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Am I a lucky woman or what?! [ profile] pythia_delphi wrote AND drew The Ethernet Chronicles from one of my prompts. It is so much better than anything I imagined might come out of that prompt. If you haven't read it yet, please do. I guessed it was [ profile] pythia_delphi from her artwork, because I've fangirled her stuff at DeviantArt for a few years now. So you can imagine my delight; thank you!

I must confess, I am rather proud of this one: Master and Apprentice. Details and babbling and stuff. )

Thanks also to the mods for all the work they put in so everything goes smoothly for the rest of us!
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I haven't smiled this much in weeks. My [ profile] sshg_exchange gift posted earlier this week, and I finally had time to read and properly appreciate it. And what a gift it is!

Title: The Ethernet Chronicles
Author: Temporarily Disillusioned
Rating: PG-13, for profanity and innuendo
Warnings: Post-DH, EWE, Character Non-Death (Severus Snape, Fred Weasley and Vincent Crabbe), some good-natured Ron-bashing, some not so good-natured Molly bashing, characters possibly OOC.
Genre: Comedy, Farce, Fluff, Friendship, Romance
Summary: Post Vold-War II, the Wizarding World has adopted a new-fangled notion: blogging!
Word Count: 20,074
Author's Note: This fic is based on the kind of entries found in the BBC blogs made for the characters of the TV show Sherlock, as per the prompt. I have also incorporated formatting elements of LJ, Google Buzz, GChat, etc. to best suit the narrative arc; however, no prior knowledge of the TV show or its associated blogs is necessary. For fans of the show, there may be a couple of subtle nods to Sherlock. Hugs and smooches to my fantabulous beta [name redacted], for her super-lightning-fast beta work and stupendous suggestions which spruced this fic into ship-shape and Bristol fashion. Any remaining mistakes and inconsistencies are entirely due to my own obstinacy and/or laziness. My fervent admiration and gratitude also go to my coding wizard, [ profile] scatteredlogic. I also owe several life debts to the Mods for their immense patience, forbearance and generosity while I wibbled, whined, whinged and went well over the submission deadline. And finally, huge, heartfelt thanks go to [ profile] keladry_lupin for an absolutely amazing prompt which grabbed me by the horns and grew into monstrous proportions. I do hope this is something like what you envisaged, and that you enjoy it at least as much as I enjoyed wrestling it into submission.
Disclaimer: I don’t own 'Harry Potter' or 'Sherlock', and I make no money off this venture.
Original Prompt: Write a blog. It could be a You've Got Mail or The Shop around the Corner scenario, or just the blog (including friends' comments) of either Severus or Hermione as their relationship evolves from whatever it was (you choose) into a friendship and/or romance. Entries of irrelevant stuff (like the shopping, hobbies, and other commenters' replies) would be a hoot, though I realize that might make it a bit too time consuming. I got the idea from [a] Sherlock (BBC) AU fanfic, though I'm not asking for anything that detailed.

Me again. As if the laughs and romance weren't enough, there's some beautiful art embedded within the fic. Please read and review if you haven't already!

*glomps Mystery Author/Artist*
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First of all, we have The Detective, by [ profile] lotherington.
Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Summary: John Watson was seven years and three months old when he first met His Raggedy Detective. He wasn’t expecting the bright red telephone box to crash land in his back garden in the middle of the night, but then, who ever expected such a silly thing to happen in the first place?
Disclaimer: Sherlock and Doctor Who belong to The Moff, Godtiss and the BBC. This is just for fun.
Rating: PG
Contains: Brief mention of alcoholism, a bit of choice language.
Word Count: ~5000

And then people make fanart for it, including this gem with the Detective in RDJ!Sherlock's clothes and this one with baby!Watson in Arthur Dent pyjamas.

And then, [ profile] lotherington writes the angstiest sequel ever: Six Wishes.
’Verse: The Detective
Fandom: Sherlock, Doctor Who
Characters: John Watson
Summary: Six times that John Watson wished The Detective would come back.
Rating: G
Word Count: ~2,000

There might be more on the way, too!
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BBC Sherlock Art rec! John Watson in Afghanistan.

There's a GIF in the seventh comment that pretty much sums up my reaction, too.

*wanders off gigglesnorting*
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I love the stories that I find at the Sherlock comms I follow, but what do I love just a teeny bit more than that? The art. I'm becoming slightly obsessed with angrybeige's comics among others, but that's an art rec for another day when I'm bored and watching the clock. The comics make no sense at all, except they totally do, and they're funny in the most insane way possible.

Go Away, He's Angsting.

What about Anchovies?

Smart Fish.

Scoffy's Favorite.

Don't Let the Cuddly Jumper Fool You.

My Favorite.

*face on desk and gigglesnorting*
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I found some pretties yesterday and want to share them!

Spoilers for A Study in Pink. Work safe. BBC Sherlock and John comic by [ profile] sadynax. The last panel fractured me when I first saw it.

Spoilers for The Great Game. Also work safe. [ profile] dauntdraws gives us Moriarty and Sherlock and John from the last scene.

There's lots of great stuff, of course, but those grabbed my attention yesterday.
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Six-hour rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday, and I'm sitting here wondering where the weekend went. Still, carpooling with Phil is nice, though we didn't say much this afternoon. We were all talked out, and we were bloody pooped to boot.

Smashed a HUGE spider on Scrooge's bedroom floor with my script this morning. The pencil that I'd clipped on the script went flying, and I never found it. Celestina nearly wet herself when she saw that thing scurrying towards her, and I am her new hero. It's just a spider, for goodness' sake, but who am I to talk when I turn green and run away screaming at the sight of garden slugs?

We have to be off book by Tuesday night. Phil is really anxious about it, and I am scarcely less so.

Hagrid Dane and I keep stomping away at our dance number, and we'd just got to the point where we felt comfortable when the news came through that they expect us to go through the one-minute routine in thirty seconds. Oh. Crap.

I made an appointment a month ago for a haircut and color, but Marla the Director talked to me about it Thursday. No matter what I slap on my head to make it look like I have long hair, it has to have something to be fastened to, so I couldn't cut it when I went to the salon yesterday. My hair would have been too short otherwise. I'm going to look like a shaggy beast until the Tuesday after we close.

One of the SSHG Anniversary prompts has made me think and speculate. I've written some thoughts about it and will let it simmer for a bit, because I'm a leetle busy at the moment. Not sure if I'll get it in in time for the festival, but I'll see what I can do. Watching one of the Potter movies for research (any excuse), and I'll read the corresponding scene later tonight. I must get chocolate chips tomorrow, because the jar is empty.

Took Phil by work to print out some sheet music Marla e-mailed us last night. He met one of the librarians and got a little tour of the offices while my computer woke up. It's kind of nice that SOMEONE where I work knows that this boyfriend I've been talking about isn't imaginary.

Joined [ profile] sherlockbbc a week or two ago and am having a marvelous time reading fic and looking at art. I usually swap out my desktop background once a day, but I've had John Watson in Afghanistan there since the art showed up in the comm. (Un-GAWA.)

Boring afternoon. I have a flat that desperately needs to be cleaned, but the only motivation I've been able to muster is the fact that I don't want to start the work week with a dirty hobbit hole, so it's slow going. I think it's that I'm not used to it being dark so early, but I'll get over that presently. The cats have enjoyed all the cuddling I've lavished on them, though. If I'd ignored them today, I think they'd have pissed on everything in sight to get my attention.
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We're on Day Four of the [ profile] fangirl_tour, and things are coming along nicely. I posted my entry today, and it can be found here. I once again used fanart as dividers in between recs (I'm not the only one to have done so), so there are a dozen artists featured there, too. Severus/Hermione got the lion's share of my recs because that's what I read most often, but there's some other stuff in there, including Jeeves and Wooster, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Trek (reboot), and Quantum Leap. A few are crossovers.
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Just ... wow. My Exchange gift has posted, and it's GORGEOUS:

I got art! I'm so excited! And it's so beautiful; go look!
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House Wilson: Sammich
by =ManaFromHeaven on deviantART

This is the cutest House MD fanart EVER. I've been giggling over House's face for the last five minutes.
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Protowilson has really done it this time. Go here and see some gorgeous, somewhat-NSFW Snape fanart.

Two Lumps!

Jan. 3rd, 2009 07:47 pm
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[ profile] averygoodun recently posted a link to Two Lumps, a thrice-weekly comic strip that stars Ebeneezer and Snooch, the two lumps in question: they're cats. The creators did a hilarious series of the Twelve Days of Christmas, starting with the partridge in the pear tree.

The eleven pipers piping is my favorite. *points to icon*

My other favorite is from Christmas a few years ago:
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There's a new artist I count among my favorites: [ profile] euclase. (Well, she's been around a long time; it's just that I hadn't seen her work until recently.) Even her pencil work is luminous ... it's fantastic. Even if you aren't an Jeeves and Wooster (or Stephen Fry or Hugh Laurie) fan, click here for Jeeves and here for Bertie. You won't be disappointed. And her pencil work is excellent, too; here are Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie in jumpers.

Icon Rec

Sep. 9th, 2008 11:12 am
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[ profile] eyesthatslay has made some excellent presidential election icons here. She has icons that span the left-to-right spectrum, as well as some candidate-specific ones, so go take a look if you're interested.
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protowilson is a queen of Alan Rickman fanart. She's drawn Severus Snape several times, along with Alexander Dane, Judge Turpin, Jamie, and Valmont. In addition to her mad drawing skillz, she also has a wicked sense of humor, so go take a look, laugh, and tell her how yummy her artwork is!
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I recced a bit of fanart yesterday, and I was so taken with the drawing that I started to think about what they might be like in high school or college. Then Mama Angst (my omnipresent alter ego) began to take over, and this is what came of it. The little scene I've written isn't the scene depicted in the fanart; if I keep writing, the moment portrayed in the fanart will come later: fanart by ~nami86 and a fanfic prologue by me this way: )


Very rough draft, not beta read. Only vague ideas of where I'd go after that. I must obey the muse; if I don't, she might go away and never come back.
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calvin.hobbes.suzy.manga style
by ~nami86 on deviantART

Calvin and Hobbes fanart. I'm not sure how old they're supposed to be -- looks like college age, from what they're wearing and the maturity of their features -- but it's bloody gorgeous. I love the contrast in Calvin's and Susie's expressions; he's disgruntled and she's ebullient. But they're finally friends ... I think Hobbes being in her backpack tells us that.
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Isn't this beautiful?

by *Facenna on deviantART

I can't recall ever seeing Rickman!Severus caught so accurately.

Explore the artist's gallery if you wish, but be warned that most of the content is not work-safe. The majority of the art is Severus and male nudes (which will send most of you scurrying over, I just know it).


Feb. 12th, 2008 11:47 am
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[ profile] leochi is doing a fifty kisses project over at [ profile] hp_fringeart. I gave her a prompt of a finger kiss, between Hermione and Severus. (And an alternate pairing, if HGSS made her sick to her stomach.) She made it very clear that the pairing squicks her, but she did it anyway, and you can see it here.
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Okay, I've found two things to cheer up my blue Monday a little:

1. [ profile] averygoodun posted a giggle-inducing SS/HG sketch here.

2. I opened my car payment bill and looked at the statistics. Because I am two months ahead in my payments, I am halfway through: thirty payments made and thirty to go.


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