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1. This morning, I survived my first Hatha yoga class and then made it to work after instead of going back to bed like I wanted.

2. Frankenstein was brilliant. I saw each version once last year, so there was stuff I remembered to look for, and there were some details about the performances that I caught this time around. [ profile] ronfaure is excellent company, and we ended up at a diner in Sunset Beach after the broadcast for a couple of hours. Last night was Ben!Creature, so next week is Jonny!Creature.

3. Father's Day party at the Jimbos' was very nice despite the fact that Boo-Girl was in Vegas with her father.

4. I have discovered Trader Joe's bagged popcorn with salt and olive oil. Nom nom nom. :D

5. Started a new embroidery project Saturday. This is like the Fourth Doctor's scarf bookmark that I finished last week: it isn't for anyone in particular, and it has no deadline. It's just something to do over the next several months when I'm bored and have nothing else to work on.

My Monday is slightly brightened, and I am content. *takes a catnap on the break room sofa*
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Being productive. )

The state of the Trina. )
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LOVED IT. An hour and a half into it, and I still couldn't see where it was going or how it was going to end up there, but I was loving the ride. Oldman, Strong, and Cumberbatch were standouts in an excellent cast. I shall see it again, probably after work some day next week, to solidify plot points in my mind.
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I'm not really dying. Just hyperventilating with each new trailer that comes out. )

Each clip raises more questions than it answers. *fangirl overload*
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I've never been so elated AND depressed at the same time:

366 days to go until An Unexpected Journey. Once I've seen that, I'll start counting the days (364) until There and Back Again.
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And saw Winnie the Pooh. It was utterly delightful. Silly, nostalgic, witty, and completely charming. Mild spoiler. )

Bud Luckey was perfect as Eeyore, and Craig Ferguson's Owl just fractured me. If you like Pooh at all, go see it.


Jul. 6th, 2011 10:10 am
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Boo-Cat will have surgery Friday. He's losing weight at an alarming rate and has even gone off the canned food now, but I still put it out every morning so it's there if he wants it. He ate some chicken last night, so I know it isn't hopeless. Poor kid, he's so uncomfortable, but they'll soon set him to rights. I'll take a few hours off work Friday so I can stay home after I pick him up, and then Mom will be home to watch over him while I'm at rehearsal Saturday and Sunday.

Anxiety turns me into an insomniac. Last night is the first night in several days that I've slept more than five hours, and that's because an Advil PM was involved.

Dance rehearsal tonight. I'm taking my Sinistra cosplay dress to show the Cinderellas how I did it; they were brainstorming about "Bedazzle-ing" their shoes Saturday. I'm also taking my bunny slippers, because Marla wants me to wear them as Granny. This musical is turning into a burlesque with a side dish of crack, I kid you not. It's going to be hilarious. I made significant headway in memorizing my lines yesterday, and another couple sessions like that will set everything in stone.

Poor Phil is really wistful about this play. He wanted in so bad, but he has to work, so he listens intently to every little thing I tell him about rehearsals and gossip and all that. I'm sure we'll see him at least three times during the run.

Transformers 3 is about what you'd expect. You go for the explosions and action, not the plot. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can't act her way out of a paper bag, but you don't get to see the likes of Judi Dench in an action movie. Not for more than a hilarious cameo in Pirates 4, anyway. The Spock line made me groan, though; you'd think they'd be more subtle. (What am I saying?! This is Michael Bay we're talking about.) I got a kick out of the NASA stuff at the beginning (yay Buzz Aldrin cameo), but they had some pretty bad astronomy in the movie, too.

Time for work. Past time for work, actually, by the time I get dressed and walk out the door. Have a good day, y'all.


Jun. 15th, 2011 10:48 am
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The extended version of each movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is being shown in movie theaters this month. Fortunately, one of the theaters where Fellowship was shown was local (the one where Phil works, actually), so we saw it last night. Three and a half hours!!! There was so much stuff I hadn't seen before, and I was delighted with every minute, even though I was both starving and dying to use the loo by the time it was over. The head hobbit himself started with a filmed greeting (on the set of Bag End!), thanking us for being there and all that. I always feel a little weird clapping at a movie when the people responsible for the movie aren't there to hear the applause, but we were roaring with approval every time Jackson's name or the man himself appeared on the screen. (Including that moment on the street in Bree when you only see his face for a second or two.)

Two Towers is Tuesday, and Return of the King is the Tuesday after that. If Phil doesn't have to work, he's going to come with me. We had a good time before the movie, too; instead of commercials, there were trivia questions on the screen for us to answer and discuss. Next week, I'm bringing my LotR Trivial Pursuit cards to pass the time.


Apr. 10th, 2011 11:05 pm
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So last week, I saw Benedict as the Creature and Jonny as Victor Frankenstein. Today, Phil and I saw the role swap. Spoilers! )

Busy weekend was busy and too brief. I'm grateful that I have a reason to dislike Mondays, because it means I'm employed, but I know I'm gonna be one groggy froggy in the morning. Totally worth it, though!

Here are some of the behind the scenes folks from The Crucible: )


Mar. 18th, 2011 11:42 am
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After all the excited posts I've seen about last night's broadcast of Frankenstein into cinemas everywhere, I took the plunge and bought tickets for two performances! The first day will have Benedict as the Creature and JLM as Victor, and then the next week the roles are swapped. I'll ask Phil tonight if he's interested as soon as I check to make sure I'm not working The Crucible on Sunday the 3rd; if I am, I'm out of luck for that day, but from what I've heard, the general consensus is that it works a tiny bit better with JLM as the Creature and Benedict as Victor, so if I was going to see one, the 10th would be the one I'd choose. It'd be worth the $44 I paid for both tickets to just see that one.

I'm excited! *crosses fingers that I won't have to work the 3rd*
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Thirteen Dwarves and a Hobbit! SQUEEEEE!!!!!

*runs around in circles, arms in the air*
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I've been more depressed than usual lately, so it's time for a Good Things list.

1. More of the world's first consulting detective. I watched Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes last night with great pleasure. A few vague spoilers this way. )

Now that I've seen this adaptation, I shall go back and look at [ profile] sadynax's Sherlock comics again. (Any excuse.)

2. Lunch with friends today!

3. Alice in Wonderland at the Mysterium again tonight, and then Shannon's birthday party after. (Shannon was one of my daughters in Scrooge and Marley, and she's in tonight's play, too.) Snagged the last discount ticket from Goldstar, too.

4. Girl Scout shortbread cookies. They're excellent straight, but they're even yummier when I pile a few milk chocolate chips on top and then munch them one by one.

5. Silly physical comedy. This is a clip from the fourth series of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. They brought out Clive Mantle, who's just as tall as Stephen and Hugh, and then the next guest bounces out and thoughtfully makes it much easier for each of these men to kiss her hello (starting at 4:10 in this clip):

6. Happy, warm, purring cats, more episodes of Black Books, and avoiding dishwashing duties on a lazy Saturday morning.

7. Cheese popcorn! I bought three bags for me and Dad from my cousin's son for a Boy Scout fundraiser, and they arrived a couple days ago. It's not the best cheese popcorn I've ever had, but it's pretty good.

8. Blue toenail polish.

ooo wow

Jan. 17th, 2011 11:37 pm
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Well, I finally saw The King's Speech. Spoilers ahoy under the cut. This is the first time I've ever said OOOOO, COLIN FIRTH!!!1!11! )

Still sick, but it was nice to be out and about a little. Phil got us in -- he was waiting to see it until I could go -- and it's the first time in ten days that I've seen him. I'm still sniffing and coughing, though, so no touching. We didn't even sit next to each other because I didn't want him breathing my germs. So at the end of the evening, instead of our usual good night kiss, we made the best of it with a Young Frankenstein Elbow Bump of Passion, which you can find in this clip at 3:03:

I think it's worth watching the whole scene, starting at 1:39. Golly, I love Mel Brooks.

If standing out in the cold for half an hour after the movie doesn't have a detrimental effect on me, then I'll see Phil again Thursday at the Mysterium for Alice in Wonderland. Yay!
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The Rules:

Don't take too long to think about it.

Fifteen fictional characters (television, films, plays, books, comics) who've influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Alanna of Trebond and Olau
Hermione Granger
Elinor Dashwood
Leia Organa
Cyrano de Bergerac
the Doctor
Geraldine Granger
Anne Shirley
Lucy Pevensie
Meg Murry
Wonder Woman
Bunny Watson

Edit: I cheated and came back an hour later, because someone else listed a character who should have come first. I plead that I was barely awake at the time.
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I'm at work, so I can't make much noise, but I'm squeeing so much on the inside, I'm likely to explode! Read more... )

Also, I just found out that Leonard Nimoy had minor surgery this week, so his appearance at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center is expected to be rescheduled. I'm not happy that he isn't well, and I hope he heals quickly, but I am happy that there's some hope for me to see him after all!
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Finally saw Avatar. I wasn't planning on it -- I loathe following the crowds -- but I'm glad I went. Phil and Ellen wanted to see it in IMAX and 3D, so they picked up their tickets and mine this morning. Then they drove all the way down to the law school to drop my ticket off, so I got to chat with them for a few minutes in the middle of the day.

It was BIG. Overwhelming. Thar be mild spoilers here. )

One of the things that blows me away about Phil is that, at the end of an evening together, he thinks ahead and wants to know when we'll see each other again. We've been dating for almost a year, and I'm still surprised and delighted that he isn't bored with me or that he hasn't decided he doesn't want to be around me any more.

Getting groggy. That 3D headache was a doozy so I took something for it. Good night, everyone.
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It's been almost a year since I've posted an IMDB game, so I thought I'd have a bit of fun on this gloomy Monday.

You know the drill: I list five keywords from, and you guess the film I'm talking about. I strike the keywords out once the movie is guessed correctly, give the name, and acknowledge the first person(s) to get it right.

Note: I have a few sequels and remakes in here, but I've done my best to make it obvious which one it is.

1. Up: infertility, widower, stowaway, Wilhelm scream, quest [ profile] averygoodun

2. Willow: human becoming animal, villain turns good, baby, love potion, turned to stone [ profile] tisiphone318

3. Always: pilot, ghost, World War II bomber, remake, guardian angel [ profile] tisiphone318

4. Bambi: beast fable, gunshot wound, rainstorm, fight, owl [ profile] isalie964

5. What's Eating Gilbert Grape: water tower, family relationships, retardation, camping trailer, obesity [ profile] quietselkie

6. No one got the Pixar short film Tin Toy: surprise after end credits, baby, chase, computer animation, anthropomorphic

7. K-PAX: planetarium, lawn sprinkler, sunglasses, railway station, psychiatrist [ profile] isalie964

8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: squid, organ, bell tower, father son reunion, canceled wedding [ profile] bluestocking79

9. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: Oregon, overheard conversation, shotgun wedding, long underwear, red hair [ profile] averygoodun

10. Bringing Up Baby: bone, singing, clothing torn, leopard, dowager [ profile] isalie964

11. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: probe, eyeglasses, marine biologist, directed by star, space [ profile] astopperindeath

12. War of the Worlds (1953): Martian, atomic bomb, panic, square dance, uncle niece relationship [ profile] averygoodun

13. Groundhog Day: alarm clock, weather forecaster, deja vu, animal in title, suicide attempt [ profile] hogwarts_91

14. The Wizard of Oz: quest, actor playing multiple roles, fantasy world, narcotic sleep, gone in puff of smoke [ profile] doomspark

15. Leon: milk, crooked cop, plant, John Wayne impersonation, murder of family [ profile] averygoodun

16. Beauty shop: spin off, humor, women, culture clash, hairdresser [ profile] pokeystar

17. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: concealed nudity, makeover, middle age couple, love triangle, friendship between women [ profile] isalie964

18. Batman Begins: fear, evil doctor, mountaintop monastery, vigilante, braless [ profile] tisiphone

19. Cannonball Run: cross country, Rat Pack, first in trilogy, James Bond spoof, roadblock [ profile] tisiphone318

20. Close Encounters of the Third Kind: utility employee, sunburn, xylophone, mother son reunion, translator [ profile] tisiphone318
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I don't like going to the movies with anyone else. Or at least, my father is not my ideal movie-going companion, which is a lousy thing to say after coming home from the cinema and dinner, both of which he paid for.

When I see a film on the big screen, it usually has an impact on me. If I've chosen to haul my patookus to the cinema, it's a big enough film that I don't want to miss its full scale. I want the screen to fill my vision; I want the noise and the music and the flashes of light. I can't get that on my little 20-inch box at home. All this means that I am still trying to take everything in when I watch the credits and walk out of the building and drive home. I want to think about it. Try and find any symbolism and metaphor. Think about the actors' performances. Put the plot together. Mull over the costumes. I'm in another world for at least half an hour -- if not all evening -- after I walk out of the theater.

Dad wants to tell Amish jokes and discuss his accounting class before we're out of the theater.

Spoilers for The Dark Knight: )

Once again, I go ga-ga over the ugly old guys. Oldman: blimey, he was HOT. (Something about the glasses, hair, and mustache ... wow.) Freeman: yes, please. Caine: so cute! Bale ... whatever. (Not just gorgeous women, apparently.) Though he does have that essential thing that all men playing Batman MUST have: great lips.

If you haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, run run run to the cinema. It is a film that should be seen on the big screen at least once. I'll be going at least one more time before it leaves the theaters.


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