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Because even though it's Thursday and not Friday (or Monday or Tuesday), I need a bit of a pick-me-up. (This is what I get for staying up too late.) So here's a list of happiness for ya.

♥♥♥ 16,200-ish words on the fic is compensation for the staying up too late I mentioned. Read more... )

♥ Phil's coming back again to see ItW tonight. Read more... )

♥ I washed dishes this week! (It's pretty scary when this is a major accomplishment.)

♥♥ I'm going to bake Saturday morning! Read more... )

♥♥♥ Though he's very poorly, affectionate Boo-Cat is affectionate as ever, even when he's outraged by me bathing him every week. (Those baths are very funny.)

♥♥♥♥♥ I keep finding new and gorgeous music in the oddest places. A Sherlock fanfic introduced me to the King's Singers, whose version of Loch Lomond I have become seriously addicted to. And don't get me started on the Eagles, Anúna, and Chanticleer.

♥♥ I got a lovely compliment last weekend. Read more... )

♥ New bunny slippers! Read more... ) I also ordered Mimi's birthday present (she'll be one in five weeks) at the same time, and it's freaking adorable.

♥♥♥ Jennifer, our Stepmother, helps me change costumes quickly in exchange for me lacing her into her corset every performance. Read more... )

♥♥ Taking tomorrow off work, because I am bushed. Four-day weekend!

♥♥♥♥ Autumn should arrive within the next few weeks. The last several summers have been quite mild in comparison to the ferocious heat I remember from my childhood, but they're still summers. The crisp coolth of the first true autumn breeze is something I anticipate with great enthusiasm every September.

I've realized that my lists are rather repetitive, but that's because they're good things in my life over and over. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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So there's some good stuff and some bad stuff. Good stuff first. Here's a baker's dozen for the Friday List of Happiness: Read more... )

Boo-Cat news is not so good. Read more... )

Apr. 24th, 2011 11:44 pm
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Two years ago today, Phil called and asked me to accompany him to his friends' birthday party. And then he called again, and again, and he said yes when I finally worked up the nerve to ask him out. He's smart, he's funny, he's quirky, he's gentle when I drive him nuts, and my life is better because he's in it. (Edit: And he brought my favorite cake for dessert tonight. ♥♥♥) Happy anniversary, Phil.
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Nothing's perfect, of course, but I got family, friends, food, and rest. Doesn't get much better than that. The usual boring stuff. )

It's Monday. *feeble pom-pom wave* Yay.

LOL for Sherlock fans:
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I am grateful for Mondays, because if I have a reason to gripe about Mondays, it means I'm employed.

I have decided that Monday will be Red Shoe Day, at least for the foreseeable future. Read more... )

Another fantastic lunch with local flist friends. Read more... )

Saturday night was pretty cool, too. Read more... )

Mom called as she was leaving Aunt Millie's yesterday to see how I was. Read more... )

Six years ago today, I stumbled into the law library, blitzed from a cold I'd caught the day before and two different kinds of cold medicine. Read more... )

There's still shopping to be done! Read more... )

Right. Time for a cuppa while I type up an interview for the library's newsletter. Late lunch from Chipotle and button shopping in another hour. Happy Monday!

o hai ...

Jan. 31st, 2011 10:04 am
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Weekend Stuff. )

more stuff

Jan. 20th, 2011 03:44 pm
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Achoo!!! )

ooo wow

Jan. 17th, 2011 11:37 pm
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Well, I finally saw The King's Speech. Spoilers ahoy under the cut. This is the first time I've ever said OOOOO, COLIN FIRTH!!!1!11! )

Still sick, but it was nice to be out and about a little. Phil got us in -- he was waiting to see it until I could go -- and it's the first time in ten days that I've seen him. I'm still sniffing and coughing, though, so no touching. We didn't even sit next to each other because I didn't want him breathing my germs. So at the end of the evening, instead of our usual good night kiss, we made the best of it with a Young Frankenstein Elbow Bump of Passion, which you can find in this clip at 3:03:

I think it's worth watching the whole scene, starting at 1:39. Golly, I love Mel Brooks.

If standing out in the cold for half an hour after the movie doesn't have a detrimental effect on me, then I'll see Phil again Thursday at the Mysterium for Alice in Wonderland. Yay!
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In the first ten seconds Boo-Cat was on the kitchen table, he knocked over a box of Band-Aids, scattered a dozen supermarket coupons and thirty-odd peanut M&Ms onto the floor, upset a cup of water all over my lap, and scooped a skein of embroidery floss onto his back using his tail. He would have knocked the lamp over if he'd had his way, the utter brat.

Split pea soup is cooking slowly in the slow cooker. That onion did not go down without a fight; it's been two hours, and my eyes still hurt. Bubba came into the kitchen to investigate what I was chopping (I'd just opened the sausage) and left with watery eyes and an offended expression a minute later. Turkey and dressing (more onions!) for lunch.

I never much liked New Year's Day when I was a kid; all the shops are closed, and there's nothing on TV but football. But I've been reading Sherlock fanfic for the last hour and enjoying it immensely. I shall embroider for at least an hour while there's still sunlight to help my eyes.

I'm thinking about seeing The King's Speech or Burlesque tonight. If I go, I shall be very rude and wink suggestively at Phil when he takes my ticket. He blushes so sweetly.

Boo has just knocked the Band-Aids off the table again on his way to the floor so he can hurk up some grass he nibbled outside. At least he stayed on the tile instead of running to the carpet.

Time for a nap.
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Six-hour rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday, and I'm sitting here wondering where the weekend went. Still, carpooling with Phil is nice, though we didn't say much this afternoon. We were all talked out, and we were bloody pooped to boot.

Smashed a HUGE spider on Scrooge's bedroom floor with my script this morning. The pencil that I'd clipped on the script went flying, and I never found it. Celestina nearly wet herself when she saw that thing scurrying towards her, and I am her new hero. It's just a spider, for goodness' sake, but who am I to talk when I turn green and run away screaming at the sight of garden slugs?

We have to be off book by Tuesday night. Phil is really anxious about it, and I am scarcely less so.

Hagrid Dane and I keep stomping away at our dance number, and we'd just got to the point where we felt comfortable when the news came through that they expect us to go through the one-minute routine in thirty seconds. Oh. Crap.

I made an appointment a month ago for a haircut and color, but Marla the Director talked to me about it Thursday. No matter what I slap on my head to make it look like I have long hair, it has to have something to be fastened to, so I couldn't cut it when I went to the salon yesterday. My hair would have been too short otherwise. I'm going to look like a shaggy beast until the Tuesday after we close.

One of the SSHG Anniversary prompts has made me think and speculate. I've written some thoughts about it and will let it simmer for a bit, because I'm a leetle busy at the moment. Not sure if I'll get it in in time for the festival, but I'll see what I can do. Watching one of the Potter movies for research (any excuse), and I'll read the corresponding scene later tonight. I must get chocolate chips tomorrow, because the jar is empty.

Took Phil by work to print out some sheet music Marla e-mailed us last night. He met one of the librarians and got a little tour of the offices while my computer woke up. It's kind of nice that SOMEONE where I work knows that this boyfriend I've been talking about isn't imaginary.

Joined [ profile] sherlockbbc a week or two ago and am having a marvelous time reading fic and looking at art. I usually swap out my desktop background once a day, but I've had John Watson in Afghanistan there since the art showed up in the comm. (Un-GAWA.)

Boring afternoon. I have a flat that desperately needs to be cleaned, but the only motivation I've been able to muster is the fact that I don't want to start the work week with a dirty hobbit hole, so it's slow going. I think it's that I'm not used to it being dark so early, but I'll get over that presently. The cats have enjoyed all the cuddling I've lavished on them, though. If I'd ignored them today, I think they'd have pissed on everything in sight to get my attention.
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Phil is exasperating and adorable all at once. (I can just see you all nodding your heads sagely right now.) And the L-word has been used once or twice.

Glee tonight! Terri's history, Jesse's a mystery, and I would give one of my ovaries to have Mercedes use and dump Puck.

Seen this? I can't wait for Toy Story 3! I've heard that the dance and the Gipsy Kings will be on DWTS tonight.

Fantastic Jimbo birthday/Mother's Day party over Da Weekend. Phil survived his first all-day family party, had a good time, and even helped with the dishes.

I can't wait for work to be over so I can go to Dad's for dinner and Glee.

I've been listening to the Gipsy Kings all weekend. They're coming to L.A. in July; I might splurge on a ticket.

I'm on fandom hiatus until further notice. I'll check in occasionally with the friends list and Ashwinder, but I'm not following any WIPs, and I have zero enthusiasm for writing or communities.

Three months after I said I would someday find the courage, I told Phil that he has a nice arse. Then I watched him walk to his car.

Been off the nutrition and fitness wagon for two weeks, and I've set myself back a pound or two. Spinach salad for lunch today and Curves in the morning should jump-start me back into submission.

What I said about communities doesn't apply to the Exchange, obviously. I am so ready for it to start. And I'll get the rest of Wolfsbane 2.0 posted soon, too.

Staff meetings won't kill you, but they sure can make you wish you were dead.


Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:07 am
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It's the Monday List of Happiness with a fic rec tagged on for good measure!

1. I'm working the election on April 13 with Phil. It's going to be a very long day, but I believe him when he says they have a good time, and extra money is always a good thing!

2. I keep trying variations on a recipe I first made a month or two ago, and they always turn out delicious. Nom nom nom.

3. LOL at Dara O'Briain's drinking game on the stand-up DVD I bought a few weeks ago. He and a buddy watched the show, and every time Dara said a key phrase, they had to have a beer or a shot, and they were completely pissed by the end of it.

4. Singing, singing, singing: the choir in our congregation is really good, as is a combined choir I'm participating in. The music is gorgeous. We're all revved up for Easter!

5. Leap of Faith, a Doctor Who fic rec: )
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Finally saw Avatar. I wasn't planning on it -- I loathe following the crowds -- but I'm glad I went. Phil and Ellen wanted to see it in IMAX and 3D, so they picked up their tickets and mine this morning. Then they drove all the way down to the law school to drop my ticket off, so I got to chat with them for a few minutes in the middle of the day.

It was BIG. Overwhelming. Thar be mild spoilers here. )

One of the things that blows me away about Phil is that, at the end of an evening together, he thinks ahead and wants to know when we'll see each other again. We've been dating for almost a year, and I'm still surprised and delighted that he isn't bored with me or that he hasn't decided he doesn't want to be around me any more.

Getting groggy. That 3D headache was a doozy so I took something for it. Good night, everyone.

she lives!

Dec. 27th, 2009 10:30 am
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*takes a deep breath* I survived the weekend and am taking the day off. It's been a lovely Christmas/birthday!

On December 24th, I ... )

On December 25th, I ... )

On December 26th, I ... )

On December 27th, I have had a bit of breakfast and am sitting here in my lovely new plaid flannel pajamas and lovely old bunny slippers, sipping herbal tea and about to start on the friends list. I wouldn't normally try to catch up on three whole days of missed flist, but I know there are some birthday greetings in between posts at [ profile] doctorwho about The End of Time, and I want to thank them all for their kind wishes.

So that's it. Picspam of the tree and a squirrel to follow. I hope you all had a great holiday (or at least a great weekend)!
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Excellent day yesterday. Took Boo-Girl shopping for a dress and came home with pajamas. *shakes head* But she has a birthday present now, which is all I really care about.

Friends from the play I was in last year were in a Christmas show last night -- sort of a musical revue thing -- so Phil and I went to see them. Good singing, good dancing, so it was lots of fun. Then he invited me to dinner, so we went to his favorite Mexican restaurant. It's funny; sometimes the conversation lags while we're out and about, but once the time comes for us to say goodbye, we can't stop talking. We always end up lingering in a parking lot or on my doorstep or in his driveway for ten, twenty ... ninety minutes. Even when it's cold, drizzly, and windy out.

Boo-Cat is a polite beastie. He waits for me to wake up before he starts meowing and walking around the bed. But he wasn't the one sleeping with me this morning; it was Bubba. He is less polite. At 6 in the ack emma, I was in the middle of a dream when I heard a low, trilling purr and then felt a wet nose and tickly whiskers in my ear. It was a bit startling but very cute, so I woke up laughing.
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Last night, I signed on for five minutes to check e-mail and stuff before going out, and I saw that there were three new reviews for Babble. Suspicious, I checked out [ profile] hermione_owl.

*smirks* You made my day, Professor Granger.

Also, congratulations to the winners and runners-up at the [ profile] sshg_awards! Results are here:

Meeting Frederick got runner-up in the best short category. Thanks, everyone!


Bad headache this morning, but it's my own fault. Phil took me to a Christmas dinner at church, and then we zoomed out to Palos Verdes Estates (posh!) to participate in a play reading. His buddies and their buddies get together and read a play once a month. They just read it, which gives the pleasure of performing for each other without all the time and effort of memorization and blocking and rehearsal and all that. We missed dinner but got there just in time for the reading. And, joy upon joy, it was Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest! I played Miss Prism, and Phil was assigned the vicar (I forget his last name) as well as Lane (Algernon's servant). Everyone sniggered because Miss Prism fancies the curate, so it's appropriate casting in this case. But Phil was very good, especially as Lane; he reminded me of Stephen Fry as Jeeves, with his very smooth and even intonation. I'd only seen the movie once about five years ago and never read it, and the dialogue reminded me of Wodehouse. (No surprise there.)

It was my first reading, and I hope I'll be invited back because they're tackling A Midsummer Night's Dream next month! That may be my only chance to perform Shakespeare.


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