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Mar. 29th, 2011 09:47 am
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When [ profile] talesofsnape offered me a ficlet for my birthday, I asked for Severus, Hermione, and a telescope. I got so much more. We got so much more; that's the lovely thing about gift art and fics: it's a present for everyone. Go look at The Granger Solution! It's complete in four chapters (about 22,000 words), slightly not work safe, full of tension, flirting, wit, and banter. It's so good!

As if that wasn't enough, my TARDIS socks arrived yesterday, thanks to the talented [ profile] ariadne1. I need to finish the embroidery -- I hope I'm up to the task; I've never embroidered anything knitted before -- but they look fantastic already! I can't wait to finish them and show them off! I'll have Phil take a photo once they're done.
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Weasley pointed west. ‘What star's that?’

Miss Granger sighed. ‘That’s the planet Venus.’

‘Oh,’ Weasley muttered. He pointed again. ‘What about that one?’

‘The … moving one?’


‘There’s a reason we call the stars “fixed,” Ron. That’s a satellite.’ Granger stomped towards the stairs. ‘Why don’t I get the star book by the bloke who wrote Curious George for you so I don’t have to spend all night up here? Next you’ll be calling Orion's Belt a constellation!’

The ginger gonk scarpered after her.

Severus smirked. He’d stop by Aurora’s office and suggest an impromptu quiz for the fifth-years tomorrow.
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Fangirl moment: I can't stop reading Aurette's WIP. On days she doesn't update, I reread the latest chapter or two. Or I just read the whole thing (37,000 words so far). She's up to seven chapters with a subtle and wicked cliffhanger, and I am dying to know what's next. Speculation/spoilers under the cut, so beware. )

Story info, if you're interested:
Rating: M
Summary: Ron saves Snape's life after the Battle of Hogwarts, invoking a new
life debt, and something else... AU, EWE?, SS/HG, M for Language and

Chapter 7 URL:
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Last night, I signed on for five minutes to check e-mail and stuff before going out, and I saw that there were three new reviews for Babble. Suspicious, I checked out [ profile] hermione_owl.

*smirks* You made my day, Professor Granger.

Also, congratulations to the winners and runners-up at the [ profile] sshg_awards! Results are here:

Meeting Frederick got runner-up in the best short category. Thanks, everyone!


Bad headache this morning, but it's my own fault. Phil took me to a Christmas dinner at church, and then we zoomed out to Palos Verdes Estates (posh!) to participate in a play reading. His buddies and their buddies get together and read a play once a month. They just read it, which gives the pleasure of performing for each other without all the time and effort of memorization and blocking and rehearsal and all that. We missed dinner but got there just in time for the reading. And, joy upon joy, it was Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest! I played Miss Prism, and Phil was assigned the vicar (I forget his last name) as well as Lane (Algernon's servant). Everyone sniggered because Miss Prism fancies the curate, so it's appropriate casting in this case. But Phil was very good, especially as Lane; he reminded me of Stephen Fry as Jeeves, with his very smooth and even intonation. I'd only seen the movie once about five years ago and never read it, and the dialogue reminded me of Wodehouse. (No surprise there.)

It was my first reading, and I hope I'll be invited back because they're tackling A Midsummer Night's Dream next month! That may be my only chance to perform Shakespeare.


Oct. 29th, 2009 11:50 am
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Meeting Frederick has been nominated in the Best Short category of the [ profile] sshg_awards! Thanks to those who nominated the fic, the moderators of the Awards, and [ profile] pearle9240 for the pretty banner!


Oct. 22nd, 2009 06:55 pm
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The nominations for the [ profile] sshg_awards close in just a few days! The [ profile] lovedraughts mods have kept a master list of everyone who's pimped their own fics on their LJs here (my own list is here, but I'm sure the LD mods have been much more thorough).

Rules and nominations can be made here, but please don't wait until Sunday night, since Shug and the other Awards mods have to manually type everything into a spreadsheet.

Happy reading!
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And here's where we start wading into new territory. Chapter four of Wolfsbane 2.0 is at OWL. I have another chapter that could be ready to post in ten minutes (thanks to Subversa), but I'm holding onto it for a bit since Computer Boy is holding onto my laptop. (I want my baby back!) And it's in the queue at Ashwinder, too.

Thanks for your patience!
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I'm in the mountains till Sunday night, so if anyone sees an author post about their stories that are eligible for the [ profile] sshg_awards and you have a moment, please comment somewhere on my journal with the URL so I can update my list when I get back.

Thanks, loves, and have a good weekend!


Oct. 1st, 2009 12:15 pm
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The thought just occurred to me that there are some good authors whose LJ entries I'm not seeing because they aren't on my friends list. I've made a list of authors who are advertising their fics for the [ profile] sshg_awards, and it's already drawn a bit of attention. But it is not comprehensive, because it only includes my LJ friends (so far).

If you see an author who is pimping her stuff and you don't see that author's name on my list, would you please comment with a link to their post so I can include them?

If you haven't told us what you wrote that's eligible, please do so and give me the link! As Bluestocking said to Harmony Bites, it isn't self-promotion when you do so, it's a service.
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This isn't comprehensive on its own, but between my friends list and [ profile] harmony_bites's posts, it should be cover quite a few of the bases for who and what is eligible in this round of the [ profile] sshg_awards. I'm lazy, so I won't be sorting out which authors and fics are eligible for what categories; if the authors haven't done so themselves, then you need to do it.

If I'm missing someone's list of their eligible fics, please comment with a URL so I can include them. Also, I'll be out of town from 2-4 October, but I'll update Monday night. I will keep this updated as more eligible authors pimp their stuff, so keep watching!

[ profile] dreamy_dragon73 reminded me that every fic in the Winter 2008 round of the [ profile] sshg_exchange is eligible for this round of the Awards. The master/reveal list is here, and most of the authors have uploaded their fics to other archives, so keep an eye out for the stories you loved in the Exchange!

Harmony gets to be first because she's advertising not only her stuff but others' as well:

Everyone else, including me, is in alphabetical order: and


mw48 and

Nomination post, with links to the rules and categories for this round:

[ profile] lovedraughts has a list or three like this going too, and theirs is/are probably more complete since my laptop died. Their master list is here.

* This entry is friends locked, but I'm putting it here anyway so you know this author wrote something eligible for this round of the awards.
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The [ profile] sshg_awards have begun again! I have two short fics eligible for this round:

Meeting Frederick
Summary: Leslie Wilkins and Frederick Smith are set up on a blind date.
Rated PG, complete in one shot. This fic has 5,085 words, so it's eligible in the Invigoration Draught length category and whatever genre category you think is appropriate. This fic is also at Ashwinder here.

Summary: Snapshots of Severus and his daughter.
Rated G, character death warning, complete in two 100-word drabbles. This miniscule drabble series is eligible in the Hiccupping Solution length category and whatever genre category you think is appropriate.
The original posting date for this series is months before this round started, so it was eligible last year, not this year. (Shame on me for not double-checking; I was going by the dates at OWL, not my journal, which is where I put the Daisies series first.)

Make your nominations for this round of the awards here. There's a link to the rules there, so be sure to read them first.
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I'll be pimping it on the [ profile] hgss_digest tonight (if my mother doesn't kill me first), but for those of you not following that community, I'm reccing it here, too. Go read Grangerous' Heartbeat this instant, please.

Summary: Snarky Snape and grumpy Granger have a case to solve for their work at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. A story written for Lady Karelia, and filled with the things she loves: romance, music, cheese and dinner parties.

Rated PG. Romantic action/adventure. It's brilliant and fun and unexpectedly sweet, and complete in one chapter.
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Well ... more like editing again.

I've posted that one-shot to OWL: Staking His Claim, a Lucius/Narcissa one-shit, rated PG for language and underage smoochin'. It's about 1,500 words.

And I've finally got my brain back on track with Wolfsbane, which has had only two chapters posted for the last year. (Shame on me.) The story index at OWL is here, and I hope it'll show up soon at Ashwinder, too. This fic is rated PG as well (language again ... I have such a potty mouth).

I'm having a lovely time listening to Stephen read CoS.
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The mods at SH have chosen Meeting Frederick as a featured story for the month of May! Thank you!

I also want to recommend another of the featured fics. I don't know how I missed it in January, but Snapshots is a beautiful one shot.
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[ profile] deemichelle and I collaborated on the artwork for [ profile] subversa's gift, the printed version of His Draught of Delicate Poison. We've created a DeviantArt account for this collaboration, and it includes art that wasn't included in the final project. The art is being uploaded at

All the artwork is a gift for Subversa, so if anyone wants to make icons or graphics out of any of it, you need to ask her for permission and to what extent it can be altered. If she says yes, you can ask me or DeeMichelle for the full-resolution originals without watermarks.
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In an effort to be more thorough when I do my recs at the Digest, I recently bookmarked a few non-big-three archives, including the HG/SS category at My first visit there, I found a fic that caught my attention; I liked it, and I wanted to see what was coming next. Chapter two was gripping and diabolical, chapter three told of a Gryffindor getting revenge in a manner that a Slytherin approved of, and the rest has been hurt/comfort, which you know I adore. Put a fragile but tenacious Hermione with an unabashedly sexy Severus, and sparks will fly, so even though I recced it at the Digest last night, I'm reccing [ profile] anonymous_plume's fic Above All Things here today.

I'd also like you to join me in welcoming her to LiveJournal, since she started her blog here just a few days ago. Please meander over and say hi to Nom de Plume, aka [ profile] anonymous_plume!
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I know Shiv will get to it today on the Digest (and if she doesn't, I will tomorrow), but if you're following Pet Project, go here now: so you can scream at this chapter like I did Sunday night when I first read it.

I still say this is The Very Worst Cliffhanger EVER Put In A Fanfic.
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From [ profile] caeria's Pet Project:

All Through the Night
by ~Keladry-Lupin on deviantART

I've been wanting to draw this since I first read chapter twelve where Hermione sings the spell to make the sheet for Professor Snape. Took me a while, but I finally got around to it!

(Its title on DeviantArt is All Through the Night, but that's only because I My Loved One's Watch Am Keeping is too long, according to them.)

Scraps under the cut for anyone who's interested. )
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I was looking through the nominees list at the [ profile] sshg_awards and squeeing every five seconds:

The Long Way Home ...

Dicky! Yay!

Well, I know The Love You Take will win THAT category ...

Kailin! Yay!

Oh, goody goody goody goody goody ...

And so on; you get the idea.


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