Apr. 10th, 2011 11:05 pm
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So last week, I saw Benedict as the Creature and Jonny as Victor Frankenstein. Today, Phil and I saw the role swap. Spoilers! )

Busy weekend was busy and too brief. I'm grateful that I have a reason to dislike Mondays, because it means I'm employed, but I know I'm gonna be one groggy froggy in the morning. Totally worth it, though!

Here are some of the behind the scenes folks from The Crucible: )
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Thursday, I talked about bringing back the Something Every Day meme, and then I completely forgot about it on day two. *eye roll* So I'll backtrack on days I do remember.

Yesterday, I went to the chiropractor and got the best adjustment ever.

Today, I GOT MY NEW GLASSES! And I bought a brightly-colored glasses case that will be easy to find even in the depths of my big bag.

Closing Night! )
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This is a mash up of the Monday List of Happiness and rehashing the weekend, along with one or two other things: Read more... )

The Getting to Know You Meme: )
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The usual random stuff. )
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This could be considered a Good Things Friday list, but it's not numbered or anything.

Adventures in stage-handing, cosplaying for a kid's birthday party, and mundane weekend stuff. )
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I came home from a haircut-and-color appointment ready to face the rest of the day, and what did I do?


Well ... nothing that required me to leave the hobbit hole or wear a bra, anyway. Washed dishes. Read fanfic. Took a nap with the cat. Called the parents. Showered again to get the chemical smell and hair trimmings off. Changed nail polish from Phil's favorite blue to glittery red. I rationalized it by telling myself I won't get another lazy Saturday any time soon.

I did ask Dad to take me out to dinner Monday night. Phil's working, so we'll celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow night with Supernatural episodes and chocolate cream pie. But Dad's the only family member who will be available Monday night, so he's taking me to our favorite burger joint.

Mondays suck and Tuesdays are worse. When I feel icky but still functional, I try to compensate for feeling low by looking better. Mondays will be Red Shoe Days. Doesn't matter what I wear with them -- jeans, trousers, or a skirt -- so long as I wear a pair or red (or reddish, like wine-colored) shoes. Tuesdays will be Skirt Days. Doesn't matter if it's a dress or a skirt and what else I wear with it, so long as I show off my legs a little.

We'll see how long it lasts.

Two items of good news from the Mysterium! They need a house manager (maybe co-manager, not sure) for their next show, The Crucible, which runs from early March to early April. One of their veteran actresses was house manager for S&M, and she's going to train me over the next week or three.

Also, director Marla acquired the rights to Sondheim's Into the Woods last week. (Queue a dozen squees on Facebook when she announced it.) I chatted with her last night and admitted that I haven't seen it, but a Netflix copy was waiting for me in my mailbox. She's directing, which will be good; I like her a lot. I said something about not even knowing if there was a role suitable for me, and she nodded emphatically and said, "Oh, yeah. There is." (Probably someone who has two lines, but anything's cool if I get to play!) Still haven't seen the DVD (not an actual movie; it's a video of the Broadway production with Bernadette Peters) ... maybe tomorrow. I asked Marla when ItW would be, and she said September. I have plenty of time to prepare for this play, so I'm going to start setting money aside to engage a cleaning service as well as saving vacation time so I can take Hell Week off. (I can maintain the dishes, cat box, and laundry, but I was too tired for anything beyond that during the two-month rehearsal and performance period of S&M.)


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