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Telemarketer: Hi, let me speak to {Mom}.

Me: *annoyed at the way Telemarketer phrased it* May I suggest you ask if you can talk to her instead of telling me what to do?

Telemarketer: Can I speak to {Mom}, please?

Me: [chirpily] She isn't here. May I take a message?

Telemarketer: No ... er, this is the Republican Party --

Me: [grumbling] Shit.

Telemarketer: *hangs up*

I am equal opportunity; if the Democrats had any reason to call, I'd be just as rude. I know it isn't Telemarketer's fault, and I'm a little sorry I took my mood out on her, but I do hope she'll take my advice on how to address people from now on.

I need an icon of Shirley Bennett saying, "The Lord is testing me."
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This happy list is rather rambly, so I've cut it. )
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I'm Diamond shaped.

Your stunning silhouette has very many beautiful assets. Your waist is fuller than your bust and hips and your impeccably proportionate face, neck, and bust, balanced lower legs and arms accentuate your gorgeous frame.

Tips on What to Wear:

* Show off your neckline with scoop, cowl, sweetheart and v-neck tops. Also, draw the eye upward by adding necklaces and scarves.
* Elongate your mid-section by wearing tops with faux-wrap draped silhouettes that are fitted around your bust and skim over your tummy.
* Wear flat-front pants that are narrow, bootleg or straight-leg, capris and leggings; show off your legs with high slits, straight, pencil, tiered, tulip and trumpet skirts.


May. 8th, 2012 09:30 am
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Bought a camera yesterday during lunch. I've been meaning to buy one for a few years and occasionally did research, but I didn't wake up Monday morning and think, Okay, today's the day, so you could consider this to be one hell of an impulse purchase. A local camera shop was having a Mother's Day sale, so I looked at what was in my price range, looked at user reviews for the same model at Amazon, and went with the best-reviewed one I could afford.

It's very cute. Minuscule, though! It's smaller than a deck of cards, and the memory card has more space on it than my antiquated computer at home. It's bright red -- they were out of black and silver, so it was down to red or blue -- and the instruction manual is huge. I'll take some time before the weekend to read through everything and figure out how it works so I can take a few photos of the family during our Mother's Day/Jimbo's birthday party.

Jimbo turned 42 yesterday. I didn't get to talk to him, but I wished him a happy day on a voicemail. He didn't get the reference, of course (he's appallingly normal), but I said I wished he gets all the answers -- and all the questions -- he wants this year.

Actually, I'm not sure if he's appallingly normal, or if I'm pathetically geeky.

I shall take two days off work in the next week to embroider my craft swap present until my fingers are sore. I have eight days until I have to send it, and I am not even halfway done. I plan to see The Avengers, do some laundry, and clean the hobbit hole as well -- I can't sit on my butt and stitch the whole time!

The powers that be held a graduation meeting this morning: I'm an usher and row monitor. We don't have to handle the hairy situations, because we hire security guards for the worst of it, but my happy customer service face will be firmly in place the whole time. And I will have loads of sunblock covering it, since we'll be out in the sun and humidity for four hours.

The person conducting the meeting said, "You ushers are the faces we present to the public during the ceremony." My first thought was, "Why the hell did you want THIS face, then?"
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Being productive. )

The state of the Trina. )
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So Amanda Abbington occasionally pimps her (and Martin Freeman's) favorite music on her Twitter account. I listened to this video --

-- and I was mightily impressed. Alabama Shakes is coming to California in August.

Anyone want to come with? I can do Los Angeles or San Diego.
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1. I threw some questions out via e-mail before I left work Thursday and got answers to all of them by the time I got to work this morning.

2. Amanda Abbington, who recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, commanded her followers to dance to a YouTube video of Stevie Wonder singing Superstition on Sesame Street. I sent her the Marvelettes' Too Many Fish in the Sea in reply, and she replied to me (squee!) with Lover and a Friend. I played it four times in a row.

3. I finally listened to the Q episode of Cabin Pressure and found out what's up with the lemon on Martin's cap graphics I've seen. The more I listen, the more I think Charlie Brown leads a charmed and lucky life when compared to Martin Crieff.

4. I'm still a little short on sleep, thanks to an erratic week and fucking Daylight Savings Time starting, but I'm almost not tired this morning.

5. Got feedback from Subversa on my Sherlock fic. Some good stuff, and some stuff's gotta go or be changed. She echoed some of my own concerns about a few things, so I've started my third draft. (I'm putting so much time and thought into this, you'd think I thought I was up for a Pulitzer or something. I just want to make sure I've done my best.)

6. Lots of Supernatural over Da Weekend. I'm well into season 2 now, and I really like Ellen, Jo, and that nutter (can't remember his name) from the roadhouse.
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I'm too sleepy for brevity or proper organizing this morning, but it's mostly good stuff. )
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Thanks to [ profile] averygoodun for the very cute Blue Dragon! It brought a smile to my face the moment I saw it.

My original plans for Saturday have been shot to hell, but the inconvenience was minimal. Read more... )

And now the Fandom Meme, as ganked from Dicky! Read more... )
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I have made a discovery. I can add my new white-to-blue scarf to any outfit that has blue in it, and my outfit it automatically twice as cool as it was seconds before. Even when I'm wearing my big blue tunic. Wednesday, it was a blue flowered dress, jean jacket, and the scarf added a bit of floaty somethingness to it. Today, the scarf is tucked under the collar of the same jean jacket, but I'm wearing a navy striped t-shirt and navy jeans. This outfit was nice but a little boring until I added the scarf. I don't know what it is, but this scarf is fantastic.

Dad's in the middle of tax season now, though it won't get really bad until the Ides of March. But he has enough work now that finding time to see him isn't easy. But we're carving out a few hours for a late lunch or early dinner tomorrow, so that'll be nice.

If only Dad's sodding dentist would stop changing his appointment, that'd be great, because he expects he'll be uncomfortable enough that he wants me to drive, which means a day off work. I don't mind, because USC's dental school is next to the museums at Exposition Park, so I shall meander the gardens and museums until he texts me to come get him. It was originally supposed to be two days ago, then it was changed to Wednesday the 29th, and now it's been changed again to March. As annoyed as I am, Dad's going nuts -- he just wants it over with, but with tax season and his teaching schedule, he has few options.

I'm looking forward to cleaning the flat tomorrow. Never thought I'd say that.

Next week is the calm before the storm that consists of Dad's big dental appointment, my big dental appointment, two opening nights at the Mysterium, the San Diego Zoo with [ profile] madeleone and some of the local friends list, and the King's Singers concert in Palm Desert. The week of the 4th, I'll only be at work for twelve hours.

Discovering Cabin Pressure fanfic. Hee. Poor Martin is the Charlie Brown of the airways, isn't he?

Underworld's Frankenstein soundtrack arrived today. It got lost or stolen the first time they sent it off, so I finally got it six weeks after I ordered it. It's well worth the wait, though.
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Simple pleasures. )

I had a somewhat productive weekend. Read more... )

Happy Valentine's or Singles Awareness Day for them that celebrates it. For me, it's just Tuesday.
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Stephen Fry said it best: "I should have known better, it was a Tuesday in February. Many of my life’s most awful moments have taken place on Tuesdays, and what is February if not the Tuesday of the year?"

Today hasn't been too bad, though. Yet. *knocks on wood*

Can't decide if my eyes aching is left over from the ouch of chopping an onion this morning, or if it's allergies. I'm pretty sure I have a Claritin somewhere in my desk, so I'll find out.

My hair decided to be floofy in some places and flat in others. So I slapped a snood on my head. Screw you, bad hair day.

I seem to be incapable of writing a fic shorter than 10,000 words. I'm at 4500, and John hasn't even walked in the door yet. *headdesk* Someone else posted ten 100-word drabbles off the same prompt this morning. I tried to forget I'd read it for two reasons: so I wouldn't be jealous, and so I wouldn't copy anything by mistake. It was really good, though.

My computer is chiming at me every ten minutes, and it won't tell me why it's chiming. No messages, no flashing icons, no pop-up memos. It makes me nervous.

The library is canceling publications left and right, and the aftermath is a complete mess sometimes. Vendors baying for the money for stuff we've sent back or databases we've told them we don't want any more. It can take months and many messages for them to get the message sometimes.

Bought Underworld's soundtrack to Danny Boyle's Frankenstein almost three weeks ago, and it still hasn't arrived. It's coming from the UK, so I must be patient, but ... hurry up!

Job anniversary today. Doesn't seem like I got here yesterday, but it doesn't seem as long as seven years, either.

Lunch: "Soup, soup, tasty soup, soup!" Potato cheese with oyster crackers. I haven't consumed anything harder than soup, melted cheese, soggy Cheerios, or pasta since I broke a tooth last week, and I'm starving. On the plus side, my clothes are a little looser. It doesn't hurt -- my tongue scraping against the sharp edge was the worst of it -- but I don't want to antagonize my other teeth until I get everything checked out by my beastly dentist tomorrow. (Some dentists are perfectly nice, even when you forget to floss. Not this guy.)

I'm such a doofus. I sniffled when I wrote the latest scene in my WIP. It's kind of the opposite of The Sixth Sense here. I realize the movie has been out for a dozen years, but I will never spoil it or the second series of Sherlock. )

good stuff

Feb. 6th, 2012 11:53 am
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It's Monday. Yay. Here's my weekly Cheer Myself Up to Get Over the Monday and Tuesday Blahs List of Happiness:

1. I proved last night that I definitely have one of those brains that will come up with SOMETHING if I just force myself to sit down and write. It's not fantastic, but it's words. One scene down, about a dozen to go.

2. Saw the family Saturday. Everyone was sick, unfortunately, but well enough to go through with Squirt's baptism and lunch afterwards. Had a nice chat with Boo-Girl about college plans.

2a. Neither Dad nor I has showed signs of getting the dreaded lurgy that the Jimbos have, though we won't be sure we haven't caught it until tonight.

3. Mom was home very briefly this weekend. Not long enough to hang out properly, though she did listen to an episode of Cabin Pressure and laughed her butt off. And she adored the Ottery St Sherlock crossover vid I posted here last month.

4. Finally bothered remembered to get iTunes so I could get the aforementioned Cabin Pressure from Audible and burn it onto CDs for the commute.

5. New-to-me books! A few overviews of subjects I might try at college and a novel sent by mistake -- I was ordered Bob Balaban's Spielberg, Truffaut, and Me (his diary of making Close Encounters of the Third Kind) and got the novelization of Close Encounters of the Third Kind instead. They refunded my money, told me to keep the book, and I'm trying my luck with another bookseller.

6. A clean-ish hobbit hole. I maintain a certain, slightly-below-average level of neatness and cleanliness most of the time (the black dog's visits and tech week of plays being the exceptions), but I make an effort when I expect someone else -- even Mom -- to set foot inside any time soon. And once it's halfway decent, I make an effort, at least for a while, to keep it that way.

7. Rain tomorrow!

Happy Monday, y'all.
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The 2011 meme, ganked from several flisters. Read more... )

Copy and Paste if you have enjoyed the blessing of meeting people online that you never would have met any other way.

This is my end of the year shout out to the many friends I have never been in the same room with (and those whom I have) but who have inspired, amused, comforted, encouraged, and touched me in so many ways. I love you people! Here's to another year together!

Other stuff. )
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And I have a list.

1. [ profile] holmestice project is going well.

2. Rain's coming!

3. I got my flu shot yesterday, so that's one less thing to worry about now.

4. COWS!!! ([ profile] stupid_drawings updated her Road Trip series of very funny Sherlock BBC fics.)

5. I got rid of several dozen old books, CDs, and DVDs and got a free lunch when Mom and Mimi came to Orange County Wednesday. I got to see her and the baby, and the hobbit hole has less stuff in it. Win-win.

6. See's is coming to my neighborhood. (I really shouldn't be happy about this one.) *wicked grin*

Happy weekend, y'all!


Oct. 19th, 2011 12:54 pm
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Where is the life that I recognize? )
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1. I was in a spectacular mood yesterday. It started with friends who supported me when I ranted, and I even got a YouTube rec, which I shall pass along to you:


I danced!

3. And then I read the update to a fanfic that is gorgeous and romantic (at a very slow pace, which is the best kind of romance), and the author had another YT link at the bottom because three of the characters started quoting this song: The Kinks' Have a Cuppa Tea. (Can't embed; sorry.)

*dances again*

4. My cold has pretty much gone away. I think I got sick before the play ended, but I simply refused to acknowledge it because I wouldn't have felt up to performing if I had admitted it. A regular regimen of Claritin D helped stave off the worst of it.

5. Came home with Chinese takeaway. Nom nom nom.

6. I made significant progress on a project last night.

7. I have a good weekend ahead: pay day, another damned good thrashing from my chiropractor, a birthday party for baby Mimi, a play, and my favorite uncle and aunt are in town!!!
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and out of the woods )
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Lots of stuff. )
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No joke; the rain just started outside. I'm still not sure if it's autumn yet ... I must see what it's like outside in the early afternoon. It's promising, though.

Mom was coming home for the weekend, and then she wasn't because her car needed fixing, and then she got it fixed and came home because she pissed Jimbo off. But she came with a new mobile phone in hand for me, so I have arranged a bank transfer to pay for the phone via online banking and shall spend some time tomorrow figuring out how to make that mp3 of Stephen Fry saying "Speak to me now, speak to me now, speak to me now!" my ring tone again. (It's at 3:33 in this clip.)

This means I have a camera again, too!

Twelve performances down, twelve to go. I baked some sweets for my fellow actors and crew members; we have a family cheesecake recipe and a spice and apple cake recipe, both of which can be adapted to cupcakes very easily. I spent all day yesterday in the kitchen, but it was worth it to share the fruits of my labors with my colleagues. The whole thing came out of a desire to use my new Pampered Chef cake nine-inch round cake pans. I shall inaugurate the cake pans some other time, like when I'm trying Bakerella's peanut butter and chocolate cake. I want to remember to include something Kosher if I bake for these colleagues again, since our Jack is Jewish and didn't eat anything. Oops.

I found a lizard in my shoe during intermission! The Merry Wives of Windsor is playing on the lawn at the same time Into the Woods is inside, so some forty-odd actors are sharing two dressing rooms. The TMWoW usurp our larger dressing room every Sunday because they use that room's door to go outside, so I cleared my stuff out during intermission. I picked up my loafers, and a tiny, four-inch lizard scarpered out and under a cupboard door. It was a bit of a surprise, but a cute one!

Dad took me out to breakfast this morning. There's a little cafe about halfway between his flat and mine that's a little too foo-foo for our tastes -- the food is delicious, but a mite overpriced. We both had the cheeseburger scramble: two or three eggs with ground beef, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese all slopped together, with potatoes and a bit of baguette on the side. Yum. He had a gift card, which is why we went out in the first place. It was nice to see him.

I have tomorrow off work, so we're going to nap and watch Burlesque and order in Chinese and figure our new phones out tomorrow. Both Mom and I need to relax. I have scads of research for the fic I'm working on (I always do things backwards), so I'll also read some ACD Sherlock Holmes stuff and finish reading my overdue library book so I can return it.

The folks at the Mysterium have made a montage of our production of Into the Woods and set it to a cast recording of the finale from one of our performances. If you'd like to see it, go here:

The video will start to play automatically. I'm visible a few times; Cinderella's Mother is inside the tree at the left of the screen, and any time you see a fat broad in a white nightgown, mob cap, and shawl shuffling about, that's Granny (also me).

I came home tonight absolutely fried. Hungry, too. My post-wig hair was too bizarre even for a drive-through stop at a fast food joint, I had no cash to have anything delivered, and I was too tired to fix anything for dinner, so I laid around for an hour after I got home and whined to myself about how hungry I was. Then I showered, and just when I was giving up on fighting against going to bed (it was about 7 pm), Mom called to let me know she'd come into town after all. Now it's 11:30, and I'm not a bit tired. I don't get it!


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