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1. This morning, I survived my first Hatha yoga class and then made it to work after instead of going back to bed like I wanted.

2. Frankenstein was brilliant. I saw each version once last year, so there was stuff I remembered to look for, and there were some details about the performances that I caught this time around. [ profile] ronfaure is excellent company, and we ended up at a diner in Sunset Beach after the broadcast for a couple of hours. Last night was Ben!Creature, so next week is Jonny!Creature.

3. Father's Day party at the Jimbos' was very nice despite the fact that Boo-Girl was in Vegas with her father.

4. I have discovered Trader Joe's bagged popcorn with salt and olive oil. Nom nom nom. :D

5. Started a new embroidery project Saturday. This is like the Fourth Doctor's scarf bookmark that I finished last week: it isn't for anyone in particular, and it has no deadline. It's just something to do over the next several months when I'm bored and have nothing else to work on.

My Monday is slightly brightened, and I am content. *takes a catnap on the break room sofa*
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golly, what a day! )


Apr. 10th, 2011 11:05 pm
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So last week, I saw Benedict as the Creature and Jonny as Victor Frankenstein. Today, Phil and I saw the role swap. Spoilers! )

Busy weekend was busy and too brief. I'm grateful that I have a reason to dislike Mondays, because it means I'm employed, but I know I'm gonna be one groggy froggy in the morning. Totally worth it, though!

Here are some of the behind the scenes folks from The Crucible: )


Mar. 18th, 2011 11:42 am
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After all the excited posts I've seen about last night's broadcast of Frankenstein into cinemas everywhere, I took the plunge and bought tickets for two performances! The first day will have Benedict as the Creature and JLM as Victor, and then the next week the roles are swapped. I'll ask Phil tonight if he's interested as soon as I check to make sure I'm not working The Crucible on Sunday the 3rd; if I am, I'm out of luck for that day, but from what I've heard, the general consensus is that it works a tiny bit better with JLM as the Creature and Benedict as Victor, so if I was going to see one, the 10th would be the one I'd choose. It'd be worth the $44 I paid for both tickets to just see that one.

I'm excited! *crosses fingers that I won't have to work the 3rd*


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