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Oct. 19th, 2011 12:54 pm
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Oct. 16th, 2011 10:41 am
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Mom said I would know when it was time to euthanize Boo-Cat. She was only a little right; I realized last night that I should already have done it. His body and dignity have been suffering for a while, and I haven't recognized it like I ought. I have an appointment for this afternoon

Phil took these photos shortly after Boo's surgery this summer. )
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Because even though it's Thursday and not Friday (or Monday or Tuesday), I need a bit of a pick-me-up. (This is what I get for staying up too late.) So here's a list of happiness for ya.

♥♥♥ 16,200-ish words on the fic is compensation for the staying up too late I mentioned. Read more... )

♥ Phil's coming back again to see ItW tonight. Read more... )

♥ I washed dishes this week! (It's pretty scary when this is a major accomplishment.)

♥♥ I'm going to bake Saturday morning! Read more... )

♥♥♥ Though he's very poorly, affectionate Boo-Cat is affectionate as ever, even when he's outraged by me bathing him every week. (Those baths are very funny.)

♥♥♥♥♥ I keep finding new and gorgeous music in the oddest places. A Sherlock fanfic introduced me to the King's Singers, whose version of Loch Lomond I have become seriously addicted to. And don't get me started on the Eagles, Anúna, and Chanticleer.

♥♥ I got a lovely compliment last weekend. Read more... )

♥ New bunny slippers! Read more... ) I also ordered Mimi's birthday present (she'll be one in five weeks) at the same time, and it's freaking adorable.

♥♥♥ Jennifer, our Stepmother, helps me change costumes quickly in exchange for me lacing her into her corset every performance. Read more... )

♥♥ Taking tomorrow off work, because I am bushed. Four-day weekend!

♥♥♥♥ Autumn should arrive within the next few weeks. The last several summers have been quite mild in comparison to the ferocious heat I remember from my childhood, but they're still summers. The crisp coolth of the first true autumn breeze is something I anticipate with great enthusiasm every September.

I've realized that my lists are rather repetitive, but that's because they're good things in my life over and over. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Jul. 11th, 2011 03:37 pm
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Boo-Cat's tumor is malignant. The vet said it's a high-grade cancer: "High-grade cancers spread early, when the primary tumor is still quite small or barely detectable." (Ganked from WebMD.) I shall do some research, see what I'm capable of doing financially and otherwise, and then go from there.

Two hours of work and three hours of rehearsal to go before I can head home and cuddle the stuffing out of him.
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I brought Boo-Cat home and let him out of his carrier so he could lurch, stoned, about the hobbit hole. He cried all the way to the vet's office, but he was completely silent on the drive home; it was kind of unnerving. But the doctor said the surgery went well, and I should find out next week what was in the mass they removed from his mouth today. But he's been home less than an hour and a half, and when I pulled the bandage from his IV off his foreleg, he started to purr, which is the ultimate sign of approval. So I've moved his cat tree to the foot of my bed, and he's relaxing on it like a boss.
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1. Boo-Cat is in the vet's office for surgery and a dental cleaning, and then he'll come home this afternoon. This is the best weekend for it, since Mom will be here tomorrow and Sunday to look after him while I'm at rehearsals.

2. Got the best compliment ever when our Lucinda came up to me during rehearsal Wednesday and said she loves to hear me sing.

3. I get to use my Sinistra cosplay dress for Into the Woods! I thought Marla just wanted to see it, but she said she wants me to wear it as Cinderella's Mother. (Or Cindy's Mom, as she calls me.) Here's a photo from Portus three years ago. I need to touch up the glittery parts (the Milky Way and nebulae) that came off in the wash, and I may add some sparklies at the cuffs, but other than that, it's ready to go. Hooray for having a costume in my closet already!

4. Watching a shuttle launch or landing via the Internet makes me happy.

5. Thanks go [ profile] subvers for the link to this article: Dan says Alan deserves an Oscar nomination for Snape. I agree.

6. Officially, the reason I'm taking the day off work is so I can be home when Boo gets out of surgery. The whole truth is that I knew I'd be too anxious about the surgery to sleep well last night, so I'll probably have a nap later. And I can get my weekend shopping and cleaning done today instead of trying to fit it in between rehearsals tomorrow and Sunday.

7. Boo-Girl will be in Utah with her father, but the rest of the Jimbos are coming to lunch with me, Mom, and Dad tomorrow to finally celebrate Father's Day. Dad's favorite restaurant is in Tustin, which is about halfway between us and the Jimbos' house, and it also happens to be about two miles from the Mysterium, so I get to see family before tomorrow's rehearsal.

8. Don't shoot me for this one, but I will probably see Winnie the Pooh before I see Deathly Hallows. I've been looking forward to it ever since I heard Bud Luckey's voice coming out of Eeyore in the trailer five months ago. (I fangirl Bud Luckey more than just about anyone else. He taught me how to count.)

9. Chiropractor just called; he had a cancellation this morning, so he's going to give me a damned good thrashing today.


Jul. 6th, 2011 10:10 am
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Boo-Cat will have surgery Friday. He's losing weight at an alarming rate and has even gone off the canned food now, but I still put it out every morning so it's there if he wants it. He ate some chicken last night, so I know it isn't hopeless. Poor kid, he's so uncomfortable, but they'll soon set him to rights. I'll take a few hours off work Friday so I can stay home after I pick him up, and then Mom will be home to watch over him while I'm at rehearsal Saturday and Sunday.

Anxiety turns me into an insomniac. Last night is the first night in several days that I've slept more than five hours, and that's because an Advil PM was involved.

Dance rehearsal tonight. I'm taking my Sinistra cosplay dress to show the Cinderellas how I did it; they were brainstorming about "Bedazzle-ing" their shoes Saturday. I'm also taking my bunny slippers, because Marla wants me to wear them as Granny. This musical is turning into a burlesque with a side dish of crack, I kid you not. It's going to be hilarious. I made significant headway in memorizing my lines yesterday, and another couple sessions like that will set everything in stone.

Poor Phil is really wistful about this play. He wanted in so bad, but he has to work, so he listens intently to every little thing I tell him about rehearsals and gossip and all that. I'm sure we'll see him at least three times during the run.

Transformers 3 is about what you'd expect. You go for the explosions and action, not the plot. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can't act her way out of a paper bag, but you don't get to see the likes of Judi Dench in an action movie. Not for more than a hilarious cameo in Pirates 4, anyway. The Spock line made me groan, though; you'd think they'd be more subtle. (What am I saying?! This is Michael Bay we're talking about.) I got a kick out of the NASA stuff at the beginning (yay Buzz Aldrin cameo), but they had some pretty bad astronomy in the movie, too.

Time for work. Past time for work, actually, by the time I get dressed and walk out the door. Have a good day, y'all.
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So there's some good stuff and some bad stuff. Good stuff first. Here's a baker's dozen for the Friday List of Happiness: Read more... )

Boo-Cat news is not so good. Read more... )
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♫ Into the woods, and out of the woods, and home before dark! ♫

Audition stuff. )

Boo-Cat update. )
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o hai ...

Jan. 31st, 2011 10:04 am
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Weekend Stuff. )
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In the first ten seconds Boo-Cat was on the kitchen table, he knocked over a box of Band-Aids, scattered a dozen supermarket coupons and thirty-odd peanut M&Ms onto the floor, upset a cup of water all over my lap, and scooped a skein of embroidery floss onto his back using his tail. He would have knocked the lamp over if he'd had his way, the utter brat.

Split pea soup is cooking slowly in the slow cooker. That onion did not go down without a fight; it's been two hours, and my eyes still hurt. Bubba came into the kitchen to investigate what I was chopping (I'd just opened the sausage) and left with watery eyes and an offended expression a minute later. Turkey and dressing (more onions!) for lunch.

I never much liked New Year's Day when I was a kid; all the shops are closed, and there's nothing on TV but football. But I've been reading Sherlock fanfic for the last hour and enjoying it immensely. I shall embroider for at least an hour while there's still sunlight to help my eyes.

I'm thinking about seeing The King's Speech or Burlesque tonight. If I go, I shall be very rude and wink suggestively at Phil when he takes my ticket. He blushes so sweetly.

Boo has just knocked the Band-Aids off the table again on his way to the floor so he can hurk up some grass he nibbled outside. At least he stayed on the tile instead of running to the carpet.

Time for a nap.
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I love it when Boo-Cat arches his back and stretches, straining his face so his whiskers pouf forward and the tip of his tongue sticks out. But this is the first time I heard him grunt. Just a little, tiny Nnghh before he released the stretch. It was adorable.

Also, I've found a Sherlock crossover fic where Gregory House is Sherlock's biological father. This is my new canon. (I'll rec the fic when it's complete; it's up to three chapters out of a predicted five so far.) The scene where Wilson and Watson hide from House and Holmes -- *busts out laughing* -- is hilarious and made me squee with delight. And the author uses some really nice icons, too.

Bought some chocolates from a niece's fundraiser, and they weren't what I thought they'd be. So I'm experimenting with them in a chocolate chip cookie recipe; hiding them inside the dough, squashing them on top, chopping them into bits and mixing them in. They don't have as much flavor as semisweet chips do, but it's still pretty good.

Good night, all.

Edit: I shouldn't have talked about a fic without providing a link, so here it is:

Title: In The Genes
Summary: A diagnostician and a detective must join forces to solve a mystery that threatens both their lives.
Crossover: Sherlock and House M.D.
Rating: PG (for swearing)
Genre: drama and a bit of angst

Again, it is a WIP with at least two chapters to go, and the author's updates are slow, so don't say I didn't warn you.
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Excellent day yesterday. Took Boo-Girl shopping for a dress and came home with pajamas. *shakes head* But she has a birthday present now, which is all I really care about.

Friends from the play I was in last year were in a Christmas show last night -- sort of a musical revue thing -- so Phil and I went to see them. Good singing, good dancing, so it was lots of fun. Then he invited me to dinner, so we went to his favorite Mexican restaurant. It's funny; sometimes the conversation lags while we're out and about, but once the time comes for us to say goodbye, we can't stop talking. We always end up lingering in a parking lot or on my doorstep or in his driveway for ten, twenty ... ninety minutes. Even when it's cold, drizzly, and windy out.

Boo-Cat is a polite beastie. He waits for me to wake up before he starts meowing and walking around the bed. But he wasn't the one sleeping with me this morning; it was Bubba. He is less polite. At 6 in the ack emma, I was in the middle of a dream when I heard a low, trilling purr and then felt a wet nose and tickly whiskers in my ear. It was a bit startling but very cute, so I woke up laughing.
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Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Nah. They love me more than anything because I give them gooshyfood.
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Boo the Beastie Boy is having a party right now. He's on a folded-up blanket on a chair next to me, and he's suddenly become concerned about this fuzzy, black, twitching thing near his paws. (This would be his tail.) His movements are jerky as he attacks his tail over and over again, and his pupils and whiskers are on high alert.

They're so much fun when they're like this. Or when Bubba lets out an unearthly yowl and gallops (he actually hops like a rabbit when he's a full speed) across the length of the flat faster than you can say "Carl Lewis," his tail puffed out to three times its diameter.
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In my travels today, I found the best thing in the world: Martinelli's sparkling apple cider in little individual bottles. It costs a bit more than the equivalent amount in the larger bottles, but it's perfect! A little six-pack of green bottles with sparkling cider in it. I discovered a month ago that Martinelli's is somehow the perfect thing to drink with chocolate. I like it even better than milk if I have a brownie, so I'm snacking on a bit of lovely dark brownie and a little bottle of apple cider as I transcribe more of QI.

I just set a chicken in the crock pot to cook overnight (thanks for the instructions, [ profile] quietselkie), which wasn't an easy task with two felines twining themselves around my ankles. The Beastie Boys are looking up at me with puppy dog eyes and saying, "We smell the chicken. Why are you torturing us with the chicken? We know it's here somewhere; we can smell it, and we wants the chicken, Precious." (Yes, cats can make puppy-dog eyes. If you doubt it, come over to my flat when I open a can of tuna.)

Little fandom rant: )

She's talking about her flat again! Run! )

I like to post my to-do lists after I've actually done some of the items on them: If you click this, you must really be bored. )

The computers are in the kitchen, and the cats aren't allowed on the kitchen table or counters, so I've had to set up chairs on either side of me so the Beastie Boys can be close to me without sitting on the table itself. Boo-Boo is on the chair to my left, mostly curled up, but one of his front paws is stretched out and resting on my knee. The gesture makes me grin like the sentimental idiot that I am.
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I'm under the computer table, dusting the electrical cords and the legs of the table. I look to my left and see a large box with holes cut out for handles. It takes me a moment, but I see Bubba-Cat looking through the hole, watching me. He doesn't quite have Ninja Skillz mastered yet, because his tail is curling up out of the top of the box, a flag that tells me exactly where he is. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
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One of the hardest tasks in the world is brushing a cat who is writhing and wriggling all over from the sheer pleasure of it.

Twenty minutes later: Bubba is sprawled out on the living room floor, his white belly exposed. I looked at him and said, "I'm gonna get the Bubba Bear." (He really does look like a bear sometimes.) He looked over his belly at me and chirped.

It's the simple things in life that I need to pay more attention to.


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