Feb. 24th, 2012

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I have made a discovery. I can add my new white-to-blue scarf to any outfit that has blue in it, and my outfit it automatically twice as cool as it was seconds before. Even when I'm wearing my big blue tunic. Wednesday, it was a blue flowered dress, jean jacket, and the scarf added a bit of floaty somethingness to it. Today, the scarf is tucked under the collar of the same jean jacket, but I'm wearing a navy striped t-shirt and navy jeans. This outfit was nice but a little boring until I added the scarf. I don't know what it is, but this scarf is fantastic.

Dad's in the middle of tax season now, though it won't get really bad until the Ides of March. But he has enough work now that finding time to see him isn't easy. But we're carving out a few hours for a late lunch or early dinner tomorrow, so that'll be nice.

If only Dad's sodding dentist would stop changing his appointment, that'd be great, because he expects he'll be uncomfortable enough that he wants me to drive, which means a day off work. I don't mind, because USC's dental school is next to the museums at Exposition Park, so I shall meander the gardens and museums until he texts me to come get him. It was originally supposed to be two days ago, then it was changed to Wednesday the 29th, and now it's been changed again to March. As annoyed as I am, Dad's going nuts -- he just wants it over with, but with tax season and his teaching schedule, he has few options.

I'm looking forward to cleaning the flat tomorrow. Never thought I'd say that.

Next week is the calm before the storm that consists of Dad's big dental appointment, my big dental appointment, two opening nights at the Mysterium, the San Diego Zoo with [livejournal.com profile] madeleone and some of the local friends list, and the King's Singers concert in Palm Desert. The week of the 4th, I'll only be at work for twelve hours.

Discovering Cabin Pressure fanfic. Hee. Poor Martin is the Charlie Brown of the airways, isn't he?

Underworld's Frankenstein soundtrack arrived today. It got lost or stolen the first time they sent it off, so I finally got it six weeks after I ordered it. It's well worth the wait, though.


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