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Weasley pointed west. ‘What star's that?’

Miss Granger sighed. ‘That’s the planet Venus.’

‘Oh,’ Weasley muttered. He pointed again. ‘What about that one?’

‘The … moving one?’


‘There’s a reason we call the stars “fixed,” Ron. That’s a satellite.’ Granger stomped towards the stairs. ‘Why don’t I get the star book by the bloke who wrote Curious George for you so I don’t have to spend all night up here? Next you’ll be calling Orion's Belt a constellation!’

The ginger gonk scarpered after her.

Severus smirked. He’d stop by Aurora’s office and suggest an impromptu quiz for the fifth-years tomorrow.
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Since I'm more than halfway done with my PIF presents (I'm sending them all out at once when they're all done), and [ profile] droxy has issued a challenge to us drabble writers, I am offering the best bribe I can think of. To the first six active [ profile] grangersnape100 Spies and Death Eaters who will commit to joining the Order outright for six months, I will commit to drawing a character or scene from the fic of your choice before those six months are out.


1. You need to have posted six drabble ENTRIES between 1 October 2007 and 31 March 2008. Each post in a serial counts as one entry (even if there were 22 drabbles in that entry, it only counts as one); this includes every chapter of Yuletide Potions, for those of you who participated. Provide links to at least one of your drabbles, so I can click the author tag and ferret out the rest.

1A. If your first-ever GS100 drabble was posted more recently than six months ago, I want to see at least one post to GS100 for every CALENDAR month since you started writing drabbles. (Example: if your first was in December -- even 31 December -- I want a minimum of four entries to GS100 between 1 December and 31 March. Doesn't matter when exactly they were posted, just so there's an average of one a month. Savvy?)

2. You commit to making at least twelve drabble entries (not just 12 x 100 in one or three entries) for the Order between now and Halloween, all under the banner of the Order of the Phoenix. And join the Order outright, please, even if your spy points have always gone to the Order in the past. This means ALL your drabble points earned between now and Halloween go to the Order. (I will be keeping track.)


1. You name the Potterverse fic, and you may express a preference for certain scenes/chapters, but I choose what I will draw. Know this: I have not yet succeeded in drawing more than two people in one picture to my satisfaction, so please keep that in mind (to keep me sane). Also, whatever I draw will be work-safe. The artwork will be yours (online); you may make icons/wallpaper and share them (or not). The artwork will also be posted in my DA gallery. Or it could be a simple portrait of a single character, if that is what you wish.

2. The switch is easy for you, but your drabbles and my drawings will take time for us to conjure. However, I shan't wait until after Halloween to post the drawings; I'll post each when it's done. Satisfaction is NOT guaranteed; go to my gallery to decide if it's worth joining the risk of joining the Order or not. (You can see that I am drawing backgrounds now, if that makes any difference!) And if someone specific is your Severus or Hermione (or Remus or Millicent or whoever), please point me in their direction -- I can draw other people besides Alan Rickman!

My journal, my bribe, my rules (which are subject to change if you make puppy-dog eyes; I am a Hufflepuff, after all). I know I'm not the best fanartist out there (not by a long shot), but a Keladry drawing is yours, if you qualify and you reply quickly enough. Ask if you want clarification on any of my picky, fussy, entirely bend-able rules.

[ profile] bluestocking79 wants a moment from The French Connection
[ profile] wonderfulwrites
[ profile] snapeophile
[ profile] dickgloucester
And the jury is out on two other writers ATM.
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After almost five months, Hogwarts, a History is back on track. Not completely written, and I have some big gaps to fill in, but I have about ten drabbles done. I have at least twenty to go, most of them after this point: here's a bit of a teaser .... )
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This doesn't fall under any challenge that I can discern, so I'm not submitting these to [ profile] grangersnape100, but I seem to be developing another serial drabble. I wrote In the Garden a few weeks ago, and this one came to me today:


Severus entered the room. Yseult stood in front of the mirror, smiling gently as Ginny and Luna fussed over her. They adjusted her veil, kissing her sweetly, and left Severus alone with his daughter.

“Your mother is the only woman who ever looked as beautiful as you do now,” he said, coming up behind her.

“I wish she was here,” she whispered.

Severus held his daughter in his arms, looking over her shoulder at the two of them in the mirror. “So do I.” He took a daisy and tucked it amongst the other flowers in her curly black hair.


I think I shall try to write some more along this timeline.
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Severus sat on a stump, the summer sun warming his wife’s garden. Yseult read to him from a tree branch as his hands worked with the flowers. He smiled at the sound of her sweet, childish voice stumbling over the more difficult words.

He wondered at his daughter’s love of poetry. His bride had even more prosaic than he, but after receiving a book of poems from Theodore, Yseult was addicted.

Severus scowled. It had better not be because of the Lupin boy.

He stood and crowned his daughter’s bushy hair with the daisies, chained together to make a ring.


In the Mirror
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My dears, this is a hybrid self-pimp and fic rec. A few Order members and sympathetic Spies have started a round robin over at [ profile] grangersnape100. It's called "Yuletide Potions," and the six of us plan on updating daily -- or almost daily -- from now until Christmas weekend. (Or whenever we finish the story.) We only have a basic plot outline, so how the story unfolds is as much a mystery for all us writers as it is for our readers!

Shug started the fic yesterday with nine drabbles, and I added another thirteen today. Ginny will pick up the story tomorrow, and so on:

Part I
Part II

So sit back and enjoy many courses in a SSHG Christmas banquet that has already combined delicious appetizers of humor, angst, and friendship, with an even more varied menu to come!
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Sam was missing. Even when he’d Leaped into his own ancestor, fighting in the Civil War, the search hadn’t taken this long.

"Ziggy!" Al roared.

"Yes, Admiral Calavicci?" Ziggy's voice seemed to get sexier, the madder he was.

"Figured out where Sam is?"

"No, Admiral. I haven't yet pinpointed his location."

Al swore viciously. If Ziggy hadn't found Sam, twenty-four hours after his Leap, they were in trouble.

He heard a footstep and turned; Tina held out an envelope.

Sam's writing! Al tore the odd-textured paper open. Three words ….

"Who the hell is Neville Longbottom? And what is Hogwarts?!"


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