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Just got back from the History and Future of Film Composing broadcast. I had a good time, and I'm glad I went. Read more... )

And because I've been threatening to do it, here's a close-up of my kitchen wall. Read more... )
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So Amanda Abbington occasionally pimps her (and Martin Freeman's) favorite music on her Twitter account. I listened to this video --

-- and I was mightily impressed. Alabama Shakes is coming to California in August.

Anyone want to come with? I can do Los Angeles or San Diego.
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Watched the pilot and second episodes of Firefly last night. Everyone who's seen it has said I would like it, and they were right! I'd normally blaze a trail through it, but with only fourteen-ish episodes and a movie, I'll draw it out a bit.

Spent a few hours in the garden today. Pulled weeds, fertilized the three front-porch plants, transplanted and pruned Mom's gardenia and orchid into bigger containers, started some spinach seeds, turned over the compost in the bin, and took some stuff to the dumpster. I'm now grotty, slightly sunburnt, and quite content, though the garden still looks a bit of a mess.

Basil is wilting despite my efforts to keep it alive, so I pinched most of the big leaves off and made bruschetta topping. Will nom it with garlic bread later.

Nice afternoon with Dad yesterday. Lunch out with each of us getting a dish to go as well as something to eat there, and then we went to the supermarket for enough stuff to get us through the week.

Fighter jets and stealth bombers flying overhead and three days of persistent, far-off engine noise means it's Grand Prix weekend! I missed seeing the planes this year, because they're overhead by the time you hear them and already gone before you run outside.

BBC Sherlock and John fanart is framed and hanging on my kitchen wall with my French art posters. The last Severus and Hermione Exchange piece will go under it as soon as the 6x8 frame arrives.

Made French toast with French bread today -- I normally just use sandwich bread. I always put so much cinnamon on it that I didn't think the kind of bread would make a difference, but it was a bit tastier than usual.

For once, the prevailing neighbor music is not the same Andrea Bocelli CDs over and over again. I'd thought to put an Eagles DVD on to shake mah bootay while I cleaned, but I'll just go with the neighbor's jazz instead of fighting it. (Right now it's Hugh Masekela's "Grazing in the Grass.")

Finally got around to watching episode one of Alec Guinness's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Friday night. I really liked it and will get through more this week.

Waiting for two fest assignments. I should be getting the craft one today or tomorrow, which is why I'm trying to get as much RL stuff done as I can now.

Back and knee aches are starting to manifest after the weed pulling and lugging of heavy pots. Brownies, Martinelli's, a Baker Street Babes podcast, and a bubble bath shall be my reward for a good day's work. *toddles off to beat the cat hair out of the rugs and REALLY earn some aches and pains*

So there's a weekend in a blog post from the most boring person on the planet. (That isn't self-pity; I like my little life.) I hope your weekends were even more enjoyable than mine has been. *blows kisses*
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Inspired by Yes, I'm going there.

Top ten songs I'm really into right now:

1. Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill

2. The Proclaimers' I'm On My Way

3. Duran Duran's Ordinary World

4. The Marvelettes' Too Many Fish in the Sea

5. The Beatles' Blackbird

These five have been anthems since the autumn when Phil and I split and Boo-Cat died. They're all songs about transition, changing, adjusting, and finding (or being led to) something better ahead than what's behind.

6. Yes, Trina likes a country song. (Actually, I like TWO country songs; this is one of 'em.) The Eagles' How Long.

7. Do I need a reason for Stevie Wonder? I thought not. Go forth and dance to Superstition.

8. I sure as hell am not going to let any top ten list go by without Eric Clapton in there somewhere! Here's Broken Hearted.

9. I'm one-upping Benedict here: Debussy's Clair De Lune, but performed by the brilliant Victor Borge. The Clown Prince of Denmark was a genius.

10. You can count on the Moody Blues for two things: versatile rock and the best-looking lead singer on the planet. Lovely to See You!

And now all I see are the hundreds of pieces I like just as much that I left off. Not just songs, but classical music pieces and tracks from film scores that I listen to a lot. Oh, well.
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I'm too sleepy for brevity or proper organizing this morning, but it's mostly good stuff. )
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Because even though it's Thursday and not Friday (or Monday or Tuesday), I need a bit of a pick-me-up. (This is what I get for staying up too late.) So here's a list of happiness for ya.

♥♥♥ 16,200-ish words on the fic is compensation for the staying up too late I mentioned. Read more... )

♥ Phil's coming back again to see ItW tonight. Read more... )

♥ I washed dishes this week! (It's pretty scary when this is a major accomplishment.)

♥♥ I'm going to bake Saturday morning! Read more... )

♥♥♥ Though he's very poorly, affectionate Boo-Cat is affectionate as ever, even when he's outraged by me bathing him every week. (Those baths are very funny.)

♥♥♥♥♥ I keep finding new and gorgeous music in the oddest places. A Sherlock fanfic introduced me to the King's Singers, whose version of Loch Lomond I have become seriously addicted to. And don't get me started on the Eagles, Anúna, and Chanticleer.

♥♥ I got a lovely compliment last weekend. Read more... )

♥ New bunny slippers! Read more... ) I also ordered Mimi's birthday present (she'll be one in five weeks) at the same time, and it's freaking adorable.

♥♥♥ Jennifer, our Stepmother, helps me change costumes quickly in exchange for me lacing her into her corset every performance. Read more... )

♥♥ Taking tomorrow off work, because I am bushed. Four-day weekend!

♥♥♥♥ Autumn should arrive within the next few weeks. The last several summers have been quite mild in comparison to the ferocious heat I remember from my childhood, but they're still summers. The crisp coolth of the first true autumn breeze is something I anticipate with great enthusiasm every September.

I've realized that my lists are rather repetitive, but that's because they're good things in my life over and over. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Weird, this. I remember hearing this song once about fifteen years ago on the radio, and then I heard it three or four times this week. One of those times was when I was two minutes from home, so I was able to keep the thought in my head long enough to walk into the hobbit hole, turn on the computer, and Google "Peter Gabriel lyrics boom." I got a song that's been out there for almost as long as I have:

I can't get that 7/8 (or 7/4) beat out of my head. It's not a bad earworm to have, though it'll probably drive me nuts by the end of the day. My goal in posting this is that it will drive you all nuts too.

You're welcome.
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How brilliant is it that when the Wee Beastie got fractious this afternoon, the only thing that would soothe her was this?

I. Kid. You. Not. We played this song on TV three times in a row. Baby stayed quiet the whole time, but as soon as Jimbo switched to Metallica, she started crying again. And then she quieted down again when Jerry Lee Lewis's, B. B. King's, and Stevie Wonder's segments from that same concert came on. Six weeks old, and she loves classic rock; we have the awesomest baby in the whole world.

That baby has a soporific effect. Put me in the rocking recliner and the Wee Beastie on my chest, and I drop off in two minutes. The few times she got grumpy, only her mama or Jagger could soothe her, but the rest of the time, she was sweet. (Except for the exploding diaper incident that took three of us to clean up after, but she got a bath and smelled lovely after.) She's wiggly, though! I scrambled to keep hold of her when she went from being asleep on my chest to flinging her entire body over the armrest of the recliner after dinner. She's six weeks old, remember, and she almost got away!

I was half asleep when I heard Boo-Girl murmur that "Aunt Trina has a new woobie." Meaning she wasn't my woobie any more. (Family term: a woobie is something like Gollum and his Precious, but much less creepy.) So I handed the Wee Beastie over to Mom when Boo suggested a card game and played with her and my dad, and she got an extra hug at the end of the night. Yes, I love that new baby smell, but Boo's still my darling girl.
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Today, it's an unexpected musical rehearsal. Everyone was supposed to get to the theater by ten to go over the final scene, and six of us were there on time. Since it was pointless to go over the blocking for twenty people when only six were there, we crowded into the director's office and went over the Christmas carols we'll sing in the show. We started out with one soprano, one alto (me), one tenor (Phil, who also played the piano), and one bass, and omgosh, we sounded good. I wasn't too sure on all the notes because they were arranged a little differently than the LDS hymnbook I've used since I was a child, but I squinted over Phil's shoulder and did well enough. Others gradually filtered into the office to sing, so we had a decent crowd of singers by the time Marla dismissed us. And an even larger crowd outside listening to us!

So yay for an impromptu singing rehearsal and making music with some really good singers! Phil overheard Marla talking about me and Phil: "Listen to them! They've spent the last year in the audience when we could have had them on stage!" So that's an additional yay for overhearing lovely things said about us.

Thanks for the meme idea, Scoffy; it's been fun.

Mom isn't home yet, but I'm prepping taco ingredients for when she gets here. I'm off again at 5:30 to spend some time with friends this evening, so I don't have much time with her, and then she's off again in the morning to the doctor and then out to the Jimbos'.
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Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Use the song titles as the answers to the following questions in the order that they play when skipped forward. Some answers are just weird, but others are almost scary in their accuracy. )


Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:07 am
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It's the Monday List of Happiness with a fic rec tagged on for good measure!

1. I'm working the election on April 13 with Phil. It's going to be a very long day, but I believe him when he says they have a good time, and extra money is always a good thing!

2. I keep trying variations on a recipe I first made a month or two ago, and they always turn out delicious. Nom nom nom.

3. LOL at Dara O'Briain's drinking game on the stand-up DVD I bought a few weeks ago. He and a buddy watched the show, and every time Dara said a key phrase, they had to have a beer or a shot, and they were completely pissed by the end of it.

4. Singing, singing, singing: the choir in our congregation is really good, as is a combined choir I'm participating in. The music is gorgeous. We're all revved up for Easter!

5. Leap of Faith, a Doctor Who fic rec: )
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Warwick Davis recently started Twittering, and he started wondering what Snape would have in his iPod after seeing Alan Rickman with one. He asked his followers for suggestions, and the results are:

1. 'Copacabanna' - Barry Manilow
2. 'Bad' - Michael Jackson
3. 'Walkin' on Sunshine' - Katrina & the Waves
4. 'I'm Too Sexy' - Right Said Fred
5. 'For Lily' - Michael Silvestri
6. 'Barbie Girl' - Aqua
7. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - Queen
8. 'Take a Chance (On Me)' - ABBA
9. 'The Sound of Silence' - Simon & Garfunkel
10. 'Magic Man' - Heart

I suggested Aqualung's "Strange and Beautiful," since it's what inspired Subversa's gorgeous Severus/Lily fic Unseen.
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For a while, at least.

I was completely blown away by this.

(And before you ask, her improvised lyrics at 2:48 are, "Don't care if it's five degrees below zero.")
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[ profile] quietselkie gave us the link to Bobby McFerrin singing the 23rd Psalm, and by following links and then more links, I found this gem:

Embedding is disabled, unfortunately, but the harmonies are exquisite. Go listen and watch and feel goose pimples all over! It's gorgeous!


Feb. 2nd, 2009 08:36 pm
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stuff, stuff, stuff: )
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I've discovered the Downloading MP3s option at Amazon.

I am in big trouble.
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1. Choose a singer/band/group
2. Answer the following questions, using only titles of songs by that band/singer/group
3. Tag seven more people

[ profile] subvers tagged me, so here's the Song Title Meme with Traveling Wilburys songs:

1. Are you male or female? She's My Baby
2. Describe yourself. Poor House
3. What do people feel when they're around you? Rattled
4. How would you describe your previous relationship? Where Were You Last Night?
5. Describe your current relationship. Nobody's Child
6. Where would you want to be now? Cool Dry Place
7. How do you feel about love? Handle with Care
8. What's your life like? Heading for the Light
9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish? If You Belonged to Me
10. Say something wise. You're Not Alone Any More

I was fine until question 10! I didn't have a lot to choose from; they only made 25 songs.

Play if you want.

Edit: Just for fun, I'm doing Moody Blues songs, too. *points to comments*
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[ profile] averygoodun gave me the letter T for the ten songs meme:

1. True Colours -- I prefer the Phil Collins version to Cyndi Lauper, but her version is most excellent, too

2. Trashing the Camp -- from the Disney movie Tarzan. No words, just scatting and a Stomp-like accompaniment

3. Tuxedo Junction -- Glenn Miller. I trust I don't need to say more

4. Two Socks at Play -- from the Dances with Wolves soundtrack. The music from this film is so gentle and beautiful, it's one of my favorites

5. Theme from Schindler's List -- haunting, mourning ... one of John Williams' best

6. That's All -- first heard Charles Durning singing it in Tootsie, but I never knew all the words until Rod Stewart came out with his first Great American Songbook CD

7. That's the Way It Goes -- it's probably a travesty that I've never heard George Harrison sing this; Joe Brown and his band performed it (with Joe on the mandolin) at the Concert for George

8. Thunderdome -- Tina Turner. That woman is one of my heroes

9. (The) Tree -- The Last Unicorn soundtrack. You don't know quite where it's going until it's well underway; it's a nice, little comical piece of fluffy orchestral music

10. Throw the Coins -- Sense and Sensibility soundtrack. Love conquers all music at its best

This time, I won't assume that you want to play if you comment. (If you want a letter, ask me specifically.)
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On DVD, anyway. To celebrate Nelson Mandela's birthday (back in the 1980s when he was still in prison), there was a huge concert in England that was called Freedom Fest. Here are a couple of clips from the best rock concert ever, and the band that closed the show: Dire Straits.

(Keep an eye out for their rhythm guitarist; he'll look familiar. He filled in because their normal guitarist's wife gave birth to twins that day. The substitute was the best they could do ... or could have done!)

A segment of The Sultans of Swing; there's very little singing, just guitar magic:

Here's the second-most romantic song ever, in my opinion, Wonderful Tonight:

And a hiccupy Romeo and Juliet, which is the MOST romantic song ever. It's worth the feedback and the hiccups to hear this saxophone solo:

Any time I have a reason to burn a CD for anyone, this song goes on the CD. (And my song doesn't hiccup.) I downloaded it from Kazaa or Audio Galaxy years ago, and I never get tired of it.


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