Apr. 15th, 2012

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Watched the pilot and second episodes of Firefly last night. Everyone who's seen it has said I would like it, and they were right! I'd normally blaze a trail through it, but with only fourteen-ish episodes and a movie, I'll draw it out a bit.

Spent a few hours in the garden today. Pulled weeds, fertilized the three front-porch plants, transplanted and pruned Mom's gardenia and orchid into bigger containers, started some spinach seeds, turned over the compost in the bin, and took some stuff to the dumpster. I'm now grotty, slightly sunburnt, and quite content, though the garden still looks a bit of a mess.

Basil is wilting despite my efforts to keep it alive, so I pinched most of the big leaves off and made bruschetta topping. Will nom it with garlic bread later.

Nice afternoon with Dad yesterday. Lunch out with each of us getting a dish to go as well as something to eat there, and then we went to the supermarket for enough stuff to get us through the week.

Fighter jets and stealth bombers flying overhead and three days of persistent, far-off engine noise means it's Grand Prix weekend! I missed seeing the planes this year, because they're overhead by the time you hear them and already gone before you run outside.

BBC Sherlock and John fanart is framed and hanging on my kitchen wall with my French art posters. The last Severus and Hermione Exchange piece will go under it as soon as the 6x8 frame arrives.

Made French toast with French bread today -- I normally just use sandwich bread. I always put so much cinnamon on it that I didn't think the kind of bread would make a difference, but it was a bit tastier than usual.

For once, the prevailing neighbor music is not the same Andrea Bocelli CDs over and over again. I'd thought to put an Eagles DVD on to shake mah bootay while I cleaned, but I'll just go with the neighbor's jazz instead of fighting it. (Right now it's Hugh Masekela's "Grazing in the Grass.")

Finally got around to watching episode one of Alec Guinness's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Friday night. I really liked it and will get through more this week.

Waiting for two fest assignments. I should be getting the craft one today or tomorrow, which is why I'm trying to get as much RL stuff done as I can now.

Back and knee aches are starting to manifest after the weed pulling and lugging of heavy pots. Brownies, Martinelli's, a Baker Street Babes podcast, and a bubble bath shall be my reward for a good day's work. *toddles off to beat the cat hair out of the rugs and REALLY earn some aches and pains*

So there's a weekend in a blog post from the most boring person on the planet. (That isn't self-pity; I like my little life.) I hope your weekends were even more enjoyable than mine has been. *blows kisses*


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