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Plagiarism! [ profile] severely_lupine explains what's happening at her blog:

FF.n's Capcha isn't letting me report the abuse via the website, even though I'm entering the correct characters, so I sent an e-mail to Read more... )

Let's go get 'em.

EDIT: Mission accomplished. The plagiarist claims someone else hacked into her account and posted the fic. Whether this story is true or not, she's apologized and taken "Bride" down. Thanks for the support!

*huge grin*
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Stephen Fry said it best: "I should have known better, it was a Tuesday in February. Many of my life’s most awful moments have taken place on Tuesdays, and what is February if not the Tuesday of the year?"

Today hasn't been too bad, though. Yet. *knocks on wood*

Can't decide if my eyes aching is left over from the ouch of chopping an onion this morning, or if it's allergies. I'm pretty sure I have a Claritin somewhere in my desk, so I'll find out.

My hair decided to be floofy in some places and flat in others. So I slapped a snood on my head. Screw you, bad hair day.

I seem to be incapable of writing a fic shorter than 10,000 words. I'm at 4500, and John hasn't even walked in the door yet. *headdesk* Someone else posted ten 100-word drabbles off the same prompt this morning. I tried to forget I'd read it for two reasons: so I wouldn't be jealous, and so I wouldn't copy anything by mistake. It was really good, though.

My computer is chiming at me every ten minutes, and it won't tell me why it's chiming. No messages, no flashing icons, no pop-up memos. It makes me nervous.

The library is canceling publications left and right, and the aftermath is a complete mess sometimes. Vendors baying for the money for stuff we've sent back or databases we've told them we don't want any more. It can take months and many messages for them to get the message sometimes.

Bought Underworld's soundtrack to Danny Boyle's Frankenstein almost three weeks ago, and it still hasn't arrived. It's coming from the UK, so I must be patient, but ... hurry up!

Job anniversary today. Doesn't seem like I got here yesterday, but it doesn't seem as long as seven years, either.

Lunch: "Soup, soup, tasty soup, soup!" Potato cheese with oyster crackers. I haven't consumed anything harder than soup, melted cheese, soggy Cheerios, or pasta since I broke a tooth last week, and I'm starving. On the plus side, my clothes are a little looser. It doesn't hurt -- my tongue scraping against the sharp edge was the worst of it -- but I don't want to antagonize my other teeth until I get everything checked out by my beastly dentist tomorrow. (Some dentists are perfectly nice, even when you forget to floss. Not this guy.)

I'm such a doofus. I sniffled when I wrote the latest scene in my WIP. It's kind of the opposite of The Sixth Sense here. I realize the movie has been out for a dozen years, but I will never spoil it or the second series of Sherlock. )
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I wasn't sure if I was going to have a happy list today. I was grumpy about having to drive a hundred miles to visit family when I had a sonofabitch headache, and then Mom asked me if I wanted to stay home today because of the sonofabitch headache. YES, PLEASE.

1. Because of that, I can keep my grumpiness to myself today.

2. I have turkey leftovers.

3. I don't have to put up a brave face with the Jimbos. I love them, but sometimes their bickering gets to me.

4. I have time and quiet to finally read my Exchange gift.

5. I have time and quiet to work on creative stuff.

6. I shall also devote some time to cleaning.

So what was going to be a miserable day has done a 180, at least for the next several hours. I am not faking the headache, but I'd rather endure that at home where it's quiet than anywhere else.
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CBS has announced plans to modernize Sherlock Holmes for American television.

First of all, Fox based a medical drama on Sherlock Holmes; perhaps they've heard of House MD?

Second, Gatiss and Moffat had the idea of bringing the man himself to modern London, and they did it out of love for the character and his stories. And guess what? We get to see it on PBS, so it's a modern Sherlock on American television!

Dear CBS: see my icon for my opinion of your idea idiocy.
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Having a hard time bring gratitudinal at the moment. Perhaps I'll come up with something later.

Play stuff, mostly complaining, but I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic. )

Ooo, I did think of something to be gratitudinal about!

Today, I am grateful for Marla, Chelsea, and Daina. (Chelsea and Daina share the role of the Witch.) More play talk, but at least I'm happy about this stuff. )
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Verizon can bugger itself with a rotary phone. I'm off to take a nap.
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So I went into the local independent book shop before my haircut Saturday and ordered two books: The Looking Glass Wars and To Say Nothing of the Dog. Neither was in stock, but the cashier said they'd call when the books came in Monday. I paid for the books and went to get my hair cut. Read more... )
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I've copied and pasted [ profile] droxy's post, who got this from [ profile] junewilliams7:

"I have a friend, Amber, who wrote a great Pride and Prejudice fanfic years ago. She just found out someone is plagiarising it on as a Twilight fic by just using different character names -- switching Elizabeth to Bella, Caroline to Victoria, etc. This twit even borrowed my friend's name, calling herself "Amber R Cullen"!

If you have a account, please go to the story:

In the lower left corner is a pulldown box that says "Add Story to Favorites" -- pull down the options and choose "Report Possible Abuse" and click Go. On the next little window, for "Type of Abuse" select "Not Allowed." For "Description," type "PLAGIARISM". Then type in the spambot code and submit.

I've heard that is slow to remove plagiarised stories, but I'm hoping that with more people reporting it, they will act faster. Thank you!"

Let's go get her.
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Tuesday hates me. I have proof.

Couldn't get to sleep until after 3:30 this morning. Laundry situation is desperate, so I set my alarm for 7:30 to give myself enough time to do three loads before work. I went out to the laundry room, started the washing machine, and then saw the note on the dryer:


I wasn't about to let five quarters go to waste, so I washed a bunch of stuff I wasn't going to dry anyway (nylons, bras, and a hand-painted t-shirt). They're hanging all over the hobbit hole. I organized everything and put it in my car so I could go straight to the horrible laundromat after work.

And now that I'm getting ready for work, someone's repairing the dryer.


Damn. It.

Jan. 21st, 2011 11:18 pm
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I spent an obscene amount of money for a minuscule jar of bay leaves a few days ago. Joy of joys, I get to go back to the supermarket tomorrow morning to spend even more money on a replacement bottle because I didn't even have the decency to open the damn thing and fish one leaf out before I let it slip out of my hands and onto the floor between my bare feet when I was several feet from any chairs, shoes, or the broom cupboard. I ache from the cuts, but there aren't any sharp pains when I walk, so I'm pretty sure I got all the glass out of my feet.

As of tonight, Ralphs supermarkets can go to hell for discontinuing the Schilling brand of spices with their squat, ugly, durable, PLASTIC containers.

*limps off to bed*
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Six-hour rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday, and I'm sitting here wondering where the weekend went. Still, carpooling with Phil is nice, though we didn't say much this afternoon. We were all talked out, and we were bloody pooped to boot.

Smashed a HUGE spider on Scrooge's bedroom floor with my script this morning. The pencil that I'd clipped on the script went flying, and I never found it. Celestina nearly wet herself when she saw that thing scurrying towards her, and I am her new hero. It's just a spider, for goodness' sake, but who am I to talk when I turn green and run away screaming at the sight of garden slugs?

We have to be off book by Tuesday night. Phil is really anxious about it, and I am scarcely less so.

Hagrid Dane and I keep stomping away at our dance number, and we'd just got to the point where we felt comfortable when the news came through that they expect us to go through the one-minute routine in thirty seconds. Oh. Crap.

I made an appointment a month ago for a haircut and color, but Marla the Director talked to me about it Thursday. No matter what I slap on my head to make it look like I have long hair, it has to have something to be fastened to, so I couldn't cut it when I went to the salon yesterday. My hair would have been too short otherwise. I'm going to look like a shaggy beast until the Tuesday after we close.

One of the SSHG Anniversary prompts has made me think and speculate. I've written some thoughts about it and will let it simmer for a bit, because I'm a leetle busy at the moment. Not sure if I'll get it in in time for the festival, but I'll see what I can do. Watching one of the Potter movies for research (any excuse), and I'll read the corresponding scene later tonight. I must get chocolate chips tomorrow, because the jar is empty.

Took Phil by work to print out some sheet music Marla e-mailed us last night. He met one of the librarians and got a little tour of the offices while my computer woke up. It's kind of nice that SOMEONE where I work knows that this boyfriend I've been talking about isn't imaginary.

Joined [ profile] sherlockbbc a week or two ago and am having a marvelous time reading fic and looking at art. I usually swap out my desktop background once a day, but I've had John Watson in Afghanistan there since the art showed up in the comm. (Un-GAWA.)

Boring afternoon. I have a flat that desperately needs to be cleaned, but the only motivation I've been able to muster is the fact that I don't want to start the work week with a dirty hobbit hole, so it's slow going. I think it's that I'm not used to it being dark so early, but I'll get over that presently. The cats have enjoyed all the cuddling I've lavished on them, though. If I'd ignored them today, I think they'd have pissed on everything in sight to get my attention.
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Leonard Nimoy is going to talk about his career at the Carpenter Center in Long Beach on Saturday. I am almost sick with disappointment because the church play we've worked months on is performing that night, and I'm needed backstage, so I can't go. But what I can't figure out is: Why on earth did this not sell out months ago?! I got an e-mail advertising tickets for sale a few minutes ago, and I am stunned that there are any available.

I've spent the last month loathing our producer with the fire of a thousand suns because she's the one who scheduled the play for this weekend.
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The first chapter of [ profile] snarkywench_64's marvelous Harry/Hermione fic, Altered Perspectives, was stolen in 2008 by a yutz who goes by khaelmohrdan at Mugglenet:

Please help SnarkyWench by reporting the fic as stolen to the powers that be.
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I finished my evening routine and turned out the light shortly after 11:00. A few minutes after midnight:

Cell phone's text message ring tone: RING, RING.

Me: [groggily] Hugzbugh.

Cell phone's text message ring tone: RING, RING.

Me: Mmmmph?

*picks up cell phone*

Text message on cell phone: its alfredo. waitin 4 yu

Me: *thinks Alfredo is Jimbo's best friend. Jimbo works nights sometimes. Maybe Alfredo has the wrong number? and starts texting back: it's trina, and i was asleep.*

Cell phone: [interrupts with the phone call ring tone in Stephen Fry's voice] Speak to me now, speak to me now, speak to me now.

Me: *takes the call* This had better be good.

Alfredo: Huh?

Me: *doesn't recognize the voice* It's after midnight.

Alfredo: Who is this?

Me: Who you trying to reach?

Alfredo: Marcel.

Me: Dude, Marcel lied to you, too. This is not his number.

Alfredo: *talks to other people wherever he is before hanging up mid-sentence*

Me: *fumes*

Me: [half an hour later] *still fuming*

This prat Marcel regularly gives out my phone number as his. Normally it's to people he doesn't want to talk to, like banks and insurance companies.

Marcel, I hope that you get into another car accident and that your mother is unsuccessful in attracting attention to your plight as she runs barking by the side of the road.
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I'm a total dweeb. I can't get over this: Bad astronomy in fanfiction --> me hitting the back button.

It could be an incorrect term or impossible geometry or illogical timing. Stuff that Professor Cutie-Pie drilled into our heads a hundred times over the year I spent in his classroom.

I have no doubt that people have hit the back button on my fics for bad English or bad magic or bad instrument playing because I didn't realize that I should have done research. I know people have caught my bad writing because they've sent concrit, and I'm grateful for it (though I don't always go back and change what's wrong). It's those readers' specialties -- what they're passionate about -- just like astronomy is one of mine.
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Snape Is Soo Sexy
by ~SnapeisSexy on deviantART

Look familiar to you? This is Marquise's work that was on Playwitch years ago. SnapeisSexy is displaying it in her gallery and responding to comments like she's the one who created it. I've reported the theft, and even though Playwitch is no longer online to prove the date and Marquise's ownership, the Playwitch logo is on the artwork itself. Don't just leave a comment for this ersatz artist like you're reviewing it; PLEASE REPORT THIS THEFT TO THE MODS. I did ask Marquise first if this was hers, and she confirmed that it is. (As if the Playwitch copyright logo at the bottom left didn't give it away.)

I agonize over my fanfic and my fanart. For ages. And while the final results are pleasing (according to the reviews), I consider myself to be merely adequate at both. So when some pissant twerp takes something that's exceptional and claims it as her own, it's one of the few things that can shorten my fuse from very long indeed to almost nothing.
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How do you all maintain such busy lives? I'm a couple weeks into a new schedule and some additional activities, and I'm going cuckoo. How do I fit all the following into my schedule?

40 hour a week job (plus 1 hour a day minimum for the commute)
belly dancing (class weekly, practice daily)
training for a 10K walk
writing 500+ words a day
keeping the flat from turning into a pigsty
errands: shopping, dry cleaning, etc.
choir practice (weekly)

I don't have a husband or kids to herd, either; I don't know how you all manage.


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