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2012 Books

My only book-related goal this year is to read at least as many new-to-me titles (colored font) as enjoy-again titles (black font).

29 Jan 2012: A Year in Provence / Peter Mayle. Reread. Love it. Mayle seems a bit condescending at times -- everything's quaint, and the local peasants are so charming -- but his descriptions of the landscape, food, and neighbors are enjoyable nonetheless.

7 Feb: Close Encounters of the Third Kind / Steven Spielberg. Reread. Even novelizations of films are usually superior to their visual counterparts, but this is a rare exception. No back story or missing scenes. Disappointing.

22 Feb: Spielberg, Truffaut, and Me: Close Encounters of the Third Kind: a Actor's Diary / Bob Balaban. Not as engaging or humorous as Emma Thompson's diaries from making S&S, but interesting and well written because Balaban is an intelligent and well-spoken fellow. And I like what I've seen of his work.

March: The Hobbit / J. R. R. Tolkien. Reread. One of my favorites.

April: The Blue Sword / Robin McKinley. Reread. Another favorite.

April: The Hero and the Crown / Robin McKinley. Reread. Ditto.

April: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy / Douglas Adams. Reread. Every time I reread this, I get something else out of it. This time, I listened to the audio book read by Stephen Fry, and his performance made me think of a thing or two that I hadn't considered before.

In progress (3 May): Singled Out, Covering McKellen, and ACD's Sherlock Holmes stories

More books I intend to read are here.

2012 Resolutions

1. Complete a Couch to 5K program

It'll take at least a month (if not longer) of work to get fit enough to take on Week 1 Day 1, which has jogging for 60 second intervals, and the program lasts for at least nine weeks. Best to get started now.

2. Return to belly dance class on a regular basis

Yay, fun fitness. C25K and Curves and all that stuff are so I won't die of exhaustion every Wednesday when I dance.

3. Audition for live theater four times or until I get a part, whichever comes first

Currently keeping an eye on the Long Beach Playhouse's website, because they're doing Into the Woods this spring. There are also a few Orange County theaters, including the Mysterium, that have good stuff coming this year.

4. See The Avengers and The Hobbit at the cinema

I had to throw an easy one in there. No matter how busy I am, I need to see these on the big screen. (I regret missing Captain America because I was spending so much time in the Woods last summer.)

5. Stitch Christmas stockings for Chris and the nieces

I stitched stockings for Jimbo, me, and our parents in 1998, but now that there are four more family members, it's time for me to get off my duff and start on the ones for Chris, Boo, Squirt, and Mimi. I can't find the book from which I got the alphabets, but I'm using the letters I stitched on the four I did years ago to approximate what the names should look like.

6. Read as many new-to-me books as enjoy-again books

Can't let my brain get stagnant!

7. Finish my current projects

Because I am a total jerk for not having done them by now.


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