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This happy list is rather rambly, so I've cut it. )
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Today's List of Happiness is rather short:

1. Seriously Fun Research for the SSHG Exchange is paying off, and I'm having a good time working on the final draft.

2. My haircut is a little short in places, but it's out of my face and off my neck, so I'm happy.

3. I always like my job, but I like it best when there are extra projects to work on, and I have a biggish project now.

4. I have a new favorite stop-motion animation movie: Coraline. I rented the DVD last week, and while it isn't identical to the book, it is closer than many book-to-film adaptations. The artists did some beautiful work.
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So here's a list of happiness:

1. All three plays I saw this weekend were fantastic, and I got hugs from half the cast members of Othello because I've worked with them, they've seen me act, or I've seen them act.

2. I shall have lunch and do a little clothes shopping with coworker EB at some point this week. I enjoy her company, though I don't often get to finish my sentences.

3. I started the final draft of my Exchange project and sent my midway progress report to the mods yesterday, so that's something big that is no longer on my to do list. And the midway deadline lit a fire under my ass, so I realistically hope that I will finish and turn it in before the due date for the first time ever. (I've been late a lot and on time the rest, but never early.)

4. The pendulum of my creative interest swings from art to writing and back periodically. I've been doing art (both two-dimensional and embroidery) for several months, but I feel the urge to write creeping in again. I'm glad; I have some Sherlock WIPs I'd like to finish and post.

5. Zombies counter a Westboro Baptist protest. Countering bigotry with humor: YES.
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1. This morning, I survived my first Hatha yoga class and then made it to work after instead of going back to bed like I wanted.

2. Frankenstein was brilliant. I saw each version once last year, so there was stuff I remembered to look for, and there were some details about the performances that I caught this time around. [ profile] ronfaure is excellent company, and we ended up at a diner in Sunset Beach after the broadcast for a couple of hours. Last night was Ben!Creature, so next week is Jonny!Creature.

3. Father's Day party at the Jimbos' was very nice despite the fact that Boo-Girl was in Vegas with her father.

4. I have discovered Trader Joe's bagged popcorn with salt and olive oil. Nom nom nom. :D

5. Started a new embroidery project Saturday. This is like the Fourth Doctor's scarf bookmark that I finished last week: it isn't for anyone in particular, and it has no deadline. It's just something to do over the next several months when I'm bored and have nothing else to work on.

My Monday is slightly brightened, and I am content. *takes a catnap on the break room sofa*
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Here's my List of Happiness on Tuesday, thanks to a Monday holiday:

1. The holiday allowed Mom to come home Sunday night, even though it was an Aunt Millie weekend. Mom surprised me with takeaway from my favorite Chinese restaurant, which is an hour's drive from Long Beach, so I don't get it often. On Monday, we saw The Avengers, and I fixed tacos for dinner, which is Mom's favorite.

2. We saw the last three of Donna's episodes of Doctor Who Sunday night. There are things about Donna I'm not particularly fond of, but she is a brilliant character and an excellent foil for the Doctor.

3. Yay, Andrew Scott won a BAFTA! (I was rooting a teensy bit more for Martin Freeman, but I'm delighted Andrew got it.)

4. I had artist's block Saturday and Sunday, but I forced myself to work through, which is so unlike me. I'm working frantically on the final draft now.

5. I'd never heard of I've Never Seen Star Wars before I saw the episode Jo Brand hosted, and Stephen Fry was the guest. I was in agony when Stephen labored and sweated over the IKEA desk, but everything else was cool. His relief that the ear piercing wasn't as awful as he'd feared was downright adorable, and I wish he'd been able to keep it.

I also saw Rory McGrath's and Clive Anderson's episodes via YouTube, which were fun, too.

6. I'm enjoying reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, though it's slow going because of deadlines (see #4). There's another overdue library book to add to my tally, and shame on me.

And that's about it at the moment. Happy Tuesday!
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1. All I have to say is "I'm gonna getcha" to Bubba, and he stops whatever he's doing, chirps, and presents his belly for rubbing. It's the cutest thing he's done since he was an adolescent kitten and suddenly got too cool to attack my ankles any more.

2. I like being able to track my progress on Chore Wars. I'm still figuring out how it works, since I've never played D&D type games before (I had to use Google to find out what XPs are), but it's fun.

3. Finally transplanted the rosemary topiary in a larger container yesterday along with some of the compost and compost tea. (The worms seem to be thriving in their bin!) The amaryllis is starting to bloom, too. Now, if I can just find a way to coax something more than a few feeble leaves from the gardenia, I shall be very happy, indeed.

4. A belated birthday present from Mermaid (best friend since preschool) arrived Thursday. It's a beautiful burgundy hat! Her mad sewing skills get better all the time.

5. I gave myself a good lecture last night and donned the writing hat. I ended up editing more than writing, and I still have stuff to slide in and a whole day to conjure, but as motivation is my Achilles heel, I'll take what squee I can get. (And I found a title. Not a very good one, but I spent four hours over the weekend looking through YouTube videos and a Beatles songbook, so when I finally listened to Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street," I gave up and grabbed a few words from it.)


Mar. 19th, 2012 10:24 am
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Now that I'm a little bit awake, here's this week's happy list in an attempt to brighten my Monday. (Hopefully something here will brighten yours, too.)

1. Orange chicken leftovers heated up for breakfast = yum.

2. Stylish: Advanced Style is getting attention at Tumblr.

3. Silly: Otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch is getting attention at Tumblr and trending at Twitter.

4. I got some good quality sleep last night instead of fitful dozing.

5. Finished one of my geek shirts and am about halfway through the other. (I'm not sure how many people will get either of them, to be honest, but I like them, and that's good enough for me.)

6. Did my first beta reading job in three years. It feels good to get back in the saddle.

Go forth and shake your booties, friends:
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1. I threw some questions out via e-mail before I left work Thursday and got answers to all of them by the time I got to work this morning.

2. Amanda Abbington, who recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, commanded her followers to dance to a YouTube video of Stevie Wonder singing Superstition on Sesame Street. I sent her the Marvelettes' Too Many Fish in the Sea in reply, and she replied to me (squee!) with Lover and a Friend. I played it four times in a row.

3. I finally listened to the Q episode of Cabin Pressure and found out what's up with the lemon on Martin's cap graphics I've seen. The more I listen, the more I think Charlie Brown leads a charmed and lucky life when compared to Martin Crieff.

4. I'm still a little short on sleep, thanks to an erratic week and fucking Daylight Savings Time starting, but I'm almost not tired this morning.

5. Got feedback from Subversa on my Sherlock fic. Some good stuff, and some stuff's gotta go or be changed. She echoed some of my own concerns about a few things, so I've started my third draft. (I'm putting so much time and thought into this, you'd think I thought I was up for a Pulitzer or something. I just want to make sure I've done my best.)

6. Lots of Supernatural over Da Weekend. I'm well into season 2 now, and I really like Ellen, Jo, and that nutter (can't remember his name) from the roadhouse.
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I'm too sleepy for brevity or proper organizing this morning, but it's mostly good stuff. )
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Simple pleasures. )

I had a somewhat productive weekend. Read more... )

Happy Valentine's or Singles Awareness Day for them that celebrates it. For me, it's just Tuesday.

good stuff

Feb. 6th, 2012 11:53 am
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It's Monday. Yay. Here's my weekly Cheer Myself Up to Get Over the Monday and Tuesday Blahs List of Happiness:

1. I proved last night that I definitely have one of those brains that will come up with SOMETHING if I just force myself to sit down and write. It's not fantastic, but it's words. One scene down, about a dozen to go.

2. Saw the family Saturday. Everyone was sick, unfortunately, but well enough to go through with Squirt's baptism and lunch afterwards. Had a nice chat with Boo-Girl about college plans.

2a. Neither Dad nor I has showed signs of getting the dreaded lurgy that the Jimbos have, though we won't be sure we haven't caught it until tonight.

3. Mom was home very briefly this weekend. Not long enough to hang out properly, though she did listen to an episode of Cabin Pressure and laughed her butt off. And she adored the Ottery St Sherlock crossover vid I posted here last month.

4. Finally bothered remembered to get iTunes so I could get the aforementioned Cabin Pressure from Audible and burn it onto CDs for the commute.

5. New-to-me books! A few overviews of subjects I might try at college and a novel sent by mistake -- I was ordered Bob Balaban's Spielberg, Truffaut, and Me (his diary of making Close Encounters of the Third Kind) and got the novelization of Close Encounters of the Third Kind instead. They refunded my money, told me to keep the book, and I'm trying my luck with another bookseller.

6. A clean-ish hobbit hole. I maintain a certain, slightly-below-average level of neatness and cleanliness most of the time (the black dog's visits and tech week of plays being the exceptions), but I make an effort when I expect someone else -- even Mom -- to set foot inside any time soon. And once it's halfway decent, I make an effort, at least for a while, to keep it that way.

7. Rain tomorrow!

Happy Monday, y'all.
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*blinks blearily* Short list today.

1. I had a very pleasant weekend with Mom. We put the last of the Christmas boxes in the garage, saw SH:aGoS and went to Mimi's Saturday night, talked a lot, and relaxed.

2. The chiropractor was able to fit me into his schedule this morning! I feel a lot better now that I've had a damned good thrashing.

3. I made a paper chain for Bubba the Hutt to play with. He's been having quite a party.

Right. I need to make lunches for the next few days, and then it's off to work. Wheeeee.
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1. Pleasant welcome-back greetings from everyone at work.

2. Happily surprised by today's outfit. I'm not sure if it really works, but I like it.

3. Discovered the commentaries on the Blu-Rays for LotR. Three commentaries for each four-hour film. You may never see me again.

4. Slept relatively well all last week.

5. Cheesecake in ramekins turned out ugly but tasty. Will work on making them pretty another time. (Oh, DARN.)
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Today, I am grateful for a good, solid opening night performance from everyone. There were a few missed lines and one early entrance, but he kept it in character. We all felt great afterward, and almost everyone had friends and/or family to greet them after. Tonight, we're all going out for drinks after to celebrate opening night.

Here are five happy things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the play (even though I've mentioned one of them earlier this week).

1. instead of Where's Waldo or Where's Wally, it's Where's WALL-E:

2. I wrote 3,000-ish words this week on a fic that fills two BBC Sherlock prompts

3. LOL:

4. cuddles from sweet Boo-Cat (he's very poorly but fighting it)

5. I was afraid I'd caught my coworker's cold earlier this week, but I was just dehydrated

Opening night timeline. )

Other stuff. )
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It's not been the best week, so there is no Friday list of happiness today ... just a Friday list of looking for stuff that gets me out from under a cloud: Read more... )

Seems too easy, but it worked. I feel better. I shall try to keep the weekend stress to a minimum.
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Here's a baker's dozen for today:

1. woke to the sound of rain

2. took the day off work

3. lunch with Phil at my favorite burger joint -- yummy garden burger, Cherry Coke, and fries -- and then he came home with me for a while

4. phone company guy got everything fixed

5. spring cleaning the bedroom while I move the computer out of the kitchen

6. happy Boo-Cat letting Phil rub his belly

7. Phil helping me move furniture and sticking around while phone company guy was here

8. showing Phil [ profile] sadynax's baby Sherlocks-and-Johns comics (and he loved them)

9. listening to Moody Blues music while I work

10. finding lost stuff while cleaning, like my baseball cap collection and fedora

11. knowing Mom's going to cry with happiness Friday when she comes home sees a tablecloth and flowers and nothing else on the kitchen table

12. Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream

13. having enough cash to buy groceries for the week and nice enough weather to walk to the supermarket at the end of the block
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*points to icon* This is my mother. Lucky woman can sleep for ages.

Me, I get between six and eight hours of sleep, and then I wake up. O_O That's it. I've been out of bed for almost three hours, and now that I have stuff to do -- I'm baking cookies for some friends who are going out of town this morning -- I want to go back to bed. Oh, well.

I was very sad yesterday, and though I thought about Annie's Friday meme, I didn't do it. But I'm in the mood to do it now, so ... *shrug* So my five good things for this week are:

[ profile] millennia2's chocolate chip cookie recipe

Stephen Fry sneezing like a duck (QI s1 e7)

Red Lobster's clam chowder -- yummy!

Mom's home for the weekend!

It's Saturday!


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