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I went into work early to work today to help with orientation. It's a bit strange, since I had to be there by eight, and I normally go in at noon, but the nice part is that I got off work before four. They asked us to dress professionally. I knew my usual uniform of jeans and t-shirt wouldn't cut it, so I wore a black dress, red flats, and the earrings I made last week. I would have worn nice trousers if I had them, but I don't, and more's the pity. They stood us outside in the sun, and the sweat just poured off me. But once the first orientation session started with the dean, the powers that be brought us inside, so two of us enjoyed half an hour in the air conditioning before we were thanked for our services and sent back to our usual places. I like helping with orientation because I never interact with students on a normal day, except for those who find jobs in the library. The next time I talk to most of those kids will be the day they graduate.

Brilliant meetup Saturday. The company was the best part, but the food (yum), the setting (beautiful), the dog (sweet), and the swimming were all wonderful. We got to help Bambu's mom prepare name badges for a fundraiser she hosted Sunday, so I felt like we did a little to repay her kindness in letting us take over her house for the day.

[ profile] ronfaure came over Sunday, and we watched a few episodes of a bawdy comedy (Coupling) and a few episodes of a bawdy drama (Game of Thrones). Both were entertaining, and I'll watch more of each, but I'm not sure I'll take in either in its entirety. I did groan at the end of the night that I don't need another fandom (GoT), but just because I watch the show and read the book doesn't mean I need to participate online. I do rather like Tyrion Lannister, though. Roger Allam was a pleasant surprise, though I know he's only in a couple of episodes.

Roger Allam deserves a place on my happy list, just for himself. I looked for Cabin Pressure because of Cumberbatch, and I found two other lovely men whose work needs looking into: Allam and John Finnemore. I'm fondest of Finnemore's character, Arthur, but from what little I've seen, John is more of a writer than an actor. Allam, on the other hand, has been in so much stuff I've already seen, but in such small parts that I never noticed him before. And I was in agony when I realized two of the greatest Javerts from Les Miserables acted together in La Cage aux Folles a few years ago in London. I'd have begged, borrowed, and stolen to see Allam and Philip Quast in that if I'd known about it.

I'm enjoying Dodie Smith's I Capture the Castle. I got the audio book and have made it through about 3/4 of the story so far. (I need to finish it asap so I can return it to the library.) It's interesting, though it took a while for me to figure out when it's set. Cassandra is an engaging narrator. It helps that Emilia Fox does such a good job voicing the audio book.

The law library has ordered a book on fanfiction and copyright. I shall keep an eye out for a more detailed look when we receive it; I am understandably curious about the topic.

It's supposed to cool down over the next several days. I hope so, but I'll believe it when I see it. It was better today than it was last week, so that's something. A short, cool shower after work did wonders!

Lazy evening, since it's such a long one. I managed four loads of laundry (I had no time over the weekend), a drainer of dishes, takeaway for dinner, an extra coat of polish on my toenails, and the rest of I Capture the Castle. Mom needs to do some tests at the doctor's office this week, so she's home tonight. Early work again tomorrow, as a vendor rep is coming in and I have a few questions, but I'll be back to my noon arrival time after that.


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