Jun. 14th, 2012 11:40 am
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Fourth Doctor Bookmark
by ~Keladry-Lupin on deviantART

This is something I've been working on for the last several months, and I've finally put on the last stitch and washed and pressed it. I just liked the scarf, so I found a knitting pattern for it online, used the software I got online to build the chart, and started stitching in my spare time. I have plans to make a bookmark for myself at some point (either Jeeves or the Ninth Doctor), but I have a queue of four right now, so I won't be working on that any time soon.

Disclaimers (this is fanart, after all) and specific information (floss colors, etc.) are at DA.

Dear friends for whom I've made similar projects: if/when it's convenient, would you please take a photo or scan what I've sent to you and e-mail me the image so I can catalog them? I lost all my scans of past projects when my laptop died, and the data can't be retrieved.

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May. 8th, 2012 09:30 am
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Bought a camera yesterday during lunch. I've been meaning to buy one for a few years and occasionally did research, but I didn't wake up Monday morning and think, Okay, today's the day, so you could consider this to be one hell of an impulse purchase. A local camera shop was having a Mother's Day sale, so I looked at what was in my price range, looked at user reviews for the same model at Amazon, and went with the best-reviewed one I could afford.

It's very cute. Minuscule, though! It's smaller than a deck of cards, and the memory card has more space on it than my antiquated computer at home. It's bright red -- they were out of black and silver, so it was down to red or blue -- and the instruction manual is huge. I'll take some time before the weekend to read through everything and figure out how it works so I can take a few photos of the family during our Mother's Day/Jimbo's birthday party.

Jimbo turned 42 yesterday. I didn't get to talk to him, but I wished him a happy day on a voicemail. He didn't get the reference, of course (he's appallingly normal), but I said I wished he gets all the answers -- and all the questions -- he wants this year.

Actually, I'm not sure if he's appallingly normal, or if I'm pathetically geeky.

I shall take two days off work in the next week to embroider my craft swap present until my fingers are sore. I have eight days until I have to send it, and I am not even halfway done. I plan to see The Avengers, do some laundry, and clean the hobbit hole as well -- I can't sit on my butt and stitch the whole time!

The powers that be held a graduation meeting this morning: I'm an usher and row monitor. We don't have to handle the hairy situations, because we hire security guards for the worst of it, but my happy customer service face will be firmly in place the whole time. And I will have loads of sunblock covering it, since we'll be out in the sun and humidity for four hours.

The person conducting the meeting said, "You ushers are the faces we present to the public during the ceremony." My first thought was, "Why the hell did you want THIS face, then?"
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To keep me motivated, I shall take photos of the Sherlock Craft Swap project to show my progress. Cut for space and swearing. )
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Being productive. )

The state of the Trina. )
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So I temporarily abandoned three previous commitments because, in my brain where common sense does not always take precedence, they're already well past their deadlines, and I had a deadline that I could still make. (But I made progress on two of the three late projects over the weekend.)

I have no delusions of grandeur -- I'm not hoopy, and I'm certainly not a frood -- but I do know where my towel is.

I bought a Charles Craft huck towel at the craft shop, used Google Images with the phrase "don't panic," and uploaded my favorite to a cross-stitch program I found last year. (I posted details and links here at [ profile] geekcrafts.) I already keep a regular bath towel at my desk at work and a beach towel in my car, so anything I could do would be largely symbolic, and I wanted something more interesting than just tucking a regular towel into my purse or pocket. It's what I've done for the last three Towel Days, and I was a little bored with it.
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The fuchsia dot is the center of the chart and the center of the stitch-able fabric. Before I started stitching the blue stuff, I used some brown sewing thread and went in and out where the fuchsia segments end to mark my tens, and the tens matched the tens on the chart I used as my guide. I didn't stitch the lines you see in black; those are just imaginary extensions of the tens onto the grid.

Click the pic to make it bigger.
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Of course, I disparage someone who doesn't know the difference between the words "bread" and "bred," but I discovered an example of my own folly today. Hobby ranting. This is really boring, actually: )


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