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They're nothing fancy at all, but I got a new pair of tights in the mail today and wanted to try them on to see how they fit. Next thing I knew, I had the camera in my hand.

The dress is actually a little longer than it looks in the photos; I hiked up the hemline an inch or three so you could see the tights.

These boots aren't new; I've had them for about a year. No good in the rain, and the buckles jingle when I walk (they remind me of the way spurs sound in the movies), but they're comfortable enough for work, dates, and church. The tights I got from We Love Colors.

2012Oct 078 cropped

What? If I'm going to wear these to work at The Rocky Horror Show, how could I possibly choose any color other than Magenta? XD

Verdict on the tights: buy them all! Okay, not all, but they're comfortable enough that, if they last through two wearings and two washings, I plan to get a few more colors. Red, grey, at least one shade of blue, and something that doesn't suit me at all, like yellow. (Hufflepuff pride!)

These are the wedge heels I mentioned buying from Target yesterday, along with a pair of textured nylons from Roaman's. They don't have this pattern any more, but there are a few others, if you're plus sized and interested.

2012Oct 084 cropped

Thus ends my first post where I show my clothes instead of just talk about my clothes. Maybe I'll have the courage to show my knees next time!


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