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Guys? If midnight GMT on 1 October is the Exchange deadline, does that mean we have half a day left or a day and a half left? Is it the midnight at the beginning of the day or the midnight at the end of the day?

Yes, I am that ditzy. And not just because it's past one in the morning. (Though you knew that already.)


Mar. 21st, 2012 05:51 pm
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Does anyone do Chore Wars? I've never played any kind of RP or D&D type game, so I don't know how it works, though the website's FAQ is helping. I'm trying to decide if it'd be more of a help or a hindrance (it could be a hindrance if I spend cleaning time online instead of cleaning). I need something to get me through spring cleaning this yea; I only did about 2/3 of the tasks I'd set for myself last year. (I do have to admit that 2/3 is more than I'd ever done before, because spring cleaning was never something we did when I was growing up.)
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I got a promotional e-mail from because I have an Amazon account, but I never paid them any mind before because I wasn't into audio books until a few months ago. But I went exploring today. I got my ooo-shiny Mulan face on (see icon) because Stephen Fry's books are there, and so are Cabin Pressure and two versions of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. But before I sign up and go nuts, I want to know a few things from those of you who use it. I can figure out how it works and all that; what's more important to me is how you like it and how user friendly it is.

Thanks in advance,

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I'm thinking about naming the squirrel who hangs out (sometimes literally) in the tree outside my kitchen window. Any ideas?
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I'm at a loss as to what to do for Squirt for Christmas this year. I always give books to the girls, and while Boo (being thirteen) is easy -- The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown -- Squirt is not as easy to shop for. Anyone have any ideas about books for a girly six year old who's on the verge of learning how to read?

She's very much into princesses, so I think fairy tales and that sort of thing would be great, but I'd rather stay away from Disney. Shakespeare stories simplified for kids, perhaps ... is there such a thing? Beautiful illustrations, whether they're realistic or whimsical, would be a BIG plus. (Think Boris and Bella or The Camel's Lament.) The text could be more sophisticated than what a little kid could handle, since she could grow into it, but it should still be illustrated so Squirt has something to look at while Mom or Chris or Jimbo reads to her.

(Side note: I just looked online for Shakespeare-for-kids books. Found a series at Amazon. No idea about the content, but the illustrations look like a kindergartner did them.)

Need book recs! Please!
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I'm in the mountains till Sunday night, so if anyone sees an author post about their stories that are eligible for the [ profile] sshg_awards and you have a moment, please comment somewhere on my journal with the URL so I can update my list when I get back.

Thanks, loves, and have a good weekend!


Oct. 1st, 2009 12:15 pm
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The thought just occurred to me that there are some good authors whose LJ entries I'm not seeing because they aren't on my friends list. I've made a list of authors who are advertising their fics for the [ profile] sshg_awards, and it's already drawn a bit of attention. But it is not comprehensive, because it only includes my LJ friends (so far).

If you see an author who is pimping her stuff and you don't see that author's name on my list, would you please comment with a link to their post so I can include them?

If you haven't told us what you wrote that's eligible, please do so and give me the link! As Bluestocking said to Harmony Bites, it isn't self-promotion when you do so, it's a service.
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I have a question for those of you who have iPods or mp3 players or other tiny, portable music players. I'm considering getting one soon, but I'm not sure how picky they are. The kinds of files I want to put on mine are mp3, rar, mpeg-4 (is this a video or audio format?), and wma. Audio only -- no games or videos. Just audio books and music; I've acquired some via legitimate sources (original CDs and Amazon), but others via file sharing. I have a few hundred hours of audio I want to put on it (the seven Potter books alone are 124 hours).

What do you recommend? Is an iPod going to be picky about playing any stuff I have on my laptop? What storage capacity (in GB) would be sufficient for a few dozen of my favorite books? (Some of which I haven't acquired yet ....)

For example, I was looking at this iPod Classic 160 GB, and judging by how many songs it says it can play, if you think the average song is three minutes, it's got a couple thousand hours of audio capacity. It says it plays three of the four file formats I have stored on the computer, so that's something to consider.
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Anybody know of any lions in literature? (Obviously fantasy fiction.) Sentient, good-guy lions who play significant roles in their stories? Other than Aslan, I mean.
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Is it just in the film adaptation that Colonel Brandon's first name is Christopher, or is it in the novel? Did Jane Austen ever reveal his first name, or did Emma Thompson choose it? All my books are packed, and I can't find any evidence of his name being Christopher anywhere except IMDB.

Edit: I am assuming that if Jane Austen ever did give his first name that it would be Christopher, since I don't think Emma Thompson would have changed it (unless his name was John, since there were a dozen other Johns in the book).

'Nother edit: Awake, awake, awake. Not happy about it. It's too late to wash the pots and pans -- CLANK, CLUNK -- so they're soaking, but the rest of the dishes are done and put away. Am working on my next contribution to [ profile] 1sentence, and my pairing this time should be obvious, given the icon and the original content of this post. It's as close as I'll ever get to my AU S&S fanfic, I think. Each sentence has to have something to do with both characters, so a lot of the stuff in the original fic won't be used in any of the sentences, but I am able to use some of it at least.

I'm not supposed to claim my pair until I have my fifty sentences ready to go, so I'm slogging away at them until I'm sleepy. I have as many concepts down as I have sentences, so that's something, at least.
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Does anyone know about paper making as a hobby? I watched Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press this morning while I was waking up, and when Stephen was in Switzerland (I think; he went all over the place), he learned how paper is made. They let him participate, of course, so he got to hold the screen and dip it into a vat, and he came out with dripping sheets of paper. It looked like fun!

(Lucky guy. In making his documentaries and Who Do You Think You Are, Stephen gets sent all over the place to learn about interesting stuff like this.)

I know people do this sort of thing as a hobby, so I skimmed through YouTube a bit and found some videos that touch a bit on the subject, but they don't go into enough depth for someone like me, who doesn't know squat about the art. I'll go to the library over the weekend -- it looks like LBPL has a few titles -- but if anyone has a specific book or DVD they'd like to recommend to a beginner, I'd be much obliged. I'm not sure if I'll actually go ahead with making this a hobby, but I'm intrigued enough to want to know more.

Please and thank you in advance.
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Last year or the year before, someone very kindly posted a bunch of Valentine's Day icons that weren't the typical luvvy-type. They were more along the lines of finding that buggering little winged cherub and decapitating him: Valentine's Day Sucks, and all that. Mostly text with a few images. In the unlikely event that I'm on the icon maker's friends list, or someone else remembers who made them, can someone point me in the right direction, please?

Edit: my default icon is my Happy Valentine's to my beloved flist, even if I do find the icons I'm looking for.

In other news, the president has decided he's more important that a new episode of House MD tonight. As if he wasn't on my bad side already.
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You all are much better at this sort of thing than I am, so I'm throwing this out to the flist. Dad turned on his PC last night. It seemed to boot up fine, but when he got to the desktop, his mouse moved, but he couldn't click on anything. No icons, no Start menu. He had to hold down the power button on the tower to get it to shut down.

I did a couple of Google searches, and it looks like it may be a virus. Since I don't like that answer, I'm coming to you for other ideas.
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I'm not even sure about pricing or anything, but I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive and unusual way to add a certain whatsit to my kitchen wall. I have a blank space that's about four feet high by six or seven wide. As far as color is concerned, anything goes; the tile is baby pink, and the wood cabinets are stained so that they're a bright, orangey-brown. It's like when a red-haired person wears pink; the effect is ghastly. I can't match both, so I'm not going to try to match either. (Walls, ceiling, stove, fridge, and floor are all white.)

I have a few ideas in mind, but I'm looking for something that grabs my attention. Ideas that I'm already mulling over include a world map in sepia, a few of Lautrec's Folies Bergere and/or Moulin Rouge posters, album art or rock posters, or wall art of food.

It's gotta be cheap -- posters will go in boxy, clear plastic frames, for example -- and it's got to have energy. My living room will be the picture of serenity, with places to sit, one wall that's dedicated to books, no TV or computer, and wall art that shows sea and sky. But when you step into the kitchen, I want there to be color and movement. I have a dining nook that is an in-between place -- it's part of the kitchen, but it's visible from the living room, and the piano will go there -- and I've already decided that a sepia-toned photo that I received for Christmas last year can harmonize with just about anything I put in the kitchen as well (and it's calm enough to be visible from the living room). The other stuff will only be visible when you're in the kitchen itself, so it can have a completely different mood. I want it to be energetic without being obnoxious.

So, after all that babbling, what I'm asking for is ideas. If you like something I've suggested, please cast a vote for it. If you can think of something else that has the color and/or energy I'm looking for, please suggest it.


Aug. 12th, 2008 10:41 pm
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[ profile] caeria has asked me an LJ question that I don't know the answer to. She posted a fic heading and author notes in this entry at her journal and put the chapter itself behind a cut. The cut works fine, but while the fic details are showing up, the author notes aren't visible unless you highlight them. Black text on a black background. I don't know a whole lot about this kind of thing; if you've got a few minutes and you know a thing or two about LJ formatting and such, would you be so kind as to take a look here and here and help her out?


Art is coming along very well. Spent an hour on it tonight. I'm going off to bed in a few, and it's still not finished, but it's progressing nicely. (Squee.)
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I'm reading yet another cheap romance novel with a tall, gorgeous man who radiates testosterone and sex appeal, and I'm wondering if anyone has ever read one of these novels where the dude is losing his hair. Not the guy who just dumped the heroine; the guy she's going to end up with. If his head is shaved, it's not because he's in the military or is undergoing chemo (not that a sick dude is an ideal hero for a romance novel anyway), it's because his otherwise-gorgeous genes have decided that his hair should be gone by the time he's thirty.

I admit that I haven't read a lot of these novels, so I have very little to go on, but it seems that all the guys in these books are carbon copies of each other. I do realize that it has a lot to do with the fantasy the readers are gladly buying into for the duration of the book. But has anyone ever read about a leading man who broke the mold? How was he different? Unemployed? Crooked teeth? Greasy, shoulder-length hair? Short?

Have I just not found any of them yet, or are they not out there at all? For crying out loud, give me a hero who doesn't look like a Ken doll!
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I've bought my Ghirardelli chocolate chips, so I can write again. (I've been out of chocolate chips for a few days, so I haven't been able to write much, and what I've forced out over the last few days has been crap.)

Before hanging the 'Do Not Disturb' sign for the evening (git yer minds outta the gutter!), I have a question I'd like to throw out there. When you're writing, is there anything you find you need, either in the physical sense or as a kind of mental crutch? Music, silence, background noise, cigarettes?
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I'm trying to think of SSHG authors who have fics eligible for this second round of the [ profile] sshg_awards who don't have active LJs (or LJs at all). I pimped Kailin yesterday, but other than her, Dyce, and amr, I can't think of anyone offhand. (For all I know, Dyce and/or amr do have LJs, but I don't know their handles.) Can you all think of anyone who might deserve to be pimped, but doesn't have an LJ with a big friends list of their own?

(Disclaimer: just because you mention someone here, doesn't mean I'll end up pimping him or her. I reserve the right to be prejudiced for or against anyone I choose, on my own LJ.)

(And FYI: Kailin was so touched by those of you who responded to my Nominee of the Day post here that she sniffled and wept. So those of you who gushed, she thanks you. And so do I.)

I also need to remember that there are [ profile] sshg_exchange fics that are eligible for this round, too. So I need to dig out the reveal lists from rounds past and see what I like!
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Does anyone else have a copy of the Ultimate Edition of James Lipton's An Exaltation of Larks, please? I'm trying to think of a relatively low-hassle way of setting up the Game of Venery online, either via e-mail or LJ, and I'd like some feedback. A devil's advocate, if you will.

Edit: Don't everybody answer at once. *wink*
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There was a fic search request sent to the WIKTT Guides a while back, and while several of us recognize it, no one can provide a title, author, or URL. There's an LJ community entry here. If this description rings a bell, and you know how to find the fic, please leave a reply at the Guides entry:

Request: I am looking for a story where Hermione is either really clumsy or perhaps cursed and gets hurt quite frequently throughout the story. I think Snape is ordered to watch over her perhaps.

Response: This one tickled our brains but none of us could think of the title. We think it might be the one where it turns out Hermione was cursed by a jealous Ginny, but nothing other than that.

The one I'm thinking of IS the one where Ginny is jealous of Hermione being called the cleverest witch of her age. Hermione is given a special room where the furniture and floor are all padded, so that her injuries will be minimized until Dumbledore and Snape can find out what's hurting her. Pre-HBP, and I don't think it was at any of the major archives (ff.n, OWL, TPP, or Ashwinder). Whispers, maybe, though it might not have been at an archive that's exclusively HGSS.


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