Dec. 26th, 2008 06:16 pm
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Thank you very much to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday! I had a lovely day yesterday and a nice family party (only marred by my father's absence, but he was sick) the night before.

It's been a very nice Christmas. As a family, we were much more prudent than we have been in previous years, but everything was thoughtfully chosen and gratefully received. Some gifts were acts of service, too, which delighted me to no end.

I was also shown some of my shortcomings, and I pondered how I can overcome them. The holidays always seem to bring some sort of drama drama drama with them, but most of this is good. (I think the drama always shows up during the holidays because when someone is stressed out about A, B, and C, they let it bleed into D and E. And I'm including myself in this statement, which I'm sure explains a lot.) I can almost always see the occasions for growth, but it's the applications of what I've learned that I get all wishy-washy about. Changing my ways, and all that. But I'm not done yet, so there's hope!


Jan. 19th, 2007 11:36 pm
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Time is what keeps Eternity from happening all at once. )
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1. Lose weight. Even if it's just two pounds a month, it'll be something.

2. deleted ... plans change!

3. deleted, no longer relevant

3b. deleted, no longer relevant

4. Clean my desk at work, inside and out, and keep it organized for at least one sodding day. Edit: I did it! It was clean for one. Sodding. Day.

5. Make my flat more liveable by acquiring/building some really good bookshelves and a loft bed.

6. Re-enroll in Tai Chi. Learn an entire form.

7. Lay off the fast food. Buy books instead.

7b. Read at least 50 books, and at least 15,000 pages. Fanfics do not count ... not even "The Summoning."

8. Recognize one BIG character flaw or bad habit, analyze it, and not do it every day thereafter. Edit, 24 Sep: I think I've figured it out; it's sodas. No more Pepsi for me! I'm going through the caffiene-withdrawal headache right now, and it'll continue for the next few weeks, but I've decided that this is it.

9. Be more social. Reacquaint myself with the folks I used to hang out with, and don't take Crusty's inevitable snubbing so personally.

10. Update Beautiful.



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