting as she thought it would be. She goes about trying to change that. Complete in six chapters.

But this is my favorite of her fics. It's so silly! Hermione has a series of Charlie-Brown adventures, trying to make her life a little less dull, and at the end of each adventure, Severus Snape is there to heal and help (though he doesn't mean to; at least, not at first). Fluffy, romantic, and satisfying.

Summary: While making an unplanned trip to Diagon Alley, Severus Snape runs into someone unexpected. Complete in one shot.

Another favorite. Severus made a mistake, one that he regrets, but now he has a second chance to do the right thing ... what he should have done in the first place. I really enjoy how he interacts with both of the women in this fic.

The Sacrifices Made
Summary: In the war against Voldemort, everyone has a role to play. When Hermione discovers her role, how much will she be required to sacrifice to ensure his defeat? Completed today! Twenty-one chapters.

Ooo, drama all the way. And angst and torture. Hermione travels a difficult road here, but the reward for both her and Severus (who doesn't have it easy, either) is sweet, indeed.

All these fics are work-safe, by the way. Go read, enjoy, and nominate!
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I'm trying to think of SSHG authors who have fics eligible for this second round of the [ profile] sshg_awards who don't have active LJs (or LJs at all). I pimped Kailin yesterday, but other than her, Dyce, and amr, I can't think of anyone offhand. (For all I know, Dyce and/or amr do have LJs, but I don't know their handles.) Can you all think of anyone who might deserve to be pimped, but doesn't have an LJ with a big friends list of their own?

(Disclaimer: just because you mention someone here, doesn't mean I'll end up pimping him or her. I reserve the right to be prejudiced for or against anyone I choose, on my own LJ.)

(And FYI: Kailin was so touched by those of you who responded to my Nominee of the Day post here that she sniffled and wept. So those of you who gushed, she thanks you. And so do I.)

I also need to remember that there are [ profile] sshg_exchange fics that are eligible for this round, too. So I need to dig out the reveal lists from rounds past and see what I like!
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Quite a few of us eligible authors are able to pimp our own fics here at LJ, as Shug requested, but not everyone has an active LJ. I do beta work for one such person; she's a damned fine author and a sweetheart, to boot. So I'm pimping Kailin's fics for her. If you haven't read her stuff, please do so. It's worth your while:

Into the North
Fifteen years after Voldemort's defeat, Severus Snape has found peace. The untimely arrival of a face from the past is a jarring reminder that not everyone has been so lucky. Complete in nineteen chapters. Rated Suggestive.

What I've always liked about this fic is how everyday it is. So many HGSS fics center around school and the war against Voldemort. While both are mentioned, of course, this is a fic that is so completely removed from all that hubbub. It features a cabin in rural Canada, fishing, a bit of food porn, and a quiet friendship that blossoms into a loving romance.

Snape, a History
Even the best marriages may not work out. Hermione Granger-Weasley turns to a tried and true remedy in order to deal with her distress. Complete in twenty-two chapters. Rated Suggestive.

This is a Hermione I love. She turns to books when everything else is falling apart around her, she turns a bit snarky when the going gets rough, and she is a champion for difficult-but-worthy causes. Even (especially) when that cause is Severus Snape (and he doesn't appreciate it).

Like Father, Like Daughter
This vignette from Snape’s point of view takes place about two and a half years after “Snape, A History”. It is dedicated to all parents who believe their own children to be above reproach (in short, everybody). Complete in one shot. Rated Suggestive.

A LOL moment of fluff. And a reminder that rugrats have big ears (which is something I am constantly having to remind my father about).

Please read, enjoy, and nominate!
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I shall pimp a few Nominees of the Day during this HBP round of the [ profile] sshg_awards, but not nearly as many as I did before, for the simple reason that more of the eligible authors (that I know of) have their own LJs and are still active in the fandom.

But to start out with, I shall pimp my own fics. The following one-shots were first posted during the reign of the Half-Blood Prince:

Just a Kiss
Summary: Hermione and Severus witness a first in their daughter's life. Serial drabble, complete in 700 words.

Severus' Top Ten List (it's under my name and it was my idea, but [ profile] subvers wrote all the good stuff, so we're co-authors on this one.)
Summary: Instead of something prepackaged, Severus decides to tell his wife exactly what he thinks about her on Valentine's Day. Complete in one shot.

The Truth
Summary: What happens when four Gryffindors and a Slytherin can't keep their eyes off a certain young woman? Complete in one shot.

Here is the nomination post; the rules for the nominations are posted there, too.
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w00t! I love Strega Brava's stories. She's written some darker stuff, but when I'm craving some HGSS sweetness with a dash of snark, this is one of my most frequent stops. She has NINETY stories at The Pit, and not all of them are both HGSS and eligible for this round of the Awards, but considering the number of stories that this prolific author has shared, I'm going to rec my favorites and leave it at that:

The Potion Master's Dilemma and I Did Not Count on Her. Both are complete one-shots, involving Severus' pride in creating the logic puzzle that would guard the Philosopher's Stone ... and his reaction when he learns that a twelve-year-old girl got through it. The first one is NOT eligible for the Awards, because it doesn't mention Hermione at all, but it helps to read both, since one is a sequel of the other.

Dissonance and Harmony. Complete in one shot. Summary: Albus Dumbledore's other interest as per the chocolate frog card is chamber music and so he arranges a staff outing where Severus discovers that music truly is the food of love.

Ex Libris. Complete in thirteen chapters. Summary: Draco's obsession with revenge has unexpected results and now Severus and Hermione are trapped in the world of Jane Eyre. Will they be able to find a way back?

Bedside Manner. Complete in one shot. Summary: Severus does not like being bedridden in the Hogwarts infirmary...and he likes even less the mediwitch responsible for his recovery.

A Simple Deck of Cards. Complete in one shot. Summary: Severus reluctantly attends a tarot reading with other Hogwarts staff. (This is one of my absolute favorites, when I only have five minutes and need an HGSS fix!)

Romance Is for Hufflepuffs. Complete in one shot. Summary: It's the day before Valentines Day and neither Hermione or Severus are happy about it. Postgraduation. PostVoldemort. Snarky flufflet. (This is another that I go to for a quick pick-me-up; I love the matchmaking portraits!)

The Higher Graces. Complete in four chapters. Summary: Thanks to a curious cat, Severus discovers that there is always hope.

Down a Different Corridor. Complete in one shot. Summary: Hermione is given lessons in Occlumency by Professor Snape and enjoys it about as much as Harry did. A preromance.

Where Goblins Fear to Tread. Complete in one shot. Summary: Professor Snape pays a visit to Gringotts and finds something very precious.

There are others that are just as enjoyable, but these are my favorites. Enjoy!
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Darkwriter7 has written a story that the WIKTT Guides get asked about more frequently than any other, I think, except for "Soul Searching."

New Beginning. WIP, twenty-three chapters posted. Summary: WIKTT & Severitus challenges combined. When Hermione comes back to Hogwarts she isn't alone, and the child she brings with her causes Severus to do somethings he never would have found himself doing before. The last update was in 2003, so this definitely qualifies for the Still Simmering category.

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Cherdy the Molologist has one story at Ashwinder, and here it is:

The First Real Smile. Complete in one shot. Summary: Hermione and Severus end up in a bit of a predicament after partying a bit too much at the wedding of the century.

What I like about it is how friendly they are with each other. They get drunk and spend the night together, but there's no awkwardness the next morning. And when Hermione returns to Hogwarts, their reunion is a very sweet moment. Short and romantic.

Being sick and muddled all day, I completely forgot about these fic recs. And now, thanks to my nap, I can't sleep, so I'm up at 1.30 and doing what I should have done when everyone in this hemisphere was actually awake.
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I've been enjoying the work of Mama Weasley since I found the HGSS ship, even before I found Ashwinder or LJ. Her MLC story was the second I ever read, and it's only recently that I rediscovered her work. Here's her author profile at The Pit. Eligible stories include:

The Mating Game. Complete in twenty-three chapters. Summary: Hermione's brain tells her that marrying Severus is the logical choice. Will she ever get her heart to agree?

The Antidote. Complete in one shot. Summary: Voldemort has decreed a punishment for the traitor. What will happen to Severus?

Both are good reads and very satisfying. Have fun!
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Hello again! In the interests of making up for lost time, I'm reccing more than one author per day. This afternoon, I want to send you in [ profile] wallyflower's (Celithrathien at Ashwinder) direction. Two of her excellent stories are eligible for nomination, including one that was updated today at Ashwinder! They are:

And Miles to Go before I Sleep. Complete in one chapter. Summary: Everyone needs salvation. When night falls and the Death-Eater returns to his dungeons, he finds his student waiting to bind his wounds. A classroom romance.

Yours and Yours and Yours. WIP, five chapters posted. Summary: Severus Snape knows there is only one way to make his new wife happy. (Soon to be called "Strong Poison")

Have fun!

Edit on 13 November: she's made some changes recently and updated two more chapters at The Pit; please take a look there, too, because it looks like there are more eligible stories there:
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Good morning! I'll be recommending several authors today, and [ profile] sam_storyteller is the first. He is the author of one of my favorite stories EVER. As far as I can tell, this is the only SS/HG story that he's written; my apologies to Sam if I've overlooked any other stories he's written that are eligible for this Classics round of the [ profile] sshg_awards.

Three Galleons. Complete in four chapters. Summary: After the war, Hermione has settled into a quiet if unorthodox life with Severus -- until a small problem in the form of a refugee spy calls for an even more unorthodox solution. Rated R; starts out Severus/Hermione, but then they pick up a stray werewolf and decide to keep him. Hurt/comfort, extremely in-character, threesome SS/HG/RL ... what's not to love? (Posted at LJ on 8 July 2005.)

Go read!

And please don't forget that [ profile] celisnebula has listed eligible authors at her LJ here. I'm just featuring a few of my favorites, because I'm entirely prejudiced.
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Just to show how prejudiced I am, I make this recommendation on the basis of my love for one story. Just one, though this author has eight that are eligible for the Classics round of the [ profile] sshg_awards. My favorite story of hers is The True Story of Sybill Trelawney, which turns the Hermione-goes-back-twenty-years cliché on its ear. It's clever and original, and complete in one shot. (I'm definitely going to be doing fanart for this fic.)

Here's her ff.n author profile: She has several stories that are eligible for nomination, so please don't stop with the one I've recommended. (I'm rushing out to work, so I don't have time to go through them all -- bad me!) Go read!

I shall have at least two recommendations per day tomorrow and Sunday. Making up for lost time.
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Okay, I said in my comments to someone else that I wouldn't be recommending the 'Classic' stories of authors who are still going strong in the fandom, because their current fics do the work for them. I have decided to make a couple of exceptions to this, but that's entirely prejudicial on my part, because I have found them to be good writers and good friends.

[ profile] subvers has been feeding my HGSS habit, ever since she burst onto Ashwinder with an enchanting debut in the spring of 2005. Over the last two years, she's written several sequels and created other delightful fics for us to devour.

Here's her profile at Ashwinder. Her eligible stories include:

Master of Enchantment. Complete in seven chapters. Summary: It begins the summer after Seventh Year, when the war is raging on, with an unexpected moment of tenderness. What is this inexplicable feeling Hermione experiences? And how can she get Snape to discuss it with her, when all he wants to do is avoid her?

Bast: Operation Kitty. Complete in one chapter. Summary: Some animals are more familiar than others -- this is the story of how Severus Snape acquired his familiar.

Meet the Parents. Complete in one chapter. Summary: In the best tradition, Severus must meet Hermione's parents to seek their blessing. Just how has Dumbledore meddled THIS time?

Meet the Boys. Complete in one chapter. Summary: Hermione and Severus are approaching their last major hurdle: informing Harry and Ron of their engagement and plans to marry. Severus sulks and intrudes on Lupin and Tonks while the Dream Team convenes. Later, Severus has this velvet box to show to his bride-to-be.

The saga continues with Meet the Beetles, Nobody Told Me There'd Be Days Like These, A Hallowe'en Tail, and The Christmas Rose, but none of these fics are individually eligible for the Classics round of the Awards. Read 'em anyway, especially since the entire word count for the series is over 120,000, qualifying it for the saga/epic category.

Have fun!
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I have often called [ profile] mmestrange the Hermione of fanfic writers. Her research is so thorough and her stories so rich in detail ... reading a Lady Strange fic is like examining all the details on a tapestry that combine to make a beautiful picture.

Here's her profile at Ashwinder, and the following stories are eligible for this round:

Beyond Time and Space. Complete in twenty chapters. Summary: What happens when Severus dies in the final battle? He returns as a ghost, of course. Chapter 1 opens with a news report and traces Hermione's thoughts on her former potions master's demise. This response to the WIKTT “Ghost Challenge” maybe a little AU and OOC for some.

Instructing the Professor. Complete in eight chapters. Summary: Ever wondered who inspired Severus's decision to teach? Ever wondered how this was done? This is my version of what happened. Response to the WIKTT “Snape’s Teaching Methods” Challenge.

Method in Madness. Complete in ten chapters. Summary: Hermione has to help Severus recover after the final battle.

Pas de Deux. Complete in five chapters. Summary: Response to WIKTT's “Love in four stages” challenge, written as a ballet performance, where SS and HG fall in love gradually moving from acquaintance, mutual respect and admiration, mutual trust and love. Tale opens following the post-Shrieking Shack incident and ends at the end of the 7th book. Severus is harangued by Dumbledore and his own feelings of self-loathing; Hermione apologises to him and defends him against the rest of trio. Yet, all is not well...

Proestigium. Complete in forty-two chapters. Summary: An epistolary story based on the WIKTT “Arsenius Jigger” challenge. There will be 42 letters in all. Correspondences trace the changing lives and times of the various characters in the HP universe as well as some new characters.


(I may end up reccing more than one eligible author each day, since there are so many whose work I admire and enjoy.)
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The hard-working and brilliant [ profile] celisnebula has compiled a long list of SSHG authors who have stories that are eligible for the [ profile] sshg_awards here. She's just made searching for nominees a whole lot easier.

Three cheers for [ profile] celisnebula! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip HURRAH!


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